UPSC CSAT Answer Key: Download CSAT 2023 Answer Key PDF for Set A, B, C, D

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

UPSC CSAT Answer Key 2023 is out and It will help the candidates compare their answers and get a good idea of their scores. The UPSC CSAT exam has successfully taken place on 28th May 2023 at various exam centers. By comparing their answers with the CSAT answer key, candidates can measure their performance, identify areas where they performed well, and recognize their weaknesses.

CSAT 2023 Answer Key
Answer Key Questions
CSAT 2023 Answer Key Set A Download PDF
UPSC CSAT 2023 Answer Key Set B Download PDF

Downloading the UPSC CSAT 2023 Answer Key PDF is essential for candidates. It helps them compare their answers to assess their performance accurately. To qualify, they must score at least 33% in the exam. Candidates can check the steps to download the UPSC CSAT Answer Key 2023 and get other related details below.

UPSC CSAT Answer Key 2023

UPSC CSAT Answer Key 2023 has been released after the completion of the exam, which took place today on 28 May 2023. The answer key gives candidates the right answers to the questions asked in the CSAT exam, allowing candidates to track their performance and calculate their marks. It will be available for different sets such as Set A, Set B, Set C, and Set D.

Candidates can download UPSC CSAT 2023 Answer Key PDF from the official website or direct links that will be provided below. The purpose of the answer key is to help candidates to estimate their scores accurately. Candidates can check more detailed information about the answer key below.

BYJU'S UPSC Toppers 2023

UPSC CSAT Answer Key PDF 2023

Downloading the UPSC CSAT 2023 Answer Key PDF is necessary for candidates who will appear for the IAS exam. The answer key provides a comprehensive list of correct answers for all the questions asked in the CSAT exam. It serves as a valuable resource for candidates to cross-check their responses, calculate their estimated scores, and check their performance. Candidates can download and save the UPSC CSAT 2023 Answer Key PDF from the table provided below.

Download: UPSC CSAT 2023 Answer Key  (SET A, B, C, D)

CSAT 2023 Answer Key Release Date

The release date of the UPSC CSAT Answer Key 2023 is yet to be officially announced by the Union Public Service Commission. It is usually released after a few days of the conduction of the exam. Candidates who will appear for the exam must keep themselves updated with important dates. Candidates can check important dates regarding the exam and the UPSC CSAT Answer Key 2023 in the table below.

Events Dates
Exam Date 28th May 2023
CSAT Answer Key Release Date (Unofficial) 28th May 2023
UPSC CSAT Official Answer Key Release Date To be announced soon

Steps to Download CSAT 2023 Answer Key

Candidates can follow the simple steps to download the UPSC CSAT Answer Key 2023 below, which will help candidates to easily find and check the correct answers for the question asked in the exam.

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of UPSC.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Answer Key’ section on the website.
  • Step 3: Look for the link or notification related to the UPSC CSAT 2023 Answer Key.
  • Step 4: Click on the link to access.
  • Step 5: The answer key will be available in PDF format.
  • Step 6: Candidates must save and download the PDF file.

How to Calculate Marks using CSAT Answer Key 2023?

The CSAT paper carries a weightage of 200 marks and is a qualifying exam where a minimum score of 33% is required. It is specifically designed to assess the candidates’ aptitude. To calculate marks using the UPSC CSAT Answer Key 2023, candidates must follow the simple steps provided below:

  • Download the UPSC CSAT Answer Key 2023.
  • Check your answers and compare them with the provided answer key. Mark your responses as correct or incorrect accordingly.
  • Assign the appropriate marks for each correct and incorrect answer based on the marking scheme. A correct answer is awarded +2.5 marks, while an incorrect answer makes a deduction of 0.83 marks due to a negative marking of ⅓.
  • Calculate the total marks by adding up the scores for all the correct answers and deducting marks for incorrect answers, considering the negative marking. This will give you the overall marks obtained in the CSAT paper.

Example: Suppose a candidate attempted 80 questions in the CSAT paper. Out of these, he correctly answered 60 questions and incorrectly answered 10 questions.


  • Total marks for correct answers = 60 × 2.5 = 150
  • Total marks for incorrect answers = 10 × 0.83 = 8.3
  • Total marks obtained in CSAT = 150 – 8.3 = 141.7

CSAT Previous Year Answer Key

Candidates can easily download the UPSC CSAT Previous Year Answer Key PDF from 2021 to 2015 by clicking on the links provided. This PDF includes all the right answers to questions asked in the paper, helping you to evaluate the performance and understand the exam pattern and previous year’s trends better.

Year CSAT Previous Year Answer Key
2021 UPSC CSAT 2021 Answer Key PDF
2020 Download UPSC CSAT Answer Key 2020 PDF
2019 UPSC CSAT 2019 Answer Key PDF
2018 Download UPSC CSAT 2018 Answer Key
2017 Download CSAT 2017 Answer Key
2016 UPSC CSAT Answer Key 2016 PDF
2015 Download UPSC CSAT 2015 Answer Key PDF

Importance of CSAT Answer Key

The CSAT answer key are considered to be highly essential documents as these help in rightly assessing the performance in the exam. It also lays forth the absolute probability of the candidates cracking the exam.

  • The main advantages that can be mounted on for the CSAT Answer Key is that it helps the candidates decode their mistakes and the defects in their preparation strategy.
  • The helps in rightly acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses. This will be helpful for the candidates preparing to appear in the UPSC 2024 exam.
  • The answer keys right after the exam also gives an idea whether the candidates will be able to move to the next level of the recruitment process or not. This will help them in deciding their next steps.

UPSC CSAT Answer Key 2023 – Questions Asked

Question 1: Raj has ten pairs of red, nine pairs of white and eight pairs of black shoes in a box. If he randomly picks shoes one by one (without replacement) from the box to get a red pair of shoes to wear, what is the maximum number of attempts he has to make? – (a) 27, (b) 36, (c) 44, (d) 45

Question 2: D is a 3-digit number such that the ratio of the number to the sum of its digits is least. What is the difference between the digit at the hundred’s place and the digit at the unit’s place of D? – (a) 0, (b) 7, (c) 8, (d) 9

Question 3: 125 identical cubes are arranged in the form of a cubical block. How many cubes are surrounded by other cubes from each side? – (a) 27, (b) 25, (c) 21, (d) 18

Question 4: A 3-digit number ABC, on multiplication with D gives 37DD where A, B, C and D are different non-zero digits. What is the value of A+B+ C? – (a) 18, (b) 16, (c) 15, (d) Cannot be determined due to insufficient data

Question 5: What is the sum of all digits which appear in all the integers from 10 to 100? – (a) 855, (b) 856, (c) 910, (d) 911

Question 6: Let x be a positive integer such that 7x + 96 is divisible by x. How many values of x are possible? – (a) 10, (b) 11, (c) 12, (d) Infinitely many

Question 7: If ZERO is written as CHUR. then how is PLAYER written? – (a) SODBGT, (b) SOCAGT, (c) SODBHT, (d) SODBHU

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