RPSC Syllabus 2023: Download RAS Syllabus PDF for Prelims, Mains

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RPSC Syllabus 2023 will be released by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission. Candidates can check the RAS Pre and Mains syllabus for exam preparation. Download the RPSC syllabus PDF in English and Hindi.
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RPSC Syllabus 2023 can be easily divided into two parts- Prelims and Mains. Candidates who wish to serve in the Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) should have a good knowledge of its syllabus. It is the first stage of exam preparation. To prepare well for the exam, aspirants must acquaint themselves with the latest RPSC Syllabus for both Prelims and Mains and prepare a study plan accordingly.

The RAS syllabus for Prelims has only one paper that is objective in nature. On the other hand, the syllabus for Mains has four theoretical or descriptive papers. Thus, to qualify for the RPSC RAS exam, a candidate needs to divide his/her time so that the preparation can be done for both stages. Later, an interview also forms a part of the examination process after the Mains exam. Aspirants can also download the RPSC Syllabus PDF and keep it safe for future reference.

RPSC Syllabus 2023

RPSC Syllabus has two stages of written exam for the selection of candidates: Prelims and Mains, followed by an Interview. The Prelims syllabus consists of General Knowledge and General Science subjects for 200 marks. The Mains syllabus has a descriptive paper and is crucial to determine the result since its marks will be included in preparing the final merit list.

The important subjects for the RAS Mains syllabus are GS 1, 2, 3, and General Hindi and General English. There is no optional paper in the RPSC RAS exam. Aspirants can go through the following post to comprehensively understand the RPSC syllabus. The syllabus for all three stages can be summed up in the following manner.

  • Stage 1: Prelims – One Paper – Objective Type – 200 Marks
  • Stage 2: Mains – 4 Papers – Theory/Descriptive – 800 Mark
  • Stage 3: Interview/Personality Test/Viva-voce – 100 Marks

RPSC Syllabus PDF

Aspirants can download the RPSC syllabus PDF in Hindi and English for all subjects for the Prelims and Mains exam. It is advisable to download and save it on the devices for future purposes so aspirants can access it anytime. This helps aspirants accelerate toward their aim. Candidates just need to click on the direct links provided below to access the RAS Syllabus PDF for Prelims and Mains.

Prelims Syllabus Mains Syllabus
RAS Pre Syllabus

RPSC RAS Mains Syllabus

RPSC RAS Pre Syllabus in Hindi

RPSC Mains Syllabus in Hindi

RPSC Syllabus for Prelims

The RAS Prelims syllabus consists of only one paper which consists of questions from General Knowledge and General Science. As the name suggests, the candidates will be asked to answer objective questions on history, polity, science, geography, etc. The primary focus shall be given to Rajasthan GK. Below aspirants can check out the RPSC syllabus for Prelims to understand it in a better way.

RPSC RAS Pre Syllabus- History

The History section of the RPSC syllabus has questions on both Ancient & Modern History to analyze the candidates’ knowledge. The candidates ought to attain proficiency for achieving the desired results. The details of the RAS Prelims Syllabus for History are mentioned herewith.

RAS Pre Syllabus for History

History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Rajasthan

Pre-historical sites of Rajasthan

Political and Cultural achievements of prominent rulers of major dynasties

The emergence of Modern Rajasthan

Leading Personalities of Rajasthan

Social Life in Rajasthan

Religious Life: Religious Communities, etc.

Ancient & Medieval Period

Cultural Foundations of India

Art and Architecture in Ancient India

Development of Art & Architecture, Paintings, and Music during the medieval period, etc.

Modern Period (from early 19th century to 1964)

Evolution of Modern India & Emergence of Nationalism

Post-independence Nation Building

Freedom Struggle & Indian National Movement

RAS Pre Syllabus for Geography

RPSC RAS syllabus for Geography shall be based on the Geography of India, the World, and Rajasthan. Each of the papers has a different syllabus for them. The important topics include Rivers and Lakes, Mountains, Crops, Land, Population, Minerals, Resources, etc.

RAS Pre Syllabus for Geography

World Geography

Major Landforms-Mountains, Plateaus, Plains & Deserts

Major Rivers & Lakes

Types of Agriculture

Major Industrial Regions.

Environmental Issues

Geography of Rajasthan

Major Landforms- Mountains, Plateaus

Plains Mechanism of Monsoon & Rainfall Distribution

Major Rivers & Lakes

Major Crops- Wheat, Rice, Cotton, Sugarcane, Tea & Coffee

Major Minerals- Iron ore, Manganese, Bauxite, Mica Power

Resources- Conventional & Non-Conventional

Major Industrial Regions.

National Highways & Major Transport Corridors

Geography of India

Major physiographic regions and their characteristics

Climatic characteristics

Natural Vegetation & Soil

Major Irrigation Projects & Water

Population-Growth, Density, Literacy, Sex-ratio & Major Tribes

Minerals- Metallic & Non-Metallic

RAS Syllabus for Polity

Here are the important topics for the subject of Indian Polity that form an important part of the RPSC Syllabus for Prelims.

RAS Prelims Syllabus for Polity

Indian Constitution, Political System & Governance

Indian Constitution: Philosophical Postulates

Indian Political System

Election Commission of India, Comptroller and Auditor General

NITI Aayog, Central Vigilance Commission, Lokpal, Central Information Commission

National Human Rights Commission

Federalism, Democratic Politics in India

Coalition Governments, National Integration

Political and Administrative System of Rajasthan.

State Political System

Administrative System


Public Policy & Rights

RAS Syllabus for Economics

RAS Prelims Syllabus for Economics

Economic Concepts and the Indian Economy

Basic Concepts of Economics

Economic Development & Planning

Human Resource and Economic Development

Social Justice and Empowerment

Economy of Rajasthan

A macro overview of the Economy.

Major Agricultural, Industrial, and Service Sector Issues.

Growth, Development, and Planning. Infrastructure & Resources.

Major Development Projects

RAS Syllabus for Science & Technology

RAS Prelims Syllabus for Science & Technology

Science & Technology

Basics of Everyday Science


Information and Communication Technology. Defense Technology, Space Technology, and Satellites. Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, and Genetic Engineering

Food and Nutrition, Blood Groups, and Rh Factor

Health care; Infectious, Non-Infectious, and Zoonotic diseases

Environmental and Ecological Changes and Their Impact

Biodiversity, Conservation of Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

RAS Syllabus for Current Affairs

RAS Pre Syllabus for Current Affairs

Current Affairs

Major Current Events and Issues in Rajasthan

India and International Importance

Persons, Places, and Institutions in News

Games and Sports-related activities

RPSC Syllabus for RAS Mains

The RPSC syllabus for Mains consists of four descriptive papers. There are three General Studies papers, and one is General Hindi and General English. To qualify for the Mains exam, it is important to study every topic in depth as the syllabus is vast and descriptive. The subjects in the RPSC Mains syllabus shall be History, Sociology, Administrative Ethics, Polity, Geography, etc.

RPSC RAS Mains Syllabus for Paper 1

The RPSC Mains syllabus for Paper 1 includes 3 units- History, Economics & Sociology, Management, Accounting, and Auditing. These 3 units are also divided into subcategories such as – History, Art, Culture, Literature, Indian History & Culture, and History of the Modern World (up to 1950 AD), while Economics consists of the Indian Economy, World Economy & Economy of Rajasthan.

RPSC RAS Mains Syllabus for Paper 1


History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition, and Heritage of

Indian History & Culture

History of Modern World (up to 1950AD)


Indian Economy

World Economy

Economy of Rajasthan

Sociology, Management, Accounting, Auditing



Accounting & Auditing

RPSC Mains Syllabus for Paper 2

The RAS Mains syllabus for Paper 2 also consists of 3 units: Administrative Ethics, General Science & Technology, and Earth Science (Geography & Geology). Each of the units has a different syllabus. All these units also consist of various parts as well. Therefore, candidates must have a broader understanding of all the subjects.

RPSC Syllabus for Paper 3- Mains

RPSC RAS Mains syllabus for Paper 3 shall consist of questions on the Indian Political System, World Politics and Current Affairs, Concepts, Issues, and Dynamics of Public Administration and Management, and Sports and Yoga, Behavior, and Law. The RAS mains syllabus will also test the knowledge of Sports and Yoga, Behavior, and Law system.

RAS Mains Syllabus for Paper 4 (General Hindi and General English)

RPSC Syllabus for RAS General Hindi and English section focuses primarily on three crucial skills of candidates: grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. A candidate with a strong grasp of Grammar and Vocabulary in Hindi and English will easily pass this section.

RAS Mains Syllabus for Paper 4 (General English)

Grammar & Usage

Comprehension, Translation & Precis Writing

Composition & Letter Writing

Correction of Sentences

Articles & Determiners

Prepositions Tenses & Sequence of Tenses

Active & Passive Narration- Direct & Indirect

Synonyms & Antonyms Phrasal Verbs & Idioms

Word Substitute Words are often Confused or Misused

Comprehension of an Unseen Passage

Translation of five sentences from Hindi to English. Precis Writing

Paragraph Writing

Letter Writing or Report Writing

RPSC RAS Mains Syllabus for Paper 4 (General Hindi) – The General Hindi section includes important topics such as संधि / समास, उपसर्ग और प्रत्यय, रस / छन्द / अलंकार, मुहावरों और लोकोक्तियाँ/ कहावते, etc.

RPSC Syllabus 2023: Weightage

After checking the RPSC Syllabus, aspirants must also look at the exam pattern. The RAS exam pattern is divided into three stages: Prelims, Mains, and Interviews, and released by RPSC. RAS Pre includes one subject i.e General Knowledge, of 200 marks, whereas the Mains exam shall have four papers of 200 marks each. Once the candidates crack the Mains exam, they will call for the interview process, which is the last round of selection.

How to Prepare RPSC Syllabus?

As the RAS exam will cover a wide range of topics, candidates should start preparing as soon as possible. It may seem rigorous and challenging for candidates to cover the RPSC Syllabus but if followed a proper schedule, it will be easier to crack. Candidates can also follow the following useful tips and include them in their study plans.

  • Candidates must review the curriculum and RAS exam pattern before starting their exam preparation.
  • Candidates ought to map out a course that concentrates more on challenging issues.
  • Candidates need to build a good study plan and pick up reading.
  • Taking notes is also advised for subjects that need constant revision.
  • Check the RPSC Question Papers from the previous years to discover which questions are often asked.
  • It’s best to start with the basics before moving on to more complicated subjects.
  • To better understand the exam and the RPSC syllabus, candidates must also take mock tests.

Best Books for RPSC Syllabus

After checking the RAS Syllabus aspirants must collect the best study material available for the exam. Aspirants preparing for the exam must know the best RPSC books to outperform the competitors in the exam.

Subjects Book
Modern History of India A Brief History of Modern India Spectrum Publication
Ancient History Old NCERT of Ancient History
World History Adhunik Vishwa ka Itihas by N.C Bishnoi
Medieval History NCERT and History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra

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