Difference Between IoT and M2M

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Difference Between IoT and M2M: Both IoT and M2M are used to exchange information between machines. Human interaction is not required while using IoT or M2M for information exchange. The major difference between IoT and M2M is that M2M is used to make the connection between multiple devices whereas IoT is used to make connections of devices for internet accessibility and performance.

The Internet of Things is a division or subset of Machine-to-Machine. Here we will learn about what is IoT and M2M along with it we will discuss the difference between IoT and M2M in the coming sections. 

Difference Between IoT and M2M

Although there are various similarities between IoT and M2M such as both are used to create an effective connection to send the data across devices. Let us now see the difference between IoT and M2M in the table provided below: 

Key Differences Between IoT and M2M

It is used to connect devices in order to transfer information o their own with human interaction.   It is used to connect various devices for them to communicate with each other and follow/perform functions on their own.
 It uses an IP network to connect.  It uses a Point-to-Point connection.
 Internet communication protocols are used.  Uses old protocols for communication.
 Information is secured and is not shared with other applications.  Information is shared for the enhancement of user experience.
 Uses a cloud-based structure.  Do not use a cloud-based structure.
 More scalable than M2M.  Less scalable.
 Example: Fleet control, remote monitoring, etc.  Example: Agriculture, smart cities, etc.

What is an IoT?

IoT is also known as the Internet of Things. It is used to share the data across various devices which are embedded with sensors, software, etc. IoT is used to create an environment for sharing data. With the help of IoT devices, high-speed data connections are established. 

IoT network is used to connect objects/devices such as mobile phones, cars, AC, fridges, laptops, etc. A fast internet connection on these devices is created by IoT. AC can use IoT to change temperature based on the temperature of the surrounding. Some applications of IoT are:

  • Healthcare
  • Smart Home
  • Smart cities
  • Connected cars
  • Agriculture
  • Retail

What is an M2M?

M2M is also known as communication of Machine-to-Machine. A secure internet connection is created using M2M between various devices via a wireless connection. Data is shared from one device to another through an M2M connection. This technology is used widely nowadays in offices, houses, shopping malls, resorts, airports, etc. 

M2M or Machine-to-Machine is used to create point-to-point connections across devices. M2M is used in: 

  • Traffic control
  • Remote monitoring
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Telemedicine
  • Harvesting energy like oil and gas
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Customer billing like smart meters

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