Difference Between Cache and Cookies

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Both cache and cookies essentially help different websites improve their overall performance by giving website visitors better accessibility. The difference between cache and cookies is that a cache is utilized by a browser to save online page resources for later use or to speed up page loading. On the other side, cookies are used to track user preferences by storing things like browsing sessions.

Difference Between Cache and Cookies PDF

The main difference between cache and cookies is that While a user is interacting with a page, a cache permanently keeps the online resources from that page in the browser. On the other hand, cookies just keep track of the user’s preferences. Here, we have provided the difference between cache and cookies based on various factors.

Difference Between Cache and Cookies

Although cache and cookies both save data on the client’s computer, their functions are distinct. Let us check the difference between cache and cookies.

Cache VS Cookies



The term cache refers to the temporary storage that stores a web page’s resources on the user’s computer to enable rapid page loads.

A cookie is a tiny file that websites send to users. It’s employed to use user preferences.

Only the contents of the cached website are saved.

The contents of cookies are kept on the server and in the browser.

It takes up a considerable amount of space.

It takes up less space.

Cache expires manually.

Cookies automatically expire.

Browser cache and proxy cache are the different types of cache.

While there are two different kinds of cookies: transient and persistent.

The cache stores HTML pages, pictures, JavaScript, and CSS.

Cookie stores browsing sessions and transient tracking information.

The response is not sent with requests while using cache.

While the cookie transmits the request-accompanied answer.

Caches reduce the efficiency of memory.

Cookies utilize memory more effectively.

What is Cache?

A web cache, also known as an HTTP cache, is a type of information technology used to temporarily store web content, including HTML pages and images, in order to cut down on bandwidth use, server load, and perceived lag. A cache is only a group of files downloaded to aid in the display of a website.

If certain requirements are met, subsequent requests may be satisfied from the cache by a web cache system, which saves copies of the documents that pass through it. A web cache system can relate to both software and appliances.

What are Cookies?

A website can use cookies to store data that is helpful to it, including passwords, browser preferences, IP addresses, date and time of visits, and other information. The browser sends the cookie back to the server each time a user opens a website so that the website is aware of the user’s previous activity. Cookies have a specific life cycle that expires after a predetermined amount of time.

Cookies usually keep track of data such as how frequently a user visits, when they visit, which banners have been clicked, which buttons have been clicked, the user’s preferences, the items in their shopping cart, etc. This enables the website to give you information that is tailored to your needs.

Key Difference Between Cache and Cookies

The key difference between cache and cookies are given below.

  • A cache is used to speed up website loading whereas a cookie is used to store information to track various user characteristics.
  • The cache will hold resource assets like audio, video, or flash files while cookies will save information like user preferences.
  • Normally, cookies expire after a certain amount of time, however, cache is maintained on the client’s computer until the user removes it explicitly.
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