Difference Between Cohesion and Coupling

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The difference between Cohesion and Coupling is that cohesion is used intra-module and coupling is used inter-module. They are important aspects of software technology. Check out the key difference between Cohesion and Coupling in the table given below.

Difference Between Cohesion and Coupling



It is established between elements of the same module.

It is established within two different modules.

Known as the intra-module concept.

Known as the inter-module concept.

Preferable: High cohesion

Preferable: low coupling

Tells about the relative functional strength of the module.

Tells about the independence of two modules related to each other.

Inter-module binding

Inter module binding

The best software is received by high cohesion

The best software is given when the loose coupling is used.

Difference Between Cohesion and Coupling

Although there are varied similarities between these two such as both are used for interconnecting two different parts in computer software. But there exist various differences between Cohesion and Coupling. The concept used for indicating the relationship inside the module or within the module is called cohesion. On the other hand, the concept used for indicating the relationship between two or more modules is known as coupling.

Cohesion vs Coupling

Developers decide whether the program needs high or low coupling/cohesion. Cohesion and coupling are methods of moduling. These two methods are used to create relationships with or within modules. Further, look into the basic difference between cohesion and coupling below:


  • It is also known as intra-module cohesion.
  • It is used in intra-module.
  • Coincidental cohesion, Logical cohesion, Temporal cohesion, Procedural cohesion, Communicational cohesion, Sequential cohesion, and Functional cohesion are the types of cohesion.


  • It is also known as inter-module coupling.
  • It is used in inter-module.
  • Data coupling, Stamp coupling, Control coupling, and Common coupling are the types of coupling.

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