GATE Subject-Wise Weightage for Civil Engineering 2024

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

GATE Subject-Wise Weightage for Civil Engineering is an essential tool for achieving a good rank. The GATE exam necessitates intelligence and hard work. Preparing for GATE requires an organized and strategic technique. Before preparing for the exam, they should be aware of the GATE subject-wise weightage for Civil engineering and the importance of the syllabus because not all subjects are equally important for the exam.

Every subject has equal importance in the GATE revision process for Civil Engineering. Still, the subjects that carry more weight should be given more importance and preference in revision. This article will discuss the detailed GATE subject-wise weightage for Civil Engineering and analyze the importance of each topic in detail.

GATE Subject-Wise Weightage for Civil Engineering

There are a total of 14 different subjects covered in the Civil Engineering syllabus for the GATE exam. The weightage of each subject varies every year. The combined marks coverage for Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude are more than 25% in the GATE exam in recent years. Let us see some important points regarding the GATE subject-wise weightage for Civil Engineering:

  • Each of these disciplines, Structural Engg, Geotechnical Engg, Transportation, and Environmental Engg, can carry up to 15 marks. Therefore, it is advised to pay more attention to these subjects.
  • We must determine our subject distribution strategy and priority based on the GATE subject-wise weightage for Civil Engineering.

GATE Civil Engineering Subject-Wise Weightage: 2019/2020/2021/2022/2023

Let us now see the weightage of each subject and its variation over the years. These variations are essential for the aspirants to notice as they directly impact the candidates’ ranking. Check out GATE subject-wise Weightage for Civil Engineering in the table provided below:


GATE 2019

GATE 2020

GATE 2021

GATE 2022

GATE 2023 set-1

Engineering Mathematics 10.5% 11.5% 13% 13% 13%
Irrigation & Hydrology 5.5% 5.5% 4% 3% 7%
Fluid Mechanics 9% 7.5% 8% 9% 7%
Environmental Engineering 9% 11% 11% 10% 11%
Structural Analysis 4.5% 6% 6% 8% 5%
Geotechnical Engineering 16% 14.5% 15% 13% 16%
Transportation Engineering 9.5% 11% 9% 7% 6%
Geomatics Engineering 6% 14.5% 5% 8% 4%
R.C.C. 5% 5% 5% 5% 4%
Steel Structures 5% 2.5% 3% 2% 3%
General Aptitude 15% 15% 15% 14% 15%
Construction Materials & Management 1% 0.5% 1% 3% 0%
Engineering Mechanics 0.5% 1% 0% 1% 1%
Solid Mechanics 3.5% 4% 2% 2% 7%

GATE Subject-Wise Weightage for Civil Engineering- 2016/2017/2018

Subject-wise weightage for Civil Engineering for the years 2016/2017/2018 for various subjects as per the GATE syllabus below in the table:


GATE 2016

GATE 2017

GATE 2018

Engineering Mathematics 15% 12.5% 11.5%
Irrigation & Hydrology 4% 5.5% 5%
Fluid Mechanics 7% 7.5% 8.5%
Environmental Engineering 10% 11% 10%
Structural Analysis 3% 6.5% 1.5%
Geotechnical Engineering 15% 12.5% 14%
Transportation Engineering 6% 8.5% 9.5%
Geomatics Engineering 5% 4.5% 4%
R.C.C. 5% 5% 7%
Steel Structures 3% 2% 4.5%
General Aptitude 15% 15% 15%
Construction Materials & Management 5% 3% 0.5%
Engineering Mechanics 3.5% 1% 3%
Solid Mechanics 3.5% 5.5% 6%

GATE Subject Wise Weightage for Civil Engineering- 2012/2013/2014/2015

GATE Civil Engineering subjects and their weightage for the years 2012/2013/2014/2015 are shown in the table given below:


GATE 2012

GATE 2013

GATE 2014

GATE 2015

Engineering Mathematics 13% 8% 9% 13%
Irrigation & Hydrology 0% 2% 2% 5%
Fluid Mechanics 4% 7% 26% 5%
Environmental Engineering 10% 8% 10% 8%
Structural Analysis 0% 7% 11% 4.5%
Geotechnical Engineering 15% 16% 12% 15%
Transportation Engineering 12% 14% 10% 7%
Geomatics Engineering 12% 14% 5% 6%
R.C.C. 8% 4% 5% 7%
Steel Structures 3% 3% 4% 5.5%
General Aptitude 15% 15% 15% 15%
Solid Mechanics 3% 3% 3% 7%

Importance of the GATE Subject-Wise Weightage for Civil Engineering

Let us discuss the importance of this weightage from a student’s point of view or why this analysis will be helpful to an aspirant.

  • Candidates can make the most of their time and effort to produce the greatest results possible.
  • Candidates can prioritize the importance of the subject based on time restrictions.
  • It will help candidates to go over the entire syllabus systematically and build a better approach to crack GATE Exam.
  • During the last phase of the exam preparation, if candidates won’t have enough time to prepare, they can skip the least important subjects or only go over the important concepts of those subjects.

GATE Civil Engineering Exam Pattern 2024 Highlights

Candidates who intend to apply for the upcoming exam should review the GATE CE exam pattern before creating a proper preparation strategy. The GATE 2024 exam pattern helps understand the type of questions and marking method of the exam.

GATE Civil Engineering Exam Pattern 2024 Highlights

Civil Engineering Primary Paper Code


Civil Engineering Secondary Paper Code

Aerospace Engineering (A.E.)

Architecture and Planning (A.R.)

Environmental Science & Engg (E.S.)

Geomatics Engineering (G.E.)

Naval Architecture and Marine Engg (N.M.)

Exam Mode




Total Marks


Number of Questions


Types of Questions




Number of Sections

General Aptitude

Engineering Mathematics

Civil Engineering

Weightage by Section

General Aptitude – (15%)

Engineering Mathematics – (13%)

Civil Engineering Subjects – (72%)

Total Time Duration

3 hours (180 minutes)

Sectional Time-Limit


Highlights of GATE Syllabus for Civil Engineering 2024

The GATE CE syllabus is below for aspirants interested in applying for the Civil Engineering (C.E.) subject exam. The GATE CE syllabus 2024 does not include any previous session changes. Knowing the syllabus for C.E. can help you prepare for the test because you’ll know what topics you’ll need to study as per the GATE subject-wise weightage for Civil Engineering.

GATE CE Syllabus 2024 Highlights
Section I General Aptitude
Engineering Mathematics

Section II: Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Water Resources Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Geomatics Engineering

Important Topics as per GATE Subject-Wise Weightage for Civil Engineering

The following is a list of subjects you must study to pass the GATE 2024 exam. The sub-topics for the same are listed in the GATE 2024 CE syllabus PDF provided below.

  • GATE CE General Aptitude Syllabus: Verbal Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical Aptitude, and Spatial Aptitude.
  • GATE CE Engg Mathematics Syllabus: Linear Algebra, Calculus, Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE), Partial Differential Equation (P.D.E.), Probability, Statistics, and Numerical Methods
  • GATE CE Structural Engg. Syllabus: Engineering Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Structural Analysis, Construction Materials and Management, Concrete Structures, and Steel Structures.
  • GATE CE Geotechnical Engg. Syllabus: Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering.
  • GATE CE Water Resources Engg. Syllabus: Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics, Hydrology, and Irrigation.
  • GATE CE Environmental Engg. Syllabus: Water and Waste-Water Quality and Treatment, Air Pollution, and Municipal Solid Wastes.
  • GATE CE Transportation Engg. Syllabus: Transportation Infrastructure, Highway Pavements, and Traffic Engineering.
  • GATE CE Geomatics Engg. Syllabus: Principles of surveying and Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.

The candidates can download the syllabus PDF from the URL provided below.

GATE Syllabus for Civil Engineering 2024 PDF

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