SBI PO Salary 2023 - In Hand Salary, SBI PO Salary After 5 Years

SBI PO Salary 2023 - In Hand Salary, SBI PO Salary After 5 Years

ByAina Parasher  |  Updated on: Jul 24, 2023
SBI PO Salary In-hand ranges between ₹52,000 - ₹55,000 per month. Check the SBI PO salary structure, salary after 5 years, job profile, perks and allowances, career growth, and promotion.

SBI PO Salary 2023 is set up by the State Bank of India. Every applicant must be curious about the SBI PO salary per month, salary structure, job responsibilities, pay scale and perks, pay slips, and allowances. It is essential for the candidates to be acquainted with the SBI PO salary & job profile to realise whether they are a perfect fit for the job or not.

The SBI PO salary and job profile hold great importance. We have shared complete details of the SBI PO salary 2023, gross salary, job profile, and career growth. Candidates can check all information related to their perks, allowances, career growth, and SBI PO salary after 5 years which will help them stay motivated and pumped throughout their exam preparation.

SBI PO Salary 2023

All aspirants preparing for the exam must be eager to know about the SBI PO salary, job profile, roles & responsibilities, salary slip, and other benefits. The State Bank of India provides a handsome salary along with many perks and benefits that come with the post.

Interested candidates can thoroughly check the complete SBI PO salary structure with all the increments, benefits, and other details. This will surely help candidates better understand the kind of job they will be stepping into and what kind of future they can expect with the SBI PO salary 2023.

SBI PO Salary Structure

SBI is among the most coveted jobs due to its attractive SBI PO salary structure. It is among the lucrative banking sector jobs in India. Besides holding a reputed position in SBI, Probationary Officers are entitled to various perks and benefits apart from the basic salary.

The person working as an SBI PO earns a higher take-home salary than any other bank PO. They get more allowances as well. Candidates must have the exact idea of the SBI PO salary 2023. It is also essential for them to know about the nature of work, duties, and career objectives of an SBI PO.

  • SBI PO salary in hand is comparatively higher than any other banking organization.
  • The SBI PO salary may also differ on the place of posting. Usually, employees posted in metropolitan cities get higher pay.
  • With the designation and attractive salary, an employee also gets other benefits like PF, Medical aid, LTC, etc.

SBI PO Salary In-Hand

The SBI PO salary is ₹ 41,960/- (with 4 advance increments) on the scale of 36000-1490/7-46430-1740/2-49910-1990/7-63840 applicable to Junior Management Grade Scale-I. This amount may differ from the place of posting of the employee. Employees posted in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata get comparatively more.

Apart from the SBI PO starting salary, candidates are entitled to several benefits and allowances while on the job, such as D.A., H.R.A/ Lease rental, C.C.A, Medical, and other allowances & perquisites as per rules.

SBI PO Salary Slip

The knowledge of the SBI PO salary and its various other components plays an important role for a candidate while preparing for the exam. It gives candidates the motivation to prepare harder and also gets to know the future prospects and possibilities of SBI PO career growth. We have attached the SBI PO salary slip for reference.

sbi po salary slip

SBI PO Salary in India

SBI is a reputed bank and is known for its lucrative salary. The attractive SBI PO salary is one of the many reasons for it to be the applicants’ first choice. As per the official notification of SBI, the total compensation or salary package of SBI PO per annum would be a minimum of Rs. 8.20 Lakhs and a maximum of Rs. 13.08 Lakhs, depending on the place of posting and other factors.

SBI PO Salary After 5 Years

The SBI bank PO salary after five years will be enormous because the initial basic pay is large. This is a result of the SBI PO pay scale monthly increases. The basic SBI PO salary after five years is shown below based on the pay structure. Additionally, we have roughly approximated the maximum SBI PO compensation after five years of service.

  • SBI PO Salary After Five Years (Basic Pay): ₹ 41,960
  • SBI PO Salary after 5 Years in Hand (Net Pay): Approximately ₹ 60,270

SBI PO Salary After 10 Years

Here we have provided all the details on the maximum SBI PO salary after ten years. The SBI PO salary will grow after ten years as a result of the higher basic pay, allowances, and increments.

  • SBI PO Salary After Five Years (Basic Pay): ₹ 4,990
  • SBI PO Salary after 5 Years in Hand (Net Pay): Approximately ₹ 64,815

SBI PO Perks and Allowances

Apart from the SBI PO salary, candidates also enjoy numerous monthly perks like tea & coffee, newspaper allowance, cleaning & labour, entertainment, etc., which is 4000/- approx. He also gets loans at concessional rates from the State Bank of India for cars, homes, and other personal loans. Travel concession or leave fare concession is also given to the SBI PO.

Some of the major perks offered along with SBI PO salary 2023 have been listed in the table below. Check the complete SBI PO salary structure, including grade pay and all the allowances.

SBI PO Basic Pay 2023

₹ 41,960/- (with 4 advance increments)
(in a scale of 36000-1490/7-46430-1740/2-49910-1990/7-63840)

Dearness Allowance

This is revised every quarter and is calculated based on CPI (Consumer Price Index). Currently, DA is 46.9% of the basic pay.

City Compensatory Allowance (CCA)

This varies with the place of posting at 4% or 3%.

Leased House Accommodation

SBI PO may take a house on lease, the amount of which varies with posting between a minimum of. ₹ 8000/- (in rural areas) and a maximum of ₹ 29500/- (in Mumbai).

Furniture Allowance

₹ 120000/- for the purchase of furniture

Medical Insurance

100% medical coverage for SBI employees and 75% for their family members

Travelling Allowance

For official travels, reimbursement of AC 2-tier fare is provided


50 Lts (For 2 Wheelers) Or 55 Lts (For 4 Wheelers) Or Approx. ₹ 1100-1250 if you don't have 2/4 wheelers (conveyance allowance).

SBI PO Job Profile 2023

The SBI PO job is preferred by several banking aspirants today. One of the reasons is the lucrative starting SBI PO salary and the special allowances that one is entitled to. Before entering the process, it is essential to peek into the SBI PO job profile and understand what exactly a Probationary Officer does.

  • After joining, SBI PO is subject to a probation period of 2 years. In this period of time, they learn more about the functioning of the banks and the duties related to their profile.
  • At the time of joining, a PO in SBI will also be required to sign a bond of 2 lakhs to guarantee a three years service to the bank.
  • Common tasks of a probationary officer may include - gaining practical knowledge of various banking aspects, Customer Services (which may range from passbook printing to account opening and much more), supervision of clerical work, Loan Processing, etc.
  • Training to the SBI PO is provided in various fields like - Retail (Personal) Banking, Advances, Rural Banking (Agriculture training), etc. During their probation period.
  • After the selection, SBI PO is directly sent to the branch allotted after meeting the RM of the circle. After reporting to the branch manager, he learns the various aspect of daily banking profile.
  • During the probation period, specialized training is also given to the employees.
  • After the probation period, SBI PO needs to undergo a screening procedure, qualifying which he/she will be confirmed as Officer Middle Management Grade Scale-II.

The SBI PO job profile is highly versatile and may demand the officer to engage in clerical work according to the needs. All this should be taken in good spirits and must be seen as a great way to learn new things. Eventually, when you have to take up a managerial profile, you can’t expect to pull it off properly unless you clearly understand how things are done at the root level. So, think of it as the first step of the ladder essential to get to the next level.

SBI PO Career Growth

The SBI PO promotion cycle is pretty fast, and one can even reach up to the group's chairman level. A perfect example of this would be the previous Chairperson of SBI, Mrs Arundhati Bhattacharya, who started as a PO in SBI in 1977. The SBI PO salary and promotion are the two most important points that lure banking aspirants towards it.

SBI PO Promotion Hierarchy

The SBI PO promotion policy provides an opportunity for the meritorious and exceptionally brilliant officers to reach the Top Management Grade reasonably quickly. SBI also offers foreign postings to selected officers based on their performances. It has over 190 foreign offices in 36 different countries. The SBI PO promotional hierarchy is as follows.

  • Probationary Officer (Assistant Manager, JMGS - I)
  • Deputy Manager (MMGS)
  • Manager (MMGS)
  • Chief Manager (MMGS)
  • Assistant General Manager (SMGS)
  • Deputy General Manager (TEGS)
  • Chief General Manager (TEGS)
  • General Manager (TEGS)

Clearly, there are numerous reasons to join this reputed organization. It is the only bank from India under Fortune 500 companies globally. SBI is a huge brand, and being part of such an esteemed organization speaks volumes.

FAQs on SBI PO Salary

  • The SBI PO salary with basic pay structure is ₹ 41,960/- (with 4 advance increments). The salary and its basic components may vary; as it depends on cities and their expenditure.

  • The in hand SBI PO salary after making all the certain deductions is ₹ 42,000- 44,000/- along with various perks and benefits. This amount may differ from the place of posting of the employee.

  • A Probationary officer is entitled to receive several perks and benefits other than the SBI PO salary:

    • Dearness Allowance
    • City Compensatory Allowance (CCA)
    • Leased House Accommodation
    • Furniture Allowance
    • Medical Insurance
    • Travelling Allowance
  • Yes, the SBI PO salary is more than the IBPS PO salary. SBI is the largest bank in India, and provides attractive pay scales, career growth, and a promotion structure.

  • Yes, a candidate has to serve a probation period of 2 years from the time of his/her joining in SBI. However, it may be extended as per your performance.

  • The SBI PO promotion policy is quite transparent and quick. The steps are as follows:

    • Probationary Officer (Assistant Manager, JMGS - I)
    • Deputy Manager (MMGS)
    • Manager (MMGS)
    • Chief Manager (MMGS)
    • Assistant General Manager (SMGS)
    • Deputy General Manager (TEGS)
    • Chief General Manager (TEGS)
    • General Manager (TEGS)

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