How Many Attempts For GATE Exam? Check Maximum Number of Attempts

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

How many attempts for GATE exam? So many aspirants have queries about the total number of attempts for the exam. Before moving on, how many times can we take the GATE exam? Let us have a brief description of the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). It is a national-level entrance exam conducted for candidates seeking admissions assistantships to postgraduate/ master’s programs with the MoE (Ministry of Education) and other government scholarships or financial aid/ Assistantships.

GATE is an examination that predominantly examines the performance of candidates in various undergraduate subjects in Engineering and acts as a pathway for admission into various recruitment by some Public Sector Companies and masters’ programs conducted by IITs and NITs has no age limit or a limited number of attempts for candidates so you can attempt GATE as many times you want which will be discussed below in detail and need not worry about how many times can we take the GATE exam? Many students always get confused about the eligibility of GATE; how many attempts for GATE exam? What can be the total number of attempts for general category candidates? etc., In this article, we will be sorting out every tiny detail.

GATE Computer Science Engineering Revision Sheet and Formulae

How Many Attempts For GATE Exam?

Let us see how many times can we take the GATE exam. Of course, a candidate can avail, so the answer to the question as discussed above is there is no age and attempt limit for a GATE exam.

  • The scores of the GATE exam are usually valid for three years from the date that results are announced. The candidate does not need to attempt the GATE for the next three years if a candidate has scored well on the exam.
  • Depending on the candidate’s will, it depends on how many attempts for GATE exam he needs to qualify with a good rank.
  • While in maximum PSU recruitment through GATE, there is an age limit that may claim age eligibility of 28 or 30 to be eligible for recruitment.
  • The total number of attempts for GATE exams for admissions to various research and post-graduate seats lies all up to the college.

What is the Maximum Number of Attempts For GATE?

Is there a limit or prescribed number of attempts for GATE, or how many times can we take the GATE exam? There is no prescribed limit for the number of attempts, but it is suggested that if you are not getting the desired rank in a maximum of three to four attempts, then opt for M.Tech with your rank or go for other things as a career. Let us see why candidates attempt the GATE exam more than once.

  • Many lecturers/professors give GATE every year to keep their knowledge updated. Moreover, for more chances of a Ph.D. in leading institutes, the same GATE exam is useful as the entrance exam.
  • After GATE, there is an age limit for PG courses or PSU job openings. But there is no age or attempts limit for any candidate irrespective of gender or category to which he belongs.
  • The urge to crack GATE and dedication is all that are required. There is no rocket science to crack GATE, but mere proper guidance and smart, hard work can help you to get it in nearly seven months.


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