SSC CHSL Preparation 2023: Subject-Wise Preparation Strategy

SSC CHSL Preparation 2023: Subject-Wise Preparation Strategy

BySachin Awasthi  |  Updated on: Jan 20, 2023
SSC CHSL Preparation 2023 is crucial for your success in the exam. Check SSC CHSL preparation strategy and tips followed by toppers and learn how to prepare for SSC CHSL exam.

SSC CHSL preparation 2023 is essential if you want to crack the exam for your desired post. Having effective preparation tips and strategies will help ace the upcoming Combined Higher Secondary Level exam with good marks. Candidates should ensure to check out SSC CHSL preparation strategy to know whether they are going in the right direction or not when it comes to formulating a preparation strategy for the exam.

While some of the candidates must be in the last leg of SSC CHSL preparation, others might be looking for an effective schedule that can help them clear it on the first attempt. SSC CHSL preparation tips and books for each subject are mentioned in detail in this post. Candidates can also check how to prepare for SSC CHSL at home, in one month, what could be the preparation strategies for beginners, etc.

SSC CHSL Preparation 2023

Knowing the tips for SSC CHSL preparation will help the candidates to adopt a holistic approach while making a timetable for themselves. It is important to focus on each and every subject while preparing for the exam. The time dedicated to different subjects might vary as per the comfort level and aptitude of individual candidates. An effective SSC CHSL preparation strategy is listed below which might help you to boost your preparations for the forthcoming exam:

  • If you are planning to appear for the SSC CHSL exam, it is advisable to read a newspaper daily. Do not wait for the exam date or notification to get released.
  • Be aware of all recent events and important days on the state and national levels.
  • Go through the SSC CHSL exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly.
  • If you need to clear your basic concepts and want to know strategies to solve questions in less time, you can enrol yourself in our SSC CHSL online classes.
  • Take an SSC CHSL mock test series before the exam date and attempt at least one paper every day followed by a result analysis available on our app.

Now let us look at the subject-wise SSC CHSL preparation strategy in the sections below.

SSC CHSL English Preparation

English section is a highly important part of the CHSL Tier 1 exam which plays a crucial part in deciding your career. It is one of the high-scoring sections and can be attempted in less time. Some candidates who have a good grasp of the language find it easy to solve while others might struggle to attain accuracy in it. Some of the SSC CHSL preparation tips for English are listed below which might help candidates to score better.

  • For the English Grammar section, try to learn all the grammar rules which had been a part of all the previous years' papers.
  • For English vocabulary, you must revise all the words that you have learned till now and follow them up with quizzes daily.
  • If you are preparing for competitive exams, it is advisable to read the book - Word Power Made Easy by Normen Lewis. It will surely help you to increase your vocabulary.
  • Solve as many questions as you can from the SSC CHSL previous year's question papers and check your answers to learn from your mistakes.

SSC CHSL Preparation Tips for Quantitative Aptitude

Most of the candidates compare this section with maths but it is not the case. Quantitative Aptitude is not general maths rather it is an aptitude section that tests your IQ as well as your approach to finding a solution. It will be easier for you to take a lead if your approach is smart. Let us look at some of the tips for SSC CHSL preparation for the Quantitative Aptitude section given below.

  • Importance of Previous Years' Papers: In the last few days shift your focus completely on solving previous years' papers. Work on your calculation part to take a lead in the competition. To make your calculation strong, you must inculcate certain handy tricks for multiplication, division, and so on.
  • Cut down Your Time: You should learn tables up to 30, square roots, cube roots, cubes, and squares. Learn all the fractions of the percentages and try to implement them in the questions. Doing this regularly will benefit you a lot provided you persevere. If initially, you are devoting 35-40 mins to this section then rest assured, you will make it to 20 mins after rigorous practice.
  • Track your Progress: Analyze your mock tests and work on your progress.

SSC CHSL Reasoning Preparation

For the General Intelligence and Reasoning Section, you do not need any special resources. You can swear by our Quizzes and Mock tests for your SSC CHSL exam preparation. If you get stuck in any of the topics then you can watch the informative videos on the BYJU'S Exam Prep YouTube channel.

  • Some questions in the Reasoning section are based on your General knowledge. Make sure you are well aware of the capitals, functions of various parts of the body, or anything general.
  • For classification-based problems, you need to pick the odd one out.
  • For Dictionary-based problems, you need to arrange the words as per the dictionary.
  • Series problems can turn out to be the bottleneck in your SSC CHSL preparation. Practising the ample number of questions from this section can fetch you good scores in the exam.
  • For Distance & Directions, you can rely on our quizzes and previous year's paper questions.
  • For Statement & Conclusion, follow the elimination method approach to get to the solution.
  • For Venn Diagram, take the help of a figure and then work your way to finding the solution.
  • For Mathematical operators, apply the BODMAS rule to solve the problem.
  • For the Counting of figures, you must practice different questions with varying levels of difficulty.
  • For Ranking order, you must note down the data very carefully and pave your way to the solution.
  • For the Coding-Decoding order, you must assign the numbers to different alphabets in order and learn it thoroughly.
  • For the Clock and calendar, you can watch tutorial videos on the BYJU'S Exam Prep Youtube channel.

SSC CHSL Preparation Tips for General Awareness

For this section, you need to study two things - Static GK (Science, Polity, History, Geography, Economics) and Current Affairs. Some of the SSC CHSL preparation tips for the General Awareness section are given below:

  • History Section- Pay more attention to the Indian freedom Struggle and Gandhian Era, medieval era (Delhi Sultanate, Mughal era).
  • Polity Section- Focus on articles, the latest amendments, and, parts of the constitution, fundamental rights & duties.
  • Geography Section- Focus on boundaries surrounding India, neighbouring countries and their capitals, national animals & birds of India, Indian national parks, sanctuary, lakes in India, and rivers. For better retention of the topics, you can take the help of maps.
  • Economy Section- Focus on basic economic terms, graphs, and recent trends.
  • Science Section- Prepare the important laws, inventions, and theorems followed by imp formulae. Chemical names and common names, Organ and Organ systems, Animal morphology and anatomy, Plant and Animal Diseases, and Plant and Animal Kingdoms remain on top of the SSC list.

Along with the topic-wise strategy, some general SSC CHSL preparation tips for the General Awareness section are as follows:

  • Read the newspaper daily and make a note of all recent events, important dates mentioned, names of people, etc.
  • Go through the NCERT books of Science and Social Studies of grades 6 to 8 for the topic-wise SSC CHSL preparation tips under the General Awareness section.

One Month SSC CHSL Preparation Tips

It is always better to prepare for such competitive exams well in advance, but if you have only one month to prepare for the upcoming exam, we have shared some important SSC CHSL preparation tips and tricks below that you can follow:

  • Check the daily/monthly current affairs through the link attached here. Give at least 1 hour of a day to prepare for the current affairs section.
  • Take our Mock test series which will help you to focus on your time management and accuracy.
  • Watch videos on the BYJU'S Exam Prep Youtube channel to learn some tricks to solve questions in less time.

How to Prepare for SSC CHSL at Home?

Many candidates clear the CHSL exam every year by preparing on their own. There are a lot of options available to study from the comfort of your home. You can choose the best possible option for yourself depending on your interests and needs. Coaching centres provide instructions in a fixed manner and on a fixed schedule, but at home, you can decide what is better for you. Let us discuss how to prepare SSC CHSL at home.

  • Understand the exam pattern and syllabus.
  • Prepare an effective study plan for yourself [Note: Give time to all the subjects but extra time to the subjects in which you need more preparation].
  • Choose the appropriate study material [You can also opt for online classes for SSC CHSL preparation]
  • Revision [Take Mock test series]

SSC CHSL Preparation Tips by Toppers

In competitive exams, it is important to score well to increase your chances of selection in the final stage of the recruitment process. The higher your scores will be in Tier 1 exam, the better it will be to get recruited. Here we have provided some tricks that are usually followed by toppers who have successfully cleared the SSC CHSL in one attempt. Some of the SSC CHSL preparation tips by toppers are mentioned below:

  • Start your SSC CHSL preparation well in advance. When you feel you are ready, you can fill out the application form. Do not wait for the application or exam date to decide your preparation strategy.
  • Go through the latest papers conducted by SSC for example, SSC CGL, MTS, etc. It is possible that some questions might repeat in the CHSL exam from these papers.

SSC CHSL Preparation Strategy for Beginners

If you are going to appear for the SSC CHSL exam for the first time, do not worry about the preparation as long as you follow the points written below:

  • Start preparing well in advance. Do not wait for the exam date or admit card to start your preparations.
  • Look through the syllabus and exam pattern very carefully. Make a list of all the topics section-wise and prepare accordingly.
  • You can also enrol yourself in online coaching classes to get timely guidance.
  • Focus on time management.
  • Buy appropriate study material for the SSC CHSL preparation.

It is important to know the correct tips and strategies for good results. By knowing how to implement SSC CHSL preparation, you can exponentially improve your chances of cracking the exam. We hope the tips we have provided will be helpful to your and improve your preparation level for the SSC CHSL exam.

SSC CHSL Preparation Tips FAQs

  • SSC CHSL preparation 2023 can be implemented by the candidates who are going to appear for the upcoming CHSL exam. There are four sections in the Tier 1 SSC CHSL exam - English, General Intelligence and Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Awareness. All sections need to be prepared well in order to score well in the exam. Some of the SSC CHSL preparation tips 2023 are as follows:

    • Read a newspaper daily.
    • Solve mock test and analyze your results.
    • Solve previous year's question papers of SSC CHSL.
    • Focus on your time management skills.
  • The best SSC CHSL preparation strategy is to give proper time to practice topics of each subject, focus on time management by solving mock tests and previous year papers, watch videos on SSC CHSL preparation tips on the Byjus Exam Prep Youtube channel.

  • Many candidates prepare for SSC CHSL at home without coaching. You can read NCERT textbooks of Science and Social Science of Grades 6 to 8 to excel in static GK, read a newspaper daily or follow daily current affairs to prepare current affairs well. Many videos are available for free on the Byjus Exam Prep Youtube channel that you can refer to while doing SSC CHSL exam preparation.

  • SSC CHSL English preparation strategy can be formulated including the following points:

    • Solve the Engish section from the SSC CHSL previous year papers.
    • Watch videos on grammar rules. It will help you with questions related to spotting errors, fill in the blacks, replacement of words, etc.
  • Some of the best sources of SSC CHSL preparation include the following: Books, Mock test series, previous year papers, NCERT textbooks of Science and Social Studies, etc. These resources can be used to prepare for the upcoming Tier 1 CHSL exam in an effective way.

  • To crack SSC CHSL in the first attempt is possible with your dedication and hard work. You need to completely focus on it without distracting yourself. Give an appropriate amount of time to each subject and practice questions on it well. Follow the subject-wise SSC CHSL preparation tips given in this post to formulate your study strategy.

  • The SSC CHSL preparation tips for the General Awareness section will help you to prepare a plan to cover most of the important topics of this section. As you are aware, the General Awareness sections contain a vast syllabus. Some of the SSC CHSL preparation strategy for the General Awareness section are as follows:

    • Read daily/monthly current affairs every day.
    • Use NCERT textbooks of Social Studies and Science of Grades 6 to 8 to practice static GK concepts.
    • Read about the Art and Culture of Indian states and territories.
  • Reasoning is one of the high-scoring sections in the exam, so it is important to attain high accuracy in it through continuous practice. SSC CHSL preparation strategy for the reasoning section include the following:

    • Take previous year's question papers and solve reasoning questions to get an idea of the type of questions asked in the exam.
    • Topics that you find difficult to solve can take a place in your preparation plan.
    • Solve reasoning quizzes and SSC CHSL mock test.
  • Mathematics is one of the high scoring sections in the CHSL exam. It is important for candidates to focus on SSC CHSL preparation for maths as they can get good scores in this section which will impact their overall marks and increase their chances of getting recruited.

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