GATE ECE Syllabus 2023 PDF: Check GATE ECE Syllabus Weightage

GATE ECE Syllabus 2023 PDF: Check GATE ECE Syllabus Weightage

ByAina Parasher  |  Updated on: Sep 12, 2022
Know GATE ECE Syllabus 2023 with the subject-wise weightage here. Download the GATE Electronics & Communication Syllabus PDF to learn the important preparation topics.
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IIT Kanpur released the GATE ECE Syllabus 2023 on its official website. Each year GATE ECE syllabus is specified by the exam conducting institute. On the official website, IIT Kanpur elaborates on all its major changes. It is advised to follow the official website to track any notification regarding changes in the syllabus. Major parts of the GATE 2023 Syllabus for Electronics and Communication Engineering are Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits, and Control Systems.

Candidates willing to take the GATE ECE exam must be familiar with the GATE ECE syllabus 2023. With the help of the GATE ECE syllabus 2023, aspirants will get to know the important topics that they need to be focused on to excel in the exam. Here we have mentioned all the sections in detail in the subsequent paragraphs.

What is the GATE ECE Syllabus 2023?

GATE ECE Syllabus 2023 is the list of the topics necessary for the candidates who applied for the upcoming GATE 2023 exam keeping Electronics and Communication Engineering as their discipline of choice. By covering the entire syllabus, candidates can achieve a good rank in the exam. Apart from the General Aptitude, a common subject for all disciplines, and Engineering Mathematics, 7 sections are specific to Electronics and Communication Engineering.

There are 8 major sections in the GATE Syllabus for ECE are:

  • Section 1: Engineering Mathematics
  • Section 2: Electromagnetics
  • Section 3: Networks, Signals, and Systems
  • Section 4: Electronic Devices
  • Section 5: Analog Circuits
  • Section 6: Digital Circuits
  • Section 7: Control Systems
  • Section 8: Communications

GATE ECE Syllabus 2023 PDF

Apart from understanding every aspect of the syllabus, candidates are advised to download the GATE ECE Syllabus 2023 PDF to access it throughout the preparation phase. Candidates can download the syllabus through the direct link mentioned below before appearing for the GATE ECE exam.

Download GATE ECE Syllabus 2023 PDF

GATE ECE Syllabus- Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics is an important and high-scoring subject of the GATE ECE syllabus 2023. Candidates can score 13 marks in this section if prepared well. This section carries 7 subtopics essential to achieving a good rank in the exam.

Check out the main topics covered in the Engineering Mathematics section of the GATE syllabus for ECE:

GATE ECE Syllabus 2023- Networks, Signals, and Systems

The Networks, Signals, and Systems section in the GATE ECE syllabus 2023 introduce the fundamental concepts in the sub-area Network of signals and systems, Circuit analysis of Continuous and Discrete-time signals and systems. This section is the exam's first core subject of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Candidates are advised to prepare this section with the help of the previous year question papers.

GATE ECE Syllabus- Electronic Devices

In this section, there are a total of 6 major subtopics. Integrated Circuit Fabrication Process and Semiconductors are one of the important subtopics of Electronic Devices for the upcoming exam. The Electronic Devices section of the GATE ECE syllabus 2023 covers the following topics:

Materials and ComponentsIntegrated Circuit Components
Basic Electronics EngineeringSemiconductors
Integrated Circuit Fabrication ProcessCarrier Transport

GATE ECE Syllabus- Analog Circuits

The Analog Circuits covers Simple op-amp, Circuits Analysis and Applications of Diodes, Voltage Reference Circuits, Waveshaping, and a lot more topics. The main subtopics covered in the GATE ECE syllabus 2023 are:

GATE ECE Syllabus 2023- Digital Circuits

Digital Circuits carries a few topics that are a very important part of the GATE ECE syllabus. It includes Minimization, Logic Families, Number representations, Sequential circuits, Data converters, Semiconductor memories, and Computer organization. Candidates are advised to prepare this section with utmost care. It is noticed that this section is generally used to prepare the MCQ-based questions for the exam.

GATE ECE Syllabus- Control Systems

The Control Systems section of the GATE ECE syllabus 2023 carries 14 subtopics. The important subtopics of this section are Basic control system components, Transfer Function, Frequency response, State variable model and solution of state equation of LTI systems, and Compensators and Controller Feedback principle. All the subtopics of this section are mentioned below:

Basic control system components

Transfer Function

Frequency response

State variable model and solution of state equation of LTI systems

Compensators and ControllersFeedback principle
Nyquist Stability Criteria and AnalysisBlock diagram representation
State Space VariableSignal flow graph

Routh-Hurwitz and Nyquist stability criteria

Bode and root-locus plots

Transient and steady-state analysis of LTI systems

Lag, lead and lag-lead compensation

GATE ECE Syllabus 2023- Communications

Based on the GATE ECE Syllabus 2023, the Communications section covers topics like Random processes, Analog communications, Information theory, Digital communications, Fundamentals of error correction, Hamming codes, and CRC. There are other important topics in this section, such as Digital signal, Periodic signal, Mutual information, Channel capacity, etc.

GATE ECE Syllabus- Electromagnetics

The Electromagnetics subject of the GATE syllabus for ECE covers a few equations and properties in it. This section includes Maxwell's equations,Plane waves and properties, and Transmission lines. The important topics of the Electromagnetics section for the GATE ECE syllabus are:

  • Electrostatics
  • Transmission Lines
  • Polarization
  • Optical Fibres
  • Smith chart
  • Waveguides and Radars

GATE ECE Syllabus 2023 Weightage

As per the previous year's trends, the topic-wise weightage of the topics covered in the GATE ECE syllabus is below for 1-mark and 2-mark questions. Candidates can understand the importance of each section of the ECE subject from the table provided below. General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics are two high-scoring subjects which candidates shall put more effort into. Other than these two subjects, Communication and Network theory are considered important for the exam.

Aspirants are advised to plan their preparation strategy according to the given weightage of the GATE 2023 Syllabus for Electronics and Communication Engineering. Check out the complete information regarding the syllabus weightage below:

SubjectsNumber of 1 Mark QuestionsNumber of 2 Marks QuestionsTotal MarksWeightage Analysis
Analog Circuits3277%
Electronic Devices2266%
Control Systems1255%
Digital Circuits3389%
Networks Theory251212%
Engineering Mathematics541313%
General Aptitude551515%
Signal Systems431010%

FAQs on GATE ECE Syllabus

  • GATE ECE syllabus is the collection of topics released by the official for the upcoming exam. It will carry all the topics based on which the questions in the GATE ECE exam will be formulated. Candidates are also advised to download the GATE ECE syllabus 2023 PDF.

  • Yes, candidates can download the GATE Electronics and Communication engineering syllabus PDF from BYJU's Exam Prep website. Candidates can also download the same from the official website of the GATE ECE exam. Candidates are advised to keep the copy of the syllabus at hand for the entire preparation period.

  • GATE 2023 syllabus for ECEE comprises three major sections, i.e. General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE). The General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics papers are common to all the Engineering branches. The core sections of the ECE discipline are:

    • Section 1: Networks, Signals, and Systems
    • Section 2: Electronic Devices
    • Section 3: Analog Circuits
    • Section 4: Digital Circuits
    • Section 5: Control Systems
    • Section 6: Communications
    • Section 7: Electromagnetics
  • GATE syllabus for ECE 2023 is available in PDF format on the official site so it can be downloaded. BYJU's Exam Prep has also provided the PDF format of the same in their website. Candidates are advised to have a physical copy for effective preparation.

  • The Electromagnetics section of the GATE syllabus for ECE will cover the following topics:

    • Maxwell's equations
    • Plane waves and properties
    • Transmission lines
  • Each year the exam conducting authority releases the GATE ECE syllabus. This year IIT Kanpur released the GATE syllabus for ECE. The link for downloading the entire syllabus is provided in the GOAPS portal. Candidates can download and save a copy of the same on their drives. It is important to have the official syllabus for the exam.


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