Difference Between Spring and Spring Boot

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The difference between spring and spring boot is that spring allows loosely coupled applications to develop. In contrast, the spring boot can allow the development of applications that as standalone. Check out some differences between spring and spring boot in the table given below.

Difference Between Spring and Spring Boot


Spring Boot

It is an open-source framework.

It is built on top of spring. 

Dependency injection is an essential feature.

Auto-configuration is an essential feature.

A loosely coupled application is created.

A standalone application is created.

The server is set explicitly for spring.

Embedded servers are provided. 

Excessive codes are required.

The number of codes is reduced.

The in-memory database is not supported.

The in-memory database is supported.

The deployment descriptor is required.

The deployment descriptor is not required.

Difference between Spring and Spring Boot

A framework developed for the Java programming language is called spring. On the other hand, a framework built as a module of the spring framework is known as a spring boot. So, this is the basic difference between spring and spring boot. The spring is a framework used for Java development that is open-source and lightweight, whereas the spring boot is part of the spring framework and is an extension. 

Spring vs Spring Boot

The comparison of spring vs spring boot will be done based on various aspects such as key features, use, types of application development, etc. Check more details on the difference between spring and spring boot in this section below.


  • It is also called the framework since it is used by various frameworks such as JSP, Struts, etc.
  • It is known for dependency Injection.
  • It is known for being lightweight.
  • It is effective in all layers of the development of the application.
  • Spring AOP, Spring Test, Spring ORM, Spring JDBC, Spring MVC, and Spring Security are various modules in the spring framework.

Spring Boot:

  • With this, standalone applications can be developed with minimal configuration.
  • It does not need the deployment of WAR files.
  • It is easier to launch.
  • XML configuration is not required.
  • Everything in it is auto-configured.
  • Spring-boot-starter-data-jpa, Spring-boot-starter-security, Spring-boot-starter-aop, Spring-boot-starter-web, Spring-boot-starter-thyme-leaf, Spring-boot-starter-mail, Spring-boot-starter-web-services, and Spring-boot-starter-test are various stater dependencies offered by spring-boot.

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