GATE Preparation: Preparation Tips and Strategy to Crack GATE Exam

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

GATE Preparation refers to the process of getting ready for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. GATE preparation tips and tricks help applicants to know what to do while preparing for the exam. We have emphasized “How to prepare for the GATE exam” and carried out a detailed guide on all points that must be followed to make an adequate preparation strategy to secure a high rank.

These strategies and tips on GATE Preparation can assist you in the upcoming examination. Because of the high level of competition, candidates should be aware of how to prepare for the GATE exam effectively in less time. By following the GATE Preparation tips and strategies outlined in the article, candidates can develop an effective study plan, build their knowledge and skills, and approach the exam with confidence.

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GATE Preparation – Overview

GATE Preparation consists of tips and strategies that are specifically prepared for achieving good scores on the exam. Last year Approx 6.7 Lakh candidates registered for the GATE exam, which speaks about the competition level of the exam. Therefore, each day, until the exam, is important and shall be processed with on-point preparation and regular revision.

This is the high time to speed up the GATE preparation. As we have entered into the crucial preparation phase for the GATE 2024 exam. The high pressure of the GATE exam can cause stress, anxiety, and fatigue, which can negatively impact performance in the exam. To avoid such a situation, proper preparation and a stable mental attitude play a key role in the candidate’s success.

How to Prepare for GATE Exam?

The GATE exam ranks among the most difficult exams in India. To pass GATE 2024, a candidate must have a strong foundation and a well-structured study plan. Below are some basic and beneficial tips to help students to prepare for GATE 2024:

  • In-depth knowledge of the GATE syllabus and exam pattern
  • Covering important topics.
  • Plan, prepare, and execute.
  • Enroll for the GATE Online Test Series
  • Creation of short notes and constant revision. Make brief notes and review them at least once a week which contain key points, formulas, and key concepts.
  • Understand the GATE virtual calculator.
  • Mental health management

Right Time to Start GATE 2024 Preparation

It is known that starting preparation for the GATE exam in the 3rd year of graduation is best suited. Although the beginning of GATE preparation shall be done as early as possible. The time required for the GATE exam is more than other exams as the syllabus is wide and the competition is high quality. However, here are some general guidelines that can help you decide when to start your GATE preparation:

  • Start as early as possible. Start Now.
  • Follow a strict study schedule.
  • If you have a strong foundation in the subject and are familiar with the GATE exam pattern, you may be able to start your preparation 3 to 4 months before the exam date.
  • On the other hand, if you have a weak foundation in the subject or are not familiar with the GATE exam pattern, you may need to start your preparation 9 to 12 months before the exam date.

GATE Preparation Online

The preparation for the GATE exam can be done online in the comfort of the aspirant. Candidates can opt for online GATE coaching by expert faculties of BYJU’s Exam Prep. Various sources are also available online for aspirants to prepare effectively. The important materials available for GATE preparation online are:

1. GATE Notes

2. GATE previous year question papers:

GATE Question Papers GATE 2023 Question Paper

GATE 2021 Question Paper

GATE 2020 Question Paper

3. GATE Online Mock Test Series

4. GATE exam Books:

Time Table for GATE Preparation

We have provided a monthly preparation plan for GATE 2024 to assist candidates in preparing for the exam. Maintain adherence to this GATE preparation timetable until you have completed your entire syllabus for each exam section. Aspirants can modify this plan to their liking, but they must adhere to their preparation timetable. A well-structured time table for the GATE preparation plan is provided below:


Detailed Plan

1 to 5

Chapters 1 – 5 Learn all concepts and solve associated problems.


Revise all 5 chapters and attempt chapter-wise mock tests to examine your performance

7 to 11

Chapters 6– 10 Learn all concepts and solve associated problems

12 & 13

Revise all 5 chapters and attempt chapter-wise mock tests to examine your performance


Solve questions about Subject 1 from past GATE question papers and any coaching centre test series.


Rest Day; work on GA and Engineering Mathematics or anything you perceive to take up.

16 to 20

Chapters 1 – 5 Learn all concepts and solve associated problems.


Revise all 5 chapters and attempt chapter-wise mock tests to examine your performance

22 to 26

Chapters 6– 10 Learn all concepts and solve associated problems

27 & 28

Revise all 5 chapters and attempt chapter-wise mock tests to examine your performance


Solve questions about Subject 1 from past GATE question papers and any coaching center test series.


Rest Day; work on GA and Engineering Mathematics or anything you perceive to take up

Best GATE Exam Books for Preparation

Books are a very important factor for GATE preparation & studying from adequate books is very important. Check the GATE Preparation Books and the authors’ names for all branches here. Before creating a schedule, aspirants must thoroughly understand the GATE syllabus, including the subjects and courses to be covered. A proper timetable can be created once the syllabus is known from the GATE books.

A list of the GATE preparation books is prepared so that candidates save their crucial time. Candidates shall avoid going through unrelated or non-essential books/topics during the GATE exam preparation time. Exam-focused books should be chosen by aspirants.

Strategic Tips for the GATE 2024 Exam

The next step is strategizing a study regimen to prepare for the GATE exam. First, a personalized study program based on your aptitude should be prepared, with different topics and units separated according to your preferences. Then, schedule all important topics in the proper order of importance in the GATE 2024 exam.

  • Complete each topic and then practice previous question papers for the last 20 years after preparing the topic.
  • Once all important topics are completed in your preparation, practice the online tests provided on BYJU’S Exam Prep to know the performance and command in that subject.
  • After preparation for each subject, recall the concepts that you have studied.
  • In each topic, focus on definitions, concepts, formulas, examples, diagrams, short notes, and key points to acquire sound knowledge.
  • Last week before the GATE exam, you tried focusing more on a revision to recall all the concepts you studied during preparation.
  • Also, you try to attempt at least one practice test daily to monitor your attempt’s time management, memorization, and accuracy.
  • Clear your doubt about BYJU’S Exam Prep by posting your doubts answered by experts and other aspirants.

Important Aspects in the GATE Preparation

You should know what is important for your GATE preparation. Make sure that the things you have confidence in are thoroughly researched to have a better chance of succeeding. Candidates must follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks to prepare for the examination.

  • Set the goal to crack the GATE exam.
  • Time is precious, so try to utilize every possible minute.
  • Preparing with dedication and understanding of each concept that you read.
  • Test yourself to recall the concepts and formulas for quick thinking.
  • Believe in yourself, and hard work with good preparation always makes you successful.
  • Be confident that you can crack the GATE exam & be positive that nothing is impossible when others can do that.

Tips for Preparing General Aptitude Section

General Aptitude is an important section for the GATE exam as the weightage of this subject is 15 marks. Therefore, it is the easiest section to have good weightage in the GATE exam and can help you crack it. The preparation tips for General Aptitude section are:

  • The General Aptitude syllabus is easy to prepare, and you can complete it in less than 15 days if it is taken seriously.
  • Do not try to read a complete textbook for General Aptitude.
  • Each topic focuses on all variant models and practices with a small set of problems to cover those concepts.
  • Prepare 1 to 2 hours daily to complete the general aptitude section in 15 to 20 days.
  • Practice various problems to apply each formula which helps you to remember all concepts associated with that formula.
  • Practice the problems from standard books and previous GATE papers.
  • Questions may be given on general topics and mathematics.

GATE 2024 Engineering Mathematics Preparation Tips

Engineering Mathematics is crucial for a candidate to get good marks in the GATE 2024 exam. Candidate must focus on getting full marks in Engineering Mathematics. Engineering Mathematics covers 13-15 marks in the GATE exam. Candidates need to follow the below tips for Engineering Mathematics in GATE 2024 exam.

  • Students must know the GATE syllabus for Engineering Mathematics. Then understand the GATE Engineering Mathematics Syllabus and Exam Pattern carefully.
  • Find the best toppers recommended Engineering Mathematics books for the exam.
  • Go through Mathematics’ previous year’s questions.
  • Attempt mock tests.
  • Use HK Dass or Higher Engineering Mathematics by BS Grewal for GATE preparation and solving purposes.

Last-Minute GATE Preparation Tips

Because each candidate has a different study span and retention power, the amount of time they can devote to GATE preparation 2024 will also be different. However, applicants are urged to devote at least certain hours to each activity/ topic preparation. In addition, the candidates must follow these last-minute GATE preparation tips and tricks below.

  • Read the instructions to be followed during the exam
  • Carry items allowed for the exam, and do not carry any item not mentioned on the admit card.
  • Take a printout of the hall ticket and keep a valid original photo id with you.
  • Simple calculations may be done manually instead of using the virtual Calculator to save you time in the computation.

5 Smart Tips To Score Excellent Marks in GATE Exam

Students are appearing for the Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineers (GATE) in February 2024. This is the most critical time of the complete preparation phase for a candidate. Here are the top 5 tips for students to have a look on:

1. Attempt as many Mock Tests as Possible

As GATE(Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineers) is a highly sought-after test and hence has a high level of competitiveness. Students are advised to prepare efficiently and attempt as many mock tests as possible. Mock test papers and previous year’s papers are very helpful in improving the students’ speed while attempting the exam. Mock tests are the best possible scenarios to feel exam-day-type pressure and rush. This will help students to articulate their potential on the main day of the GATE exam 2024.

2. Multiple and Strategic Revisions

Revision is the core of all the preparation for any exam. It is known that the more complete revisions a student does, the better his understanding and grip of the subject gets. With continuous revision, retention of the subject knowledge remains intact in the student’s consciousness, and they feel more confident while attempting the GATE exam.

3. A Cognoscente of Virtual Calculator

Virtual GATE calculators can be a tricky subject for students if they are not accustomed to them. They become prone to mistakes while calculating from a GATE virtual calculator. Being a connoisseur of virtual calculators will not only help in getting correct calculations but will also help in improving the speed of calculation, which will prove to be a major game-changer when it comes to the GATE 2024 ranking.

4. Understanding of Exam Patterns and Weightage

Students shall thoroughly review the GATE exam pattern and weightage of each topic in their respective subject. A clear understanding of the exam pattern and topics will help GATE-appearing students categorize their topics according to their plans and goal.

5. Careful About your Own Mental Health

GATE is one of the most competitive CBTs in India, and it can be very overwhelming for students to perform well in the exam. Stress and mental fatigue are very common for GATE-preparing students; hence, they are always advised to be extra careful about their mental and physical health.

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