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By Renuka Miglani|Updated : September 16th, 2022

CSIR NET Physics Memory Based Questions 2022: The CSIR NET Physical Science Exam was conducted on 16th September 2022. The Exam was conducted in Shift 1 successfully.  The CSIR NET Physical Science Exam paper had three sections Part A, B & C. We are here with a detailed analysis of the CSIR NET 2022 Physics Memory Based Questions. 

This article provides CSIR NET Physics 2022 Memory Based Question paper Part A, B, and C. We previously provided CSIR NET Physical Sciences Analysis. Article Students can download the PDF of all questions in each section from the link below. 

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CSIR NET Physics Memory Based Questions 2022: Key Highlights

  • The CSIR NET Physical Science Exam was conducted on 16th September 2022 in shift 1.
  • There were 75 questions in today's exam, and the difficulty level was in the Easy to Moderate range.
  • The reasoning section of the paper was easy, and the section on Quantitative Aptitude was time-consuming and conceptual.
  • Most of the questions in the paper were from the section on Mechanical, Quantum & Classical Physics.

CSIR NET Physics Memory Based Questions: Part A Quantitative Aptitude

Candidates can check below the questions of Part A Quantitative Aptitude asked in today's CSIR NET Physical Science on 16 September 2022 and can analyze accordingly.

Important Topic
Graphical Representation
Data Interpretation

CSIR NET Memory Based Questions: Part B & C Physical Science

Candidates can check below the questions of Part B & C questions asked in today's CSIR NET Physical Science 16 September 2022 and hence can evaluate their score accordingly.


specific heat of harmonic oscillator at temp t tends to 0 ... coth=2


phase space trajectory v = -alpha x^2 - e^-10x


2 small metallic spheres are inside a conducting medium with conductivity Sigma and permittivity E(epsilon), connected with a battery of potential V. After time T, the potential difference between them


spectroscopic terms of LS coupling P2


E(0) And E(0)/3 transmitted electric field normally incident light then find a refractive incident.

6.Arrange energy order of p^2 l.s coupling
7.Which wavefunction of Average of [p] will be 0

lamda ^6 (potential energy ) h then find the expectation value of energy


Normal mode frequency value of Langrangian


S' frame is moving with velocity u along the x direction. A particle of mass m is moving in s frame, along z direction with velocity v, the energy of the particle in S' frame is a place transform of periodic function?


According to Hund's rule, the lowest to highest energy for carbon?


Increasing order of energy btana tha- 2D1,1p2,1p1,1p0

13.Order of pole for1/z -sin z

pєrturвαtíσn ín hαrmσníc σѕcíllαtσr íѕ єхp(-mw/hх^2) fínd єnєrgч

15.A wall partitions a box. One has pressure p and volume v, and another has pressure 2p and vol 2 v. Then, when the partition is open, the final pressure

Cosax/(x^2+1) integration from -infinity to +infinity from MP


(AB) transpose=-(A inverse B) ... B is orthogonal.. than A is


which shape will represent bravice lattice triangle square and hexagonal


ssp three shapes were there asking which represents bravice lattice shapes were triangle square and hexagonal


z=i^i^i... 1/z. lnz =?


L = 1/2mx1dot ^2+1/2m(x2)dot^2 -1/2 K (x1^2 + x 2^2 + x1x2) find normal frequency


H=1/2(x1dot) sqre+2(x2dot) sqre+1/2(x1sqre+x2sqre+x1x2) angular freq of small oscillation?


1/(z-sinz) find singularity


integration of exp(-x^2m) where m is +ve limit is 0 to infinity


kr k specific heat of cothw/2kt =2 hota ya 4 aise

Please Note: Above are only the memory-based questions received from a few students. We will update all the questions shortly.

CSIR NET Physical Science Memory Based Question Paper: Download PDF

Download PDF Physical Science 16 September Shift 1

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CSIR NET Physical Science Memory Based Questions FAQs

  • According to the candidates who applied for CSIR NET physical science examination, the question paper was Moderate. Part A was Easy, Part B was difficult & Part C was easy to moderate.

  • According to the aspirants of the Physical Science subject of CSIR NET, the reasoning questions were easier, and as expected, the quantitative aptitude section was time-consuming.

  • The CSIR NET physical science aspirants stated that having clear conceptual knowledge is an obligation to complete the exam on time. The candidates need to manage their time well while giving the exam.

  • According to the candidates who applied for the CSIR NET Physical Science examination, time management is an important factor to be able to understand and attempt all of the questions within the given time limit.

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