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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The difference Between a Webpage and a Website is that a webpage is a singular web document carrying a specific piece of information. In contrast, a website is a collection of such web pages. We come across the words webpage and website almost daily. A webpage is a constituent of a website. 

These two words are related to each other but carry very different meanings. This means using one in place of the other is incorrect. In the coming sections, we will see the difference between webpages and websites along with understanding websites and webpages in brief. 

Difference Between Webpage and Website

Many abbreviations and technical phrases are used in connection with the internet and browsing, and webpages and websites are included in this list. These two names are connected, yet they have different purposes.

Differentiate Between Webpage and Website

Besides the website being the parent and the webpage being a website, there are other differences between the two, which are explained in the table below.

Webpage Website
It is a singular document carrying a specific type of information. It is a group/collection of web pages.
It carries a particular URL address assigned to it. A domain address is assigned to it.
A webpage is simpler than a website. A website is a complicated wrt web page.
It requires relatively lesser time to develop. It requires more time to develop.
The webpage is created using HTML and CSS languages. All information is fed via HTML language.
Multiple web pages can have the same name. It carries a particular and unique name.
The address of a web page depends upon the website. The website address is independent of the webpage address.

What is a Website?

A website is a collection of web pages. The website will carry a name known as a domain name which is specific to that website and will be used as its identity. A website has a different homepage. A website can be static or dynamic. Various web pages of a website are connected together via hyperlinks.

Difference between Webpage and Website PDF

Example: is the URL of the homepage of the website of BYJU’s Exam Prep.

3 Differences Between Webpage and Website

The primary difference between a webpage and a website is that a webpage is a single Internet document with its own URL. In contrast, a website is a collection of various web pages linked under a domain address containing content on a single topic.

Below are a 3 major differences between a webpage and a website:

  • A webpage is a more compact component of any website with content and links to other web pages. Instead, a website is a platform with various web pages addressed to certain URLs (Uniform Resource Locators).
  • Typically, a website’s URL includes extensions such as.html,.php,.aspx,.htm, etc. The website address itself is also devoid of any such extension.
  • A file path (Resource Path) indicating where a webpage is kept on the server may be included in the URL. The website has no paths because it is linked straight to the special IP address of the registrar’s server.

What is a Webpage?

A webpage is a singular document published on the internet. A webpage carries various text, graphics, audio, video, images, etc. Specific languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML are used to create web pages. Various elements are used to form the structure and make it presentable.

Every web page carries a unique URL address. This URL address is used to access that particular webpage. Webpages are interlinked with each other via hyperlinks. When a user searches for a query on search engines, various web pages arrive in the SERP. These web pages will represent separate websites. Let us now understand what websites are.

Example: is a URL address of a webpage.

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