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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The full form of FDD is Feature Driven Development. FDD is a lightweight and iterative, and incremental software development model. It is considered to be an agile method for developing and advancing software. FDD is a software development framework that progresses, organizes, and implements essential features using an agile methodology. Let us discuss FDD full form and other details in the upcoming sections.

FDD full form is feature driven development. It is an approach that offers clients working products and timely updates. FDD quickly detects problems and updates projects on a regular basis to ensure that real results are delivered frequently and efficiently. In this article, we will learn about FDD full form, its history, its characteristics, and the advantages and disadvantages of FDD.

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What is the FDD Full Form in Computer?

Feature-Driven Development, also known as FDD full form, is an agile method of developing software. Its main objective is to provide timely updates and progress of the software to the client or user. It is an iterative and incremental software development method. It consists of five basic activities, which we shall understand as we proceed further into the topic.

History of FDD

Feature-Driven Development (FDD full form) was invented by Jeff De Luca in 1997. It was developed for a real-world software application under process for 15 months and had a capacity of 50 people working simultaneously on it. The result of developing FDD consisted of a set of five processes, namely.

  • The development of an overall model.
  • The listing of the model.
  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Building of features

Characteristics of FDD (Feature Driven Development)

Knowing the meaning or definition and the history of FDD full form (Feature Driven Development), now we shall understand the characteristics of FDD in order to have a good in-depth clarity of its functions and features. The characteristics of the FDD are as follows.

  • It waits upon the client’s inspection of each feature and then is finally pushed onto the main code.
  • Its lifecycle is simple, and it divides the large project into short and simple iterations to efficiently finish the work.
  • It provides structured and feature-focused software.
  • It provides continuous release of features and updates in the software from time to time.

Advantages of FDD

The FDD full form is Feature Driven Development. FDD is an efficient software model provided to the user with ample advantages. Let us discuss the advantages of FDD as follows.

  • Progress tracking and reporting at all levels of development.
  • It is efficient to use for larger team sizes and big projects.
  • Less risk is observed as it breaks the larger model into smaller segments, which reduces the risk factors.
  • It provides accuracy in the cost estimation of the project.

Disadvantages of FDD

Having discussed the advantages now, we will discuss the disadvantages of FDD. The disadvantages of Feature Driven Development (FDD full form) are as follows.

  • It is not suitable for smaller projects.
  • It is highly dependent on lead programmers, designers, and mentors.
  • There is no proper documentation, which may lead to issues afterward.

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