Types of Construction

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Construction means the manufacturing of something. For example, building construction, garage construction, etc. Construction can be categorized into many types based on its purpose and use. So, types of construction depend on many parameters like purpose, construction method, etc. Based on these parameters, types of construction can be classified into many types like building construction, bridge construction, machinery parts construction, etc.

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Broadly construction is classified into building construction, infrastructure and industrial construction. Further building construction is classified as residential and non-residential construction. In this article, types of construction are explained in various domains. These areas of types of construction are explained in the following article.

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Types of Construction

Different types of construction depend on several factors like use, purposes, manufacturing process, etc. Construction types also depend on what we are constructing and why it is so far. For example, the construction of buildings is classified into various types based on some additional requirements. Here a few types of construction of buildings are listed below.

  • Ordinary buildings: These are ordinary buildings generally used for residential purposes. Construction of such buildings does not require very high technical skills.
  • Fire-resistive buildings: Such buildings are specially designed to resist the existing fire when it is supposed to. Concrete structures have high resistance against fire.
  • Non-combustible buildings: Such types of buildings are very similar to fire-resistive buildings. In such buildings, walls, beams, and columns are designed with fire-resistant material.
  • Wood-framed buildings: Wood-framed buildings are constructed with wood material. These are generally sued for temporary type structures.
  • Heavy timber-used buildings: In such buildings, timber is the primary material for the construction of buildings. These buildings are also temporary structures.

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Different Types of Construction Projects

Types of construction projects depend on the construction types and their uses. Here a few construction project examples are listed below.

  • Commercial projects: Under commercial projects, those constructed structures are used from the commercial point of view. These include the construction of various offices, restaurants, etc. Such projects are generally very complex and may need more than one contractor.
  • Residential projects: These include the construction of various buildings. It may be newly constructed buildings or the maintenance of already constructed buildings. Under residential projects, only those constructions of structures will occur, which are used for residential purposes.
  • Institutional projects: Under the institutional projects, new construction of various schools and colleges will occur. Generally, institutional projects are large in their scope.
  • Industrial projects: Industries are required in all sectors. Construction of various industries will take place under industrial projects. These projects also consist of a huge amount. Manufacturing and installation of various machinery in industrial projects also occur along with building construction.

Different Types of Construction Equipment

Construction equipment is the equipment that is used for the construction of a structure. Different types of construction equipment are used for different purposes in the construction process. Here a few examples of construction equipment are listed below.

  • Backhoe
  • Excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • Dragline Excavator
  • Wheel tractor scraper
  • Graders
  • Loaders
  • Trenchers
  • Pavers
  • Tower cranes
  • Telehandlers
  • Compactors
  • Dump trucks
  • Feller Bunchers
  • Pile driving machine
  • Pile boring machine

Different Types of Construction Materials

Different types of construction materials are used to construct various types of structures. These materials are utilized based on the requirements for their use and necessity. Not every material is required for the construction of every structure. The requirement of materials also depends on the quality of the construction. Here a few types of construction materials are given below that are commonly used in construction structures.

  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Bricks
  • Textiles

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Different Types of Construction Bricks

Bricks are one of the most commonly used materials for constructing masonry structures. Bricks are classified into various types based on their constituents. Bricks are also classified based on their manufacturing process and drying process. Here a few types of construction bricks are listed below that are commonly used in construction.

  • Fly ash bricks
  • Sun-dried bricks
  • Engineering bricks
  • Concrete bricks
  • Calcium silicate bricks
  • Eco bricks

Different Types of Construction Joints

Construction joints are provided in the structure for binding their constituents together. Construction joints are provided mainly in the construction of concrete pavements. These joints play an important role in the designing of structures. Here a few construction joints are given, which are used for different purposes.

  • Expansion joints: Expansion joints are joints constructed in flexible pavements to prevent the free expansion of the parts of the pavements.
  • Contraction joints: Contraction joints are joints constructed in the structures to prevent the contraction of the members. These are generally provided on concrete pavements and on railway tracks.
  • Isolation joints: It is the separation of the two adjacent concrete structures. This separation allows the movements of the concrete pavements.
  • Construction joints: A construction is a space provided in concrete construction, facilitating the new construction over the existing construction.
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