GATE 2022 Question Paper

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

GATE 2022 Question Paper is a crucial element for candidates preparing for higher education or job attainment in the field of engineering. The paper consists of 65 questions that test the candidates’ knowledge of undergraduate subjects, which are distributed among multiple-choice, multiple-select, and NAT-based questions. The GATE 2022 question paper is designed to evaluate the comprehensive understanding of candidates and assess their eligibility for a Master’s program or job attainment.

For candidates seeking GATE 2022 question paper solutions, here, we provide downloadable PDFs of all disciplines with detailed analysis, enabling them to prepare for the exam efficiently. We have dedicated this article to providing a comprehensive understanding of GATE 2022’s various aspects, which will undoubtedly benefit candidates in their quest for success. The GATE 2022 Question Paper with solution PDF is a crucial factor for candidates looking to advance their education or career prospects, and our website offers the best resources to help them achieve their goals.

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GATE 2022 Question Paper

The GATE 2022 Question Paper collects the question papers of various disciplines formulated by the officials. The questions asked in the GATE Exam followed a set exam pattern. GATE 2022 Question Paper and answer key provide an opportunity for candidates to get familiarized with the exam pattern and the types of questions asked. GATE 2022 Question Paper will help in managing time effectively as the easier questions will be completed quickly, leaving more time for the difficult questions.

These questions in the exam were strictly designed on the GATE Syllabus. Solving these will not only help candidates understand the exam pattern but will also help in testing the preparation standard. GATE 2022 question papers for ME, CSE, EE, ECE, and CE branches are provided here.

GATE 2022 Question Paper with Solution PDF

IIT Kharagpur conducted the exam on February 5, 6, 12, and 13, 2022. GATE 2022 Question Paper is the collection of all those question papers presented by IIT Kharagpur during those sessions. Downloadable GATE 2022 Question Papers PDFs of the Civil, Mechanical, Electronics and Communication, Computer Science Engineering, and Electrical branches are in the table below. Click on the direct links and download the GATE 2022 question papers in PDF format.

GATE Discipline Downloadable PDF
GATE 2022 Mechanical Question Paper Shift 1 Check and Download from Here – Shift 1
GATE 2022 Question Mechanical Question Paper Shift 2 Check and Download from Here – Shift 2
GATE 2022 Question Paper of ECE Check and Download from Here
GATE 2022 Question Paper Electrical Engineering Check and Download from Here
GATE 2022 Question Paper CSE Check and Download from Here
GATE 2022 Question Paper Civil Engineering: Shift 1 Check and Download from Here – Shift 1
GATE 2022 Question Paper Civil Engineering: Shift 2 Check and Download from Here – Shift 2

Exam Pattern for GATE 2022 Question Paper

GATE 2022 Question Paper pattern is the officially set guidelines for designing the question paper testing the candidates in the 2022 exam. The paper pattern followed in the GATE exam is shown below:



Exam‎ Duration

3 Hours

Total Marks


Examination Mode


Type of Question

1. Multiple Choice Questions

2. Multiple Select Questions

3. Numerical Answer Type Questions



GATE 2022 Question Paper Analysis

Analysis of the GATE 2022 Question Papers presented in the 2022 session is provided here. IIT Kharagpur conducted this session of the exam. Our expert faculties have provided a detailed analysis for helping candidates. GATE 2022 Question Papers of all 5 branches are analyzed, and the solution is provided here. Download the respective GATE 2022 question paper analysis from the links provided below:

Previous Year’s GATE Question Papers

The GATE Previous Year Question Papers is the bank of all the question papers asked in the exam from 2022 to 2017. They are provided for the outstanding preparation of the candidates. The GATE 2022 Question Papers from past years will help boost the rank of the candidates in the upcoming exam.

Branch-wise, GATE 2022 Question Papers with solution PDFs for all branches are provided so that candidates can understand the year-wise pattern of the questions asked in the exam. It is advised to know the exam overview as per the exam conducting authority so that effective preparation can be done as per the trend.

Benefits of Solving GATE 2022 Question Paper

Making GATE 2022 Question Papers a part of your preparation plan is essential. By working through the previous year’s GATE 2022 Question Papers, candidates can get a sense of the questions that will be asked in the exam. Solving the question paper will provide the following benefits:

  • It provides a better understanding of the GATE 2022 Question Paper and format followed by the officials.
  • An idea about the expected weightage per topic of the syllabus is gained.
  • Real-time exam experience can be gained if these GATE 2022 Question Papers are solved in the 3 hours in an exam-type environment.

Strategies for Solving GATE 2022 Question Paper

By following these strategies, candidates can attempt the GATE 2022 question paper more effectively and improve their chances of scoring well in the upcoming exam. Candidates need to attempt the question paper the same as the real exam Here are some effective strategies:

  1. Start with the questions that are relatively easier and take less time to solve. This will help in building momentum and confidence.
  2. Time management is critical while attempting the GATE 2022 question paper. Candidates should allocate time for each section and should stick to the time limit. They should not spend too much time on a single question. If a question is taking too much time, they should move on to the next question and come back later if time permits.
  3. It’s natural to feel anxious while attempting the GATE 2022 question paper. However, it’s important to stay calm and composed. This will help in clear thinking and making better decisions. Candidates should take deep breaths and stay focused.
  4. Guesswork can lead to negative markings, which can significantly reduce the score. Candidates should attempt only those questions they are sure of. If they are not sure about a question, they should skip it and move on to the next one.
  5. Candidates should read the question carefully and understand what is being asked. They should not make assumptions or jump to conclusions without understanding the question properly.

GATE 2022 Question Paper: Key Takeaways

Here are a few key takeaways from practicing the GATE 2022 question paper:

  • Candidates should avoid guessing the answer to a question they are unsure of.
  • Candidates should read the question carefully and understand what is being asked.
  • Time management is crucial while attempting the GATE question paper.
  • Candidates should revise their answers before submitting the paper. Revising the answers can help in identifying errors and correcting them.
  • Practice is key to scoring well in the GATE 2022 exam. Candidates should solve the previous year’s question papers and practice mock tests.

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