List of GATE Exam Articles [A to Z]

By Varun Singh|Updated : June 2nd, 2023

GATE aspirants can check this article for the latest updates about GATE exam. We at BYJU'S Exam Prep share daily updated resources in order to improve the efficiency in the branch wise exams. The list of resources include the topic wise generic information for all branches including the upcoming events. Here you can check the list of latest articles around the GATE which will be helpful in strengthening the preparation.

List of GATE Articles
2s ComplementWhat are ACID Properties in DBMS?
Addressing ModesAdmixtures
What is Alloy Steel?AND Gate Truth Table and Circuit Diagram
Angle of Contact ARPANET Full Form
Astable MultivibratorAsynchronous Counter
Basic Logic GatesBasic Signal Operation
Belt Drive Bending Moment
Bending Stress Binary Search Tree
BJT Amplifier BJT
Bolted ConnectionBoolean Algebra Laws
What are Boolean Theorems?Boundary Layer
Breakdown Diode Bresenham Line Drawing Algorithm
Brittle Material C Programming MCQ Question and Answer
Can A BSc Student Take GATE Exam 2023?Capacitors in Parallel
Capacitors in SeriesWhat is Cardinality in DBMS?
What is Carnot Cycle? Cement Test
What is Centre of Gravity? Ceramics
Characteristics of Laser GATE Civil Books 2023
GATE Syllabus For Civil Engineering 2023 PDF DownloadClamping Circuit
What is Classless Addressing?Clipping Circuit
What is a ClosedCMOS Fabrication Process
CMOS Inverter Coefficient of Restitution
Column Base Column and Strut
Composite Beams Composite Materials
Compression Members GATE Books for CSE 2023
GATE CSE Syllabus 2023 PDF DownloadConcurrent Force System
Conditions for Deadlock in Operating SystemWhat is Conduction Heat Transfer?
What is Consensus Theorem?What are Constants in C?
What is Control Statements in C?What is Convection Heat Transfer?
Coplanar Force System Crystal Defects
Crystal Oscillator Cut Set Matrix Concept of Electric Circuit
Data HazardDeflection of Beams
What is Degree of Freedom? Degree of Static Indeterminacy
Delta Wye TransformationBeam Design
Design of Shafts Determinate and Indeterminate Structures
Difference Between 2d And 3dDifference Between 32 Bit And 64 Bit Operating Systems
Difference Between 3g And 4gDifference Between Abstraction And Encapsulation In Java
Difference Between Actual And Formal ParametersDifference Between Algorithm And Flowchart
Difference Between Algorithm And PseudocodeDifference Between Algorithm Pseudocode And Program
Difference Between Amd And IntelDifference Between Analog Computer And Digital Computer
Difference Between Array And Linked ListDifference Between Array And List In Python
Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine LearningDifference Between B Tree And B Tree
Difference Between Base Class And Derived Class In C Plus PlusDifference Between Black Box Testing And White Box Testing
Difference Between Break And Continue StatementsDifference Between C And C Plus Plus
Difference Between C And JavaDifference Between C And Python
Difference Between Call By Value And Call By ReferenceDifference Between Cc And Bcc
Difference Between Cd And DvdDifference Between Circuit Switching And Packet Switching
Difference Between Class And InterfaceDifference Between Cohesion And Coupling
Difference Between Compiler And InterpreterDifference Between Crystalline And Amorphous Solids
Difference Between Dbms And RdbmsDifference Between Ddl And Dml
Difference Between Delete And TruncateDifference Between Desktops And Laptops
Difference Between Div And SpanDifference Between Drop And Truncate In Sql
Difference Between E Commerce And E BusinessDifference Between Electric Potential And Potential Difference
Difference Between Email And GmailDifference Between Emf And Potential Difference
Difference Between Encoder And DecoderDifference Between Encryption And Hashing
Difference Between Endothermic And Exothermic ReactionsDifference Between Equals And In Java
Difference Between File System And DbmsDifference Between Flip Flop And Latch
Difference Between For Loop And While LoopDifference Between Function And Procedure
Difference Between Graph And TreeDifference Between Greedy And Dynamic Programming
Difference Between Hackers And CrackersDifference Between Half Adder And Full Adder
Difference Between Hard Copy And Soft CopyDifference Between Hardware And Software
Difference Between Hashmap And HashtableDifference Between Html And Dhtml
Difference Between Http And FtpDifference Between Http And Https
Difference Between Hub And SwitchDifference Between Imap And Pop3
Difference Between Impact And Non Impact PrintersDifference Between Input And Output Devices
Difference Between Internet And IntranetDifference Between Internet And Www
Difference Between Internet Intranet And ExtranetDifference Between Intrinsic And Extrinsic Semiconductors
Difference Between Iot And M2mDifference Between Ipv4 And Ipv6
Difference Between Java And Core JavaDifference Between Java And Javascript
Difference Between Jdk And JreDifference Between Keywords And Identifiers
Difference Between Led And LcdDifference Between Linear And Non Linear Data Structures
Difference Between Linker And LoaderDifference Between Linux And Unix
Difference Between Linux And WindowsDifference Between List And Tuple In Python
Difference Between Low Level Languages And High Level LanguagesDifference Between Machine Language And Assembly Language
Difference Between Malloc And CallocDifference Between Mealy Machine And Moore Machine
Difference Between Metals And Non MetalsDifference Between Method And Constructor
Difference Between Microprocessor And MicrocontrollerDifference Between Mixtures And Compounds
Difference Between Modem And RouterDifference Between Multiprocessing And Multiprogramming
Difference Between Mutable And ImmutableDifference Between Network And Internet
Difference Between Oltp And OlapDifference Between Overloading And Overriding
Difference Between Permutation And CombinationDifference Between Primary And Secondary Memory
Difference Between Primary Key And Foreign KeyDifference Between Printer And Plotter
Difference Between Procedural And Object OrientedDifference Between Procedural And Object Oriented Programming
Difference Between Ram And RomDifference Between Rational And Irrational Numbers
Difference Between Recruitment And SelectionDifference Between Save And Save As
Difference Between Scripting Language And Programming LanguageDifference Between Sdlc And Stlc
Difference Between Spring And Spring BootDifference Between Sql And Mysql
Difference Between Sram And DramDifference Between Ssd And Hdd
Difference Between Static And Dynamic Memory AllocationDifference Between Static And Dynamic Web Pages
Difference Between Structure And ClassDifference Between Structure And Union In C
Difference Between Symmetric And Asymmetric Key EncryptionDifference Between System Software And Application Software
Difference Between Tcp And UdpDifference Between Testing And Debugging
Difference Between Traditional Marketing And Digital MarketingDifference Between Training And Development
Difference Between Unique And Primary KeyDifference Between Url And Uri
Difference Between Var And LetDifference Between Varchar And Varchar2
Difference Between Virtual Machines And ContainerDifference Between Von Neumannand Harvard Architecture
Difference Between Web Browser And Web ServerDifference Between Webpage And Website
Difference Between Website And Web ApplicationDifference Between Where And Having Clause In Sql
Difference Between While And Do While LoopsDifference Between Xml And Html
Differences Between Stack And QueueDifference Between Microcomputer And Minicomputer
Difference Between Abstract Class And InterfaceDifference Between Commit And Rollback In Sql
Difference Between Clustered And Non Clustered IndexDifference Between Cache Memory And Register
Difference Between Javascript And HtmlDifference Between Primary And Candidate Key
Difference Between First Angle And Third Angle ProjectionDifference Between Multiplexer And Demultiplexer
Difference Between Mac Address And Ip AddressDifference Between Data Warehouse And Data Mining
Difference Between Correlation And RegressionDifference Between Barcode And Qr Code
Difference Between Authentication And AuthorizationDifference Between Fundamental Data Types And Derived Data Types
Difference Between Compile Time Errors And Runtime ErrorsDifference Between Website And Web Portal
Difference Between Volatile Memory And Non Volatile MemoryDifference Between Lan Man And Wan
Difference Between Supercomputer And Mainframe ComputerDifference Between Argument And Parameter
Difference Between Assembly Language And High Level LanguageDifference Between Error And Exception In Java
Difference Between Laptop And TabletDifference Between Multiprogramming Multitasking Multithreading Multiprocessing
Difference Between Prom And EpromDifference Between The Sop And Pos In Digital Logic
Difference Between Bit Rate And Baud RateDifference Between C And Embedded C
Difference Between Cache And CookiesDifference Between Cellpadding And Cellspacing
Difference Between Cli And GuiDifference Between Client Server And Peer To Peer Network
Difference Between Core Java And Advanced JavaDifference Between Dos And Windows
Difference Between Encryption And DecryptionDifference Between Erp And Sap
Difference Between Fdma Tdma And CdmaDifference Between Hub Switch And Router
Difference Between List And Dictionary In PythonDifference Between List Tuple Set And Dictionary In Python
Difference Between Monitor And TelevisionDifference Between Mp3 And Mp4
Difference Between One Dimensional And Two Dimensional ArrayDifference Between Raster And Vector Graphic
Difference Between Router And GatewayDifference Between Router And Switch
Difference Between Shallow And Deep Copy Of A ClassDifference Between Super Key And Candidate Key
Difference Between Xhtml And Html5Difference Between Compiled And Interpreted Language
Difference Between High Level Design And Low Level DesignDifference Between Internal And External Fragmentation
Difference Between Kernel And ShellDifference Between Machine And Mechanism
Difference Between Print Media And Electronic MediaDifference Between Singly Linked List And Doubly Linked List
Difference Between Synchronous And Asynchronous TransmissionDifference Between Antivirus And Firewall
Difference Between Arp And RarpDifference Between Compiler And Assembler
Difference Between Iaas Paas And SaasDifference Between Malware And Virus
Difference Between Physical And Logical Data IndependenceDifference Between Risc And Cisc Processor
Difference Between Star Schema And Snowflake SchemaDifference Between Star Topology And Bus Topology
Difference Between Synchronous And Asynchronous CounterDifference Between Join And Union In Sql
Difference Between Multithreading And MultitaskingDijkstra Algorithm
Direct StressDRAM Full Form in Computer
Ductile MaterialDynamic Programming
E-Commerce MCQEfficiency of an Algorithm
Elastic ConstantsWhat is Elastic Material?
Electric CircuitGATE Syllabus For Electrical Engineering 2023 PDF Download
GATE ECE Syllabus 2023 PDFWhat is the Entity Set in DBMS?
Environmental Studies MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)Equilibrium of Concurrent Forces
Equilibrium of Rigid Body Factor of Safety
FCFS Full Form What is FDD Full Form? Check out the FDD Full Form
Feedback Amplifier Fermi Level
File Handling in C ProgrammingFixed Beam
Floating Point Representation Flow Measurement
Fluid Pressure Properties of Fluid
Flywheel Force Method of Analysis of Indeterminate Structure
Francis TurbineFree Body Diagram
Full SubtractorGATE Syllabus For Aerospace Engineering 2023
GATE Application Form 2023 Released GATE Biotechnology Syllabus 2023 PDF Download
Best Books For GATE 2023 GATE Chemical Engineering Syllabus 2023 PDF Download
GATE Chemistry Syllabus 2023GATE Electronics and Communication Subject Wise Weightage
GATE Subject Wise Weightage for EE (Electrical Engineering) for Years 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017GATE Exam Eligibility 2023
GATE Environmental Science & Engineering Syllabus GATE Exam Pattern 2023
GATE 2022 Answer Key with Solution Download @IIT KharagpurGATE Full Form
GATE General Aptitude Syllabus 2023GATE Life Science Syllabus
GATE Mathematics syllabus 2023 GATE Physics Syllabus 2023 PDF Download
GATE Previous Year Question PaperGATE Result 2022 (Out)
GATE Score Validity for Admission in IITs, NITs, and PSU RecruitmentGATE Subject
What is GATE SubjectGATE Syllabus 2022
Is GATE Tougher Than JEE? GATE vs JEEGATE XE Syllabus 2023 Download PDF
Gear Design Gear Terminologies
Gear Train What is Global Variables in C?
What is a Heat Exchanger?Heat Treatment Process of Steel
Hooke’s LawHow Many Times Can We Take the GATE Exam?
How Many Students Give GATE Exam? YearGATE Marks Vs Rank Vs Score, How to Calculate GATE Score, What is a Good GATE Rank?
How to Prepare for GATE 2023 Exam?Huffman Coding
Hydrostatic ForceIdeal Rankine Cycle
IEEE Full FormIIT Bombay MTech Cutoff
Incidence MatrixWhat is an Induction Motor?
Inductors in Parallel Inductors in series
Influence Line DiagramWhat is an Instrument Transformer?
GATE Syllabus For Instrumentation Engineering 2023 PDFIntegrated Circuits
Internal and External ForcesInternal Forces
What is C Programming? Inversion of Mechanism
ISP Full Form in ComputerWhat is a JFET Amplifier?
JK Flip Flop Excitation TableJK Flip Flop
Job Sequencing with Deadlines What is JFET?
Kaplan TurbineWhat are Keys in DBMS?
Kinematic Pair Kirchhoff's Law
Knapsack Problem Using Greedy Method GATE Subjects
Kruskal's AlgorithmLami's Theorem
LAN Full Form in ComputerWhat is Laplace Transform?
LASER Full FormLC Oscillators
List of Colleges According to GATE ScoreLosses in Prestress
MAN Full Form in ComputerMaximum Power Transfer Theorem
Maximum Shear Stress TheoryMaxwell's Reciprocal Theorem
Best Books for GATE Mechanical Engineering 2023GATE Mechanical Syllabus 2023 PDF Download
Engineering Properties of MaterialsMesh Analysis
Metal CastingWhat is Method of Joints?
Millman's TheoremModulus of Elasticity
Modulus of Rigidity What is Modulus Operator in C Programming?
Mohr’s CircleMoment Arm
Moment Distribution Method of Structural AnalysisMoment of Couple
What is Moment of Force? Moment of Inertia
Monostable MultivibratorWhat is MOSFET?
Moulding Sand What is a Multistage Amplifier?
What is NAND Gate? Neutral Axis in Beam
Newtonian Fluid Newtonian Mechanics
What is Nodal Analysis? Non Newtonian Fluids
NOR Gate Truth TableWhat is a Norton's Theorem?
Number System Questions With SolutionsGATE Online Coaching 2023
Op amp What is an Open
What is OR Gate Truth Table? PN Junction Diode
What is Paging in OS? Partial Dependency in DBMS
Pattern Allowances Photolithography
PN Junction Solar Cell Poisson’s Ratio
What is Polymer POP Full Form
Power Amplifier Pressure Measurement
Prestressed ConcretePrestressing Systems
Prim's AlgorithmPrincipal Stress
What is Principle of Conservation of Energy? Superposition Principle
Principle of Virtual WorkProof Resilience
Properties of Aggregates Properties of Concrete
What are Different Properties of Gases?Properties of Material
Propped Cantilever BeamPSUs GATE 2022 Cut off Score
PSU Recruitment Through GATE 2023Psychrometric Chart
Radiation Heat Transfer What is the Rankine Formula For Columns?
What is Reciprocity Theorem?Rectifier Circuit
Resistors in ParallelResistors in Series
What is Resolution of Forces?Resonance in RLC Circuit
ResponsivityWhat is Resultant Force?
Riveted JointsWhat is RLC Circuit?
Rolling Contact BearingWhat is the Full Form of ROM?
Round Robin SchedulingRSA Full Form
RTC Full Form What is Sampling Theorem?
Sand CastingWhat is Scaling in Computer Graphics?
What is Semaphore in OS?Which is Semiconductor Material?
What is Shear Force?Shear Stress
Simple Op Amp CircuitsSingle Phase Transformer
Single Stage Amplifier Sliding Contact Bearing
Soil Classification Soil Formation
Solid Mechanics Source Transformation
What is Speed Control of Induction Motor?SR Flip Flop Truth Table
What is Stability of Structures?Stack
Starting Methods of Induction MotorStorage Class in C
Strain Energy Strain Gauge
Stress and StrainWhat is Structural Analysis?
Structural HazardWhat is Structural Steel?
Superposition TheoremWhat is Support Reaction?
Surface TensionSystem of Forces
What is a TCP Header? Tellegen's Theorem
Tension MembersTest on Hardened Concrete
Tests on AggregatesWhat are Theories of Failure?
Thevenin's TheoremWhat is Third Normal Form in DBMS?
Three Phase TransformerTie Set Matrix
Time Complexity of Binary SearchWhat are the Tokens in C?
What is Topological Sort?Torsion Equation
Torsion of ShaftsTorsional Force
Torsional Shear Stress What is 2D Transformation in Computer Graphics?
Transistor Switch Transistor Configuration
TrussTurning Moment Diagram
What is Two Port Network?Types of Belt Drive
14 Types of Cement and Their Uses in ConstructionWhat are the Types of Columns Used In Construction?
Types of Fluid Flow in Fluid MechanicsWhat are the Different Types of Footings in Construction?
Types of Governors Types of Keys in DBMS
What are the Different Types of Keys in Machine Design?Different Types of Loads in Civil Engineering
Types of Op ampWhat is Pattern
What are the Types of Semiconductor?What are the Different Types of Signals?
Types of Slabs Types of Strains
Types of StressTypes of Vibration
What are Unary Operators in C? What are Universal Gates?
User Define Data Types in CVariables in C
Varignon’s TheoremWhat is Virtual Displacement?
Voltage RegulatorVolumetric Strain
Welded JointsWhat are Elementary Signals?
What is a Transmission Line?What is Gear?
What is Laser?Multivibrator
What is the Fees for GATE Exam?What is Thermal Stress?
Portal FramesBistable Multivibrator
Closed Loop Control SystemTruss And Frame
Time Complexity Of Binary SearchNetwork Layer
Rom Full FormStatically Determinate
Nodal AnalysisAnomalies In Dbms
Semiconductor MaterialEulers Equation Of Motion
Transistor As A SwitchDalembert's Principle
Structural SteelStatically Indeterminate
RLC CircuitWork Done By A Force
Structural AnalysisMotion Under Gravity
Inductors In SeriesDynamic Resistance
Method Of JointsStatic Resistance
Basic Signal OperationsIdeal Diode
Cardinality In DbmsBettis Theorem
Binary Search TreeWork Done By A Constant Force
Resultant ForceApplication Layer Protocols
Types Of SemiconductorsCastigliano's Theorem
Portal FramesLimit State Method
Fixed End MomentKinematic Indeterminacy
Gravity Of EarthDeformation Of Solids
Slope Deflection EquationParallelogram Law Of Vectors
Strain Energy MethodSteel
Displacement MethodZero Force Member In A Truss
Newtons Law Of Universal GravitationXOR Gate
Limit State MethodMuller Breslau Principle
Kinematic IndeterminacyThin Cylinders
Deformation Of SolidsCritical Speeds Of Shafts
Parallelogram Law Of VectorsPlane Stress Vs Plane Strain
SteelUniformly Distributed Load
Zero Force Member In A TrussMatrix Method
Functions Of The Network LayerArches
Transverse LoadingElasticity
Geometric Design Of HighwaysBoolean Logic
Moment Area MethodParallelogram Law Of Forces
Macaulays MethodArea Moment Of Inertia
Impact LoadTypes Of Beams
Impulse An MomentumManufacturing Of Bricks
Uniformly Varying LoadVee Bee Consistometer Test
Saint Venant PrincipleTypes Of Arches
Dynamic LoadingVoid Pointer In C
Youngs ModulusWhat Is Aggregate
Redundant TrussBitwise Operators in C
Difference between Print Media and Electronic MediaDifference Between Compiled and Interpreted Language
GATE Exam FeesDifference Between Cellpadding and Cellspacing
Difference Between Bit rate and Baud rateDifference Between FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA
Difference Between C and Embedded CDifference between Primary and Secondary Memory
Difference Between MP3 and MP4Difference between Router and Gateway
Difference between metals and non-metalsDifference between Save and Save As
Government Engineering JobsNHPC Recruitment through GATE
GATE CSE Analysis 2023GATE ME Analysis 2023
GATE 2023 AnalysisGATE 2023 EE anlysis
Hollow ShaftPorter Governor
TimberProell Governor
Logical Operatorsn CPure Substances
Thermal ExpansionShallow Foundation
Eulers Theory Of ColumnsShear Flow
Four Bar MechanismTranspiration
First Normal Formn DbmsTurbomachinery
MortarAirport Runway Length
Modulus Of RuptureBalancing Of Reciprocating And Rotating Masses
BitumenEngineering Ethics
Kinematic LinkFlood Estimation
Rigid BodyIdeal Current And Voltage Sources
Rate AnalysisLight Propagationn Optical Fibers
Creep Of ConcreteLti System
Network Analysisn Project ManagementMultiplexing
Constrained MotionReservoir And Channel Routing
Construction Project ManagementSemiconductor Memory
Concrete Mix DesignStatic Friction
Types Of ConstructionSteady State Response
Tendern ConstructionStrength Of Materials
Rack And PinionTesting Of Materials
Concrete SlabTransient Response
Water LoggingTuple Relational Calculus
Constant AccelerationTypes Ofrrigation
Connecting RodUniversal Testing Machine
Helical GearData Typesn C
Air And Noise PollutionAvailability Andrreversibility
Constant VelocityWatt Governor
Eccentric LoadingCompensator
Control Volume AnalysisEvaporation
Universal JointHydraulic Turbine
Cycloidal GearRigid Pavement
Conceptual DesignShear Force And Bending Moment Diagrams
Drainage SystemWorking Stress Method
Slider Crank MechanismUnsteady State Heat Transfer
Kinematic ChainForced Convection
Gear ProfilesForced Vibration
Simple Harmonic MotionMemory Hierarchy
CamsFluid Dynamics
Fluid KinematicsPrecipitation
8085 MicroprocessorEvapotranspiration
Flow Through PipesIC Engine
Combined StressLine Of Action
Free ConvectionCoefficient Of Friction
Damped VibrationComputer Network Gate Questions
Deep FoundationDigital Electronics Gate Questions
Design Of ColumnForces On Submerged Surface
Heislers ChartsFriction Clutches
Metal CuttingHartnell Governor
Open Channel FlowHeat Transfer Through Fins
Slope Deflection MethodImpulse Turbine
Steady State Heat TransferIrrigation Techniques
Strain Gauge RosetteLu Decomposition
Stress Distributionn SoilDifference Between Put and Patch Request


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