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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The two main types of mass media are print media and electronic media. The difference between print media and electronic media is that in print media, information is distributed in printed form, a form of mass communication. Contrarily, electronic media uses electronic or electromechanical energy to convey information to the audience.

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The main difference between print media and electronic media is based on its accessibility and coverage. Here, we will discuss these two types of media and the difference between print media and electronic media in the sections below.


Difference Between Print Media and Electronic Media

Print media and electronic media are constantly competing with one another in an effort to surpass one another. Each of the two mediums has a specific set of characteristics that distinguish them apart from the other. These fundamental difference between print media and electronic media are as follows.

Print Media VS Electronic Media

Print Media

Electronic Media

Print media is a type of mass communication that uses printed materials to provide news and information.

Electronic media is a term used to describe a type of mass media that uses electronic energy to produce, transmit, and obtain news and information.

Print media tends to keep its form. Therefore a book’s content remains constant over the course of its existence.

Electronic material can be edited and sent to other viewers, such as information, videos, songs, and messages.

It connects to the earliest types of media.

It is an improved type of media.

It is reader-friendly media.

It is a viewer-friendly media.

Books, magazines, and newspapers are among their primary forms.

The radio, television, internet, and other media are the major forms.

Print media has a restricted audience because it only covers a specific area, city, state, etc.

Electronic media has a global audience and can transmit information anywhere in the world.

Live performance, live conversation, and live reporting are not provided in print media.

In electronic media, live events, including shows, discussions, and reporting, are feasible.

Print media’s coverage area is constrained and, in comparison to electronic media, is smaller.

The reach of electronic media is greater.

What is Print Media?

Print media is a type of mass communication in which news or information is disseminated through printed publications. The earliest form of disseminating information/news is through printed media. In printed media, the news or information is first published in hard copy before being made public, making it more readable. The three main categories of print media are books, magazines, and newspapers.

  • Newspapers: They regularly publish news, articles, and advertisements that are accurate and authentic and are presented in an appealing fashion to draw people in.
  • Magazines: A magazine frequently focuses on a certain subject, such as fashion, cars, or health, and typically includes feature articles, interviews, interpretation, research, and analysis-related content.
  • Books: They come in a variety of formats, including novels, textbooks, and literary works.

What is Electronic Media?

All information-sharing platforms other than print media, such as radio, television, the internet, etc., are referred to as electronic media. It is a form of material that may be broadcast to a larger audience and shared on electronic devices for audience viewing. With the ability to watch live events on television, listen to the radio, view or read text or photos on smartphones, and more, it is a potent kind of media that has visual appeal and is more persuasive. Electronic media are operating around the clock. You can get news updates at any time of the day by watching news channels, or you can watch live shows or events on television, smartphones, or other devices.

Key Difference Between Print Media and Electronic Media

The key difference between print media and electronic media are given below.

  • Print media is used to spread messages to the general public through printed publications including newspapers, journals, magazines, books, and so forth. In contrast, electronic media is a recently developed kind of mass communication in which news and information are produced and disseminated using electronic machinery or energy.
  • For the viewers of print media to comprehend the written content, literacy is the first and most important necessity. However, with regard to electronic media, literacy is not a must as it makes use of audio, video, graphics, and other formats that make it simple for viewers to comprehend the material despite their lack of literacy.
  • Live conversation is not available in print media, however it is possible in electronic media thanks to the feature of live programming.
  • Print media can only cover one specific area, city, state, or nation. In contrast, the reach of electronic media is global.
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