Difference Between Website and Web Portal

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The Difference Between a Website and Web Portal is that even though both a website and a web portal have a web-based interface, a website is a collection of web pages. In contrast, a portal serves as a doorway to the internet and offers various services. Although the words appear identical, there is some difference between website and web portal.

Difference Between a Website and Web Portal PDF

The difference between a website and a web portal is that a website belongs to a company. In contrast, a web portal, on the other hand, is user-centric, meaning that a user may most likely offer information and data. Both are accessible through browsers and may perform comparable functions; however, a web portal is a more complicated online system than a website. This article will discuss the difference between a website and a web portal in the sections below.

Difference Between Website and Web Portal

A web portal and a website are two distinct terms with a strong relationship. There is a difference between a website and a web portal. However, they both have a web-based user interface. Both the web portal and the website are important to understand for the GATE exam. Let us now check the difference between the website and web portal listed in the table below.

Key Difference Between Website and Web Portal

Website Web Portal
A website is a location on the internet that contains several web pages that may be accessed using its URL. A web portal is a point of access where the material is restricted to a small group of people.
Anyone can view the content on the website. The contents of a web portal are only accessible to the members.
Individuals do not alter the content in any way. Unlike traditional websites, dynamic material changes more often.
A company or organization owns it. It is private.
It does not interact with its users. Users can interact with a web portal.

What is a Website?

A website is a collection of connected online pages, including multimedia material, often linked by a shared domain name and hosted on at least one web server. To elaborate, a website or simply a site is an interconnected collection of web pages arranged in various ways and referred to as such.

The content on a website is widely viewable, widely used, and remains the same for all users. The website does not need users to log in. The user may complete any job, and the website supports it. A customized database is not used, and it is rarely mentioned on the website. We can understand more about a website by comparing a webpage vs a website.

What is a Web Portal?

Web Portal is a specifically created website that collects information from various sources, such as emails, online forums, and search engines. It presents it in a consistent manner on one platform. It is a personalized and customized library that aids in navigation and customizing alerts by providing well-integrated information from several sources and advanced capabilities like task management, collaboration, and business intelligence.

Web Portal allows multiple user roles to be accessed. It is an integral part of the GATE CSE syllabus. A web portal’s dynamic content changes regularly. It is designed to interact efficiently with clients or customers.

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