CAT 2021 Question Paper: Difficulty Level, Download PDF

By Shubhra Anand Jain|Updated : June 2nd, 2022

CAT 2021 Question Paper is one of the best preparation sources for the aspirants who are thinking to appear in the upcoming exam. It gives valuable insights about the question types, difficulty level, number of questions, and more. Download CAT 2021 Question Paper with Solutions PDF and start practicing to analyze your preparation level. Be comfortable with CAT Exam Pattern, syllabus, and topics covered to solve CAT Question Paper confidently. 

As per the CAT Exam Analysis 2021, the exam was moderately difficult for all three slots. DILR section was found to be more difficult than the other 2 exam sections. Practice CAT Question Paper 2021 PDF to ensure that you have completed all the topics covered. Here, you will get all the details regarding the CAT 2021 Question Paper including the number of questions, difficulty level, and more.

CAT 2021 Question Paper Pattern

There have been huge changes in CAT 2021 Question Paper in terms of paper pattern and number of questions. The number of questions has been reduced. Therefore, the aspirants, thinking of appearing for the upcoming exam must know the CAT Exam Pattern before starting preparation.

CAT Question Paper 2021 Question Distribution

Note the table below to understand the section-wise question distribution in CAT 2021 Question Paper.


Total Questions



Maximum Marks

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)





Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)





Quantitative Aptitude (QA)










Download CAT 2021 Question Paper PDF

The aspirants who wish to appear for the upcoming exam can download the CAT 2021 Question Paper PDF with Solutions and start preparation. Additionally, you can attend BYJU’S Exam Prep CAT online classes and make preparation in a scheduled way

CAT Exam is held in an online mode. After the exam, candidates can download the CAT 2021 Question Paper along with the answers from the official website.  Go through the below link and download CAT 2021 Question Paper with Solution PDF and save it to your device. 

CAT Exam 2021 Slot

CAT 2021 Question Paper with Solution pdf

CAT 2021 Question Paper Slot 1

Download PDF

CAT Question Paper 2021 Slot 2 

Download PDF

CAT 2021 Question Paper Slot 3

Download PDF

Difficulty Level of CAT Question Paper 2021

Exam experts conduct detailed exam analysis to provide insightful information about the CAT Exam. Note the below table to overview the difficulty level of the CAT Exam 2021 Question Paper.

Slot Details

Analysis of CAT 2021 Question Paper

CAT  Question Paper 2021 - Slot 1

The overall difficulty level of CAT 2021 (Slot 1) was similar to CAT 2020. It was slightly easier than CAT 2020.

  • Most Difficult Section- DILR
  • Easiest Section - VARC

CAT 2021 Question Paper - Slot 2

The overall difficulty level as per the CAT Analysis was Easy to Moderate.

  • The VARC section was slightly difficult due to lengthy RC passages.
  • DILR & QA section was similar to Slot 1 in terms of difficulty level.
  • Easiest Section- QA
  • Most Difficult section - VARC

CAT  Question Paper 2021 - Slot 3


  • Most Difficult Section- DILR
  • Easiest Section - VARC

Advantages of Solving CAT 2021 Question Paper

The aspirants will get many advantages if they prepare and solve CAT Question Paper 2021 with solutions

  • You will learn time management strategies and will be able to manage time while attempting the exam. 
  • Get to know about the detailed analysis of the CAT Exam Pattern and the types of questions asked. 

This article covered everything that you need to know about the CAT 2021 Question Paper. Thereby, start your preparation immediately. Stay tuned with BYJU’S Exam Prep to get instant updates for the upcoming CAT Exam. 


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FAQs on CAT 2021 Question Paper

  • As per analysis, the difficulty level of the CAT 2021 Question Paper was moderate to difficult. So, if you follow a strategic preparation strategy, then you can easily solve the CAT Question Paper for the upcoming exam. 

  • Using a calculator or any electronic device is strictly prohibited in the CAT exam. So, you have to solve the CAT Question Paper on your own.

  • The CAT Exam consists of three sections- VARC, QA and DILR. The CAT 2021 Question Paper followed the below-mentioned sequence. 

    • VARC
    • DILR
    • QA
  • They should be well-versed with the CAT Syllabus before solving the paper. Candidates must solve the CAT 2021 Question Paper by following the time limit. After solving, calculate your score and analyze the mistakes. It is important to analyse the solved CAT 2021 Question Paper as it will help you prepare a better strategy for the upcoming exam. 

  • As per the exam analysis, the good attempts in CAT Question Paper 2021 for 99%ile are mentioned below:

    • VARC - 13-14 questions
    • DILR - 9-10 questions
    • QA - 14-15 questions

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