MAT Syllabus 2023 (May Exam): Section-wise MAT Exam Syllabus & Important Topics Download PDF

MAT Syllabus 2023 (May Exam): Section-wise MAT Exam Syllabus & Important Topics Download PDF

ByNeeraj Mishra  |  Updated on: Jun 5, 2023
AIMA has released the official MAT Syllabus for May 2023. Learn more about important topics and sectional weightage for MAT Syllabus here. Download MAT Exam Syllabus PDF in the article below.

MAT Syllabus is prescribed by AIMA on its official website for the May exam. It is quite similar to the other MBA exams and it includes 5 subjects: Language Comprehension, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Mathematical Skills, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, and Indian and Global Environment. Note that MAT Syllabus for all three exam modes: PBT, CBT and IBT, is the same.

No changes have been made to the MAT Syllabus 2023 for the May Session exam. A total of 200 MCQs are asked, which are equally distributed as 40 questions in each of the sections. Read the post below to know MAT Syllabus 2023 in detail, including section-wise distribution, books, and preparation tips.

MAT Syllabus - Overview

The exam conducting body AIMA has released the official MAT Exam Syllabus 2023 on its official website for the May session exam. It is divided into 5 sections, which include:

  • Mathematical Skills
  • Language Comprehension
  • Intelligence & Critical Reasoning
  • Data Analysis & Sufficiency
  • Indian & Global Environment

The candidates who are appearing in MAT Exam 2023 must comprehensively go through the MAT Syllabus to ensure that all the topics are covered in an orderly fashion. A total of 200 questions are asked and it is equally divided into 40 questions in each section. Read the section below to know section-wise MAT Syllabus 2023 in detail.

MAT Exam Syllabus Highlights

The MAT Syllabus is divided into five important sections per the official updates. Note the table below for a basic overview of the MAT May session syllabus.



Prescribing Authority


Total Number of Questions


Type of Questions Asked

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Number of Answer Choices


Sections Covered in MAT Syllabus

5 Sections

Mathematical Skills

Data Analysis & Sufficiency

Language Comprehension

Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

Indian and Global Environment

MAT Marking Scheme

+1 for every correct answer

-0.25 for every incorrect answer

MAT Syllabus PDF Download

The candidates preparing for MAT must download the PDF version of the MAT Exam Syllabus and save it on their devices for future reference.

Download MAT 2023 Syllabus PDF - May Session

MAT Syllabus Important Topics

The AIMA decides MAT Exam Syllabus every year to conduct a national-level exam MAT. It consists of 5 sections.

  • Mathematical Skills
  • Data Analysis & Sufficiency
  • Language Comprehension
  • Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
  • Indian and Global Environment

The candidates preparing for MAT must study MAT Syllabus and their related topics to ace this exam in one chance. Note the below points to the essential chapters of the MAT Exam Syllabus, from which the questions will be asked in the upcoming exam.

☛ Note that MAT Admit Card is only available online, and the candidates have to download it from the official website of AIMA using their login details.

MAT Exam Syllabus: Section-Wise Weightage

All the sections of the MAT Syllabus have an equal number of MCQ questions. However, the score of the Indian and Global Environment section is not included in the total percentile calculation. Note the table below to get an idea of the section-wise weightage for all 5 sections in MAT Syllabus 2023.

☛ Get all the details about MAT Registration for all three exam modes: PBT, CBT, and IBT.

MAT Syllabus Section

Number of Questions

MAT Total Marks

Language Comprehension



Intelligence and Critical Reasoning



Data Analysis and Sufficiency



Mathematical Skills



Indian and Global Environment






MAT Syllabus - Data Analysis and Data Sufficiency

This section consists of questions from Tables, Graphs, Charts, Texts, and Venn Diagrams. As per the expert analysis, MAT Syllabus for DA&DI is awarded a weightage of 25% in the final percentile calculation. The topics included in this section are listed below:

MAT Syllabus 2023 - Data Analysis and Data Sufficiency

Data Charts

Pie Charts



Bar Diagrams and Charts

Data Analysis

Data Tables

Data Comparison

Data Sufficiency

MAT Exam Syllabus for Mathematical Skills

The mathematical skills section in MAT Syllabus is vast. It covers a diverse range of topics from the different branches of mathematics like Geometry, Mathematics, Algebra, etc.

MAT Syllabus 2023 - Mathematical Skills





Number System





Time and Work


Profit & Loss

Permutation and Combination

Binomial Theorem

Linear Equations

Quadratic Equations


Venn Diagrams

Surds and Indices

Mixtures and Allegations

Coordinate Geometry

Linear Programming


Heights & Distance

☛ Check CAT Syllabus here. The candidates who are preparing CAT Exam must study the syllabus of this exam and other important topics to score a good rank in the exam.

MAT Syllabus 2023 for Language Comprehension

This section of MAT Exam Syllabus is further divided into two major sections: 

  • Verbal Ability
  • Reading Comprehension

Check the below section for further details on the Language Comprehension section in MAT Syllabus 2023.

MAT Reading Comprehension Syllabus

In the Reading Comprehension section of the MAT Syllabus, MCQ Questions are asked from the passages based on the below topics.

  • Business and Economics Passages
  • Passages on Science & Culture
  • Passages from English Literature Books
  • Historical Events and Mythological Information-Based Passage

MAT Syllabus 2023 for Verbal Ability

Note the table below to get an overview of the Verbal Ability Chapters in the MAT Exam Syllabus.

MAT Syllabus - Verbal Ability

Para Jumbles

Fill in the Blanks

Error Correction

One Word Substitution

Synonyms and Antonyms


Active and Passive


MAT Syllabus for Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

This section is a little trickier than the rest of the sections in the MAT Syllabus. A total of 40 MCQs are asked in this section which includes the topics like Series, Blood Relation, Analogy, and many more. 

The below table overviews the important topics covered in this section of MAT Syllabus 2023. 

☛ Check MAT Eligibility to avoid last-minute cancellation, as AIMA authorities are very strict about candidates' eligibility for this MBA Entrance Exam.

MAT Syllabus - Intelligence and Critical Reasoning


Passage Conclusion





Critical Reasoning

Logical Sequence

Quantitative Reasoning



Seating Arrangement

Linear & Matrix Arrangement




Rankings (Reasoning Based)



Set Theory

Network Diagrams


Blood Relations/Family Tree



Direction Sense


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MAT Exam Syllabus for Indian and Global Environment

This section generally refers to the General Knowledge section of the MAT 2023 Syllabus. The candidates must study daily news updates for both the National and International environment. Below are the most important topics to be covered in this section in MAT Syllabus 2023.

MAT Syllabus - Indian and Global Environment

Constitution of India

Laws and Regulations

Social Issues

World Economy


International Organizations


Corporate News



Currencies and Capitals


How to Prepare MAT Syllabus 2023?

The candidates who are preparing for the upcoming exam must cover the entire MAT Exam Syllabus to get acquainted with the exam pattern. Strategic preparation is extremely important to complete all 5 sections of the MAT Syllabus.

As per the latest updates and our experts’ analysis, the MAT Exam Syllabus is quite vast. So the candidates need to practice MAT Question Papers to grip on all the important topics. Below are some important tips that the candidates need to keep in mind while preparing for MAT Syllabus.

  • AIMA hardly repeats questions in MAT, thus, the candidates must attempt MAT Online Test Series to practice the chapters and analyze their preparation level.
  • Work on your solving speed and accuracy by practising a lot, as MAT is a speed-based exam.
  • Solve the easy questions first, as it will help you manage your time for the tough ones.
  • On the official website, AIMA has released a set of 28 sample questions with correct responses. It is a beneficial guide to the type of questions to be expected.
  • Divide the MAT Syllabus as per your convenience to ease the preparation process.
  • Opt for MAT Online Classes to get doubt clearance directly from the faculty.

Best Books to Cover MAT Exam Syllabus 2023

While preparing for the MAT Syllabus, the candidates must choose the books very wisely. You must select books with section-wise topic distributions, exercises at the end of the chapters, and the reputation of the authors.

There are many MAT Books available in both offline and online markets. To assist the candidates in their preparation, our experts have listed some important books to complete MAT Syllabus 2023.

Name of the Books


Mathematics for MBA

RS Aggarwal

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams

RS Aggarwal

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT

Nishit K Sinha

How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT

Arun Sharma

Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency

Ananta Ashish

Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency for CAT/XAT/IIFT/CMAT/MAT

Disha Experts

Critical Reasoning Guide


General Intelligence and Critical Reasoning for MAT

Disha Experts

Objective General Knowledge

Lucents Publications

The Mega Yearbook

Disha Experts

MAT Syllabus vs Other MBA Exam Syllabus

As per the analysis, the syllabus of MAT and other MBA Entrance Exams in India are almost similar. The section-wise topic distribution in MAT Syllabus is also almost similar in every exam. For example, if you check the QA section in CAT, you will find similarities with the Mathematical Skills sections of the MAT Exam.

Click the links below to know more about:

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FAQs on MAT Syllabus

  • As per the official updates, the MAT Syllabus includes the five sections: Mathematical Skills, Language Comprehension, Intelligence & Critical Reasoning, Data Analysis & Sufficiency, and Indian & Global Environment.

  • AIMA has decided the topics and difficulty level of the official MAT Syllabus 2023 to conduct the exam in 4 different phases in a year. The candidates who are preparing for the upcoming exam must check the official updates for the syllabus and topics covered.

  • As per the official updates, the MAT Exam Syllabus for all the exam modes including CBT, PBT, and IBT are the same. So, the candidates, who have chosen two different exam modes, need mot to worry about the topics covered in the exam. The only difference is in the modes and the exam dates.

  • The best way to cover the topics of the MAT Syllabus is to adopt a study-cum-practice lesson. Solve the sample problems after completing each of the chapters. Make notes on important formulas so that you can revise them in your free time.

  • As per the latest updates of AIMA, each section in MAT Syllabus 2023 has an equal weightage. The candidates have to solve 40 questions from each section. Additionally, +1 marks will be awarded and -0.25 marks deducted for every correct and incorrect answer respectively.

  • Vocabulary is an important part of Language Comprehension. So, to cover the MAT Exam Syllabus for Language Comprehension, the candidates have to work on vocabulary skills to get a better insight into the words used and their meaning to mark the accurate answer.

  • The candidates need to be well-versed with the topics covered in MAT Exam Syllabus to ace this exam in one chance, You can The candidates can download the syllabus here for their preparation.

  • The verbal ability evaluates the candidate’s capability to express their ideas using the words. It is an important chapter and the candidates must be aware of this. The main topics of the Verbal Ability section of the MAT 2023 Syllabus include the below topics.

    • Para Jumbles
    • Error Correction
    • Synonyms and Antonyms
    • Active and Passive
    • One Word Substitution
    • Idioms
  • First of all, the candidates need to be well-versed with all the topics included in the MAT Syllabus. Prepare a study plan to cover the syllabus on time so that you can get the time to practice the questions. Attend BYJU’S Exam Prep Online Tests to analyze your performance and mistakes.

  • If you analyze the syllabus for both CAT and MAT, you will get to know that both exams analyze the candidate’s intelligence in different aspects. Learn more about MAT vs CAT.

  • The candidates preparing for the upcoming exam must be well-versed in the topics covered in the Math section of the MAT Syllabus. Be sure that you have studied all these below-mentioned chapters during the preparation.

    • Percentage
    • Time and Work
    • Quadratic Equations
    • Mixtures and Allegations
    • Average 
    • HCF & LCM and more
  • As per the official updates, the MAT 2023 Syllabus consists of 5 sections. The candidates preparing for this exam must prepare the below chapters.

    • Language Comprehension
    • Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
    • Data Analysis and Sufficiency
    • Mathematical Skills
    • Indian and Global Environment
  • The best way to cover MAT Syllabus 2023 is to adopt study-cum-practice learnings. List the important topics for MAT 2023 Syllabus in order from toughest to easiest. Work on easier ones first and then prepare the toughest chapters.

  • Yes, the MAT Syllabus and pattern for all the three exam modes are the same. So, the candidates need to worry about if they have registered for both PBT and CBT together.


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