BSF Salary 2023: Per Month, Constable, SI, GD Salary

BSF Salary 2023: Per Month, Constable, SI, GD Salary

ByPriya Gupta  |  Updated on: Aug 28, 2023
Check the BSF salary 2023 details here to get an idea about the monthly remuneration offered by the organization. Candidates appearing for the upcoming exam will get complete BSF salary information for SI, GD, and Constable posts here.

BSF Salary 2023 details for all posts are provided here. Candidates interested in pursuing a career in the Border Security Force will benefit from checking out the salary details. The monthly remuneration that the selected candidates get includes base pay, additional allowances, and other benefits. BSF is a part of the CAPF (Central Armed Police Force) and works under the authority of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Being a respected organization that guards India’s borders with Bangladesh and Pakistan, the selected candidates will receive an attractive BSF salary package.

Here, we have discussed the BSF salary per month in detail to give you an idea of the remuneration you will be offered in case you get selected. Aspiring candidates will find information about salary structure, and rank-wise salary below.

BSF Salary 2023

Candidates appearing for the BSF Exam might want to know about the salary details. So, we have provided a detailed overview of the BSF salary here. The salary will differ from candidate to candidate based on the post they are applying for. Needless to say, there will also be an increment in the salary of the candidate based on their performance and promotions.

Find the information about promotions, job profiles, and all things revolving around BSF salary here. Check out the in-hand BSF salary, rank-wise salary, grade pay, incentives, and much more.

BSF Salary Per Month

Candidates appearing for the upcoming BSF exam might be interested to know the BSF salary per month. Salary can often be a motivating factor in helping candidates dedicatedly prepare for any exam. By finding out the salary details of the Border Security Force, you will get an idea of how you will be remunerated for your service per month. 

The average BSF salary for a month is between Rs. 21,700/- to Rs. 69,100/-. This figure may increase based on your performance on the job and the promotions that you get. The per month salary is also inclusive of several allowances and perks.

BSF Salary Structure

BSF salary structure differs based on the post of the candidate. There are certain general factors and other variable factors included in the monthly salary of a candidate. The salary structure was revised after the 7th Pay Commission, resulting in a significant increment in pay and a stark distinction between the salaries between different posts within the Border Security Force. According to the official salary structure, a basic BSF salary slip will consist of the following factors:

  • Base Pay
  • Transportation Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Dearness Allowance
  • Deductions
  • Total & Net Earning details

BSF Constable Salary

BSF salary details for the Constable post are provided here. Applying for the post of Constable, candidates will be able to select a trade of their choice. Some of the trade options available for candidates applying to the Constable post include Tailor, Barber, Cook, Cobbler, Sweeper, etc. The BSF constable salary details are given as follows:

  • The basic salary of the recruit will be between Rs. 21,700/- to Rs. 69,100/-.
  • The grade pay offered in BSF Trademan recruitment is Rs. 2000/-.
  • The Contables hired in the BSF will also receive appropriate allowances and additional benefits like housing allowance, dearness allowance, etc.

BSF SI Salary

In the Border Security Force, the Sub Inspector may carry out or inspect various duties. The SI post usually takes the role of a Master, Engine Driver, or in Workshop. For the Sub Inspector post, the BSF salary details are given below:

BSF SI Salary



Salary (in Rs.)

SI (Master)



SI (Engine Driver)



SI (Workshop)



BSF GD Salary

Candidates wishing to serve in the BSF Constable GD post must know the salary details for the post. Selected recruits will receive additional perks and benefits as per their role. The details for BSF GD salary are given below:

  • Initially, the salary for GD post will be between Rs. 21,700-69,100.
  • In addition to the monthly payment, the recruits will also receive additional benefits, perks, and incentives.
  • Incentives such as House Rent Allowance, Dearness Allowance, etc. will be provided.

BSF Allowances, Incentives, and Perks

To help the hardworking recruits maintain a decent standard of living, the Border Security Force offers many additional allowances, incentives, and perks to them. In addition to the monthly BSF salary, candidates may receive additional allowances. There are many kinds of allowances and incentives that the candidates can get based on their rank. Here, we have listed some of the extra components that may be added to your BSF salary slip:

  • House Rent Allowance
  • Transportation Allowance
  • Dearness Allowance

BSF vs Army Salary

While BSF is a division of the CAPF (Central Armed Police Force), the Indian Army is a component of the Indian Armed Forces. Both the forces pay out generous monthly salaries to their recruits. However, if we compare the average monthly salary of both the organizations and analyze the BSF vs Army salary, we come to a conclusion that the Indian Army offers a higher salary to its recruits than Border Security Force.

BSF Constable Allowances and Benefits

Apart from their competitive salary, BSF Constables are entitled to various allowances and benefits that encompass the following:

  • House Rent Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • Dearness Allowance
  • Pension
  • Medical Facilities
  • Paid Leaves
  • Gratuity
  • BSF Constable Job Profile

When individuals embark on their journey as constables within the BSF, they shoulder diverse duties and responsibilities. The ethos of BSF mandates candidates to uphold responsibility and unwavering commitment to their profession. The job profile of a BSF Constable encompasses the subsequent tasks:

  1. Execution of assigned tasks under the guidance of the Station House Officer (SHO) and senior officers.
  2. Authorization to investigate cases as directed by senior officers.
  3. Maintenance of meticulous records and files.
  4. Assuming the role of an escort guard.
  5. Exploring the BSF Head Constable Syllabus

BSF Constable Career Growth and Promotion

Within the BSF, numerous avenues for progression exist. Candidates can engage in internal examinations to ascend to higher ranks, or promotions can be achieved based on demonstrated experience. The hierarchical structure for promotion within the BSF unfolds as follows:

  • Director General (DG)
  • Special Director General (SDG)
  • Additional Director General (ADG)
  • Inspector General (IG)
  • Deputy Inspector General (DIG)
  • Commandant (CO)
  • Second-in-Command (2 IC)
  • Deputy Commandant (DC)
  • Assistant Commandant (AC)
  • Inspector
  • Sub-Inspector (SI)
  • Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI)
  • Head Constable
  • Senior Constable

The BSF offers an array of growth opportunities, allowing individuals to ascend through its well-structured hierarchical framework.

BSF Salary FAQs

  • BSF salary 2023 is different for candidates recruited at different posts. In the initial stages, a Constable, SI, or GD candidate is likely to receive a monthly remuneration of around Rs. 21,700-69,100. On top of the base pay, the candidate will also receive certain incentives and perks.

  • BSF salary structure includes several components, based on which the candidate gets their monthly pay. Base Pay, Transportation Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Dearness Allowance, Deductions, Total & Net Earning details are some of the components included in the salary structure.

  • BSF salary per month is between Rs. 21,700-69,100 for candidates recruited in Constable, Sub Inspector, and GD posts. The salary is likely to be more for candidates recruited in higher roles within the Border Security Force. All candidates get additional benefits and allowances along with their monthly base pay.

  • The salary details written on the BSF salary slip include the base pay of the candidate. Besides this, it also consists of the following:

    • Details regarding deductions.
    • Allowances such as House Rent, Dearness, etc.
    • Total and net earning details.
  • The basic BSF salary of the recruit selected for the post of Constable will be between Rs. 21,700/- to Rs. 69,100/-. The grade pay offered would be Rs. 2000/-. As the recruit progresses in their career, the base pay, overall monthly salary, and incentives will increase and improve.

  • Both the Border Security Force and the Indian Army pay their hardworking personnel generously. However, when we compare the two organizations, we find that the BSF salary is slightly lower than the Indian Army salary. Candidates get added incentives in both organizations.

  • The Sub-Inspector is a Level 6 inspector in the Border Security Force. The BSF salary offered to such candidates is between Rs. 35,400-112,400. The Sub-Inspector works as a Master, Engine Driver, or in Workshop and receives a basic monthly pay with additional incentives.

  • Candidates in the GD post will receive a handsome monthly salary from the Border Security Post. The SSC GD BSF salary for candidates will be between Rs. 21,700-69,100. This figure is inclusive of the many perks and benefits offered by the BSF to help the recruits maintain a decent standard of living.

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