UGC NET Books 2022: Best Books for Paper 1 and Paper 2

UGC NET Books 2022: Best Books for Paper 1 and Paper 2

ByNikhil Verma  |  Updated on: Jun 30, 2022
Best UGC NET Books 2022 for Paper 1 and Paper 2 are shared here for the exam preparation by the experts. Get here the list of books that cover whole syllabus and questions asked. Check updated subject wise UGC NET Books PDF.
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UGC NET Books 2022: The UGC NET examination is a prominent national-level exam that is held twice a year. Eligible candidates fill out the UGC NET application form and appear for the exam every year. For various exam subjects, there are numerous UGC NET study materials available in the market. We've compiled a list of some of the best UGC NET Books along with the preparation tips for paper 1 and paper 2 for exam preparation. Read on to know more about these NTA UGC NET books and how to utilize them for the upcoming exam.

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UGC NET Paper 1 Books 2022

The UGC NET books are an essential part of the UGC NET 2022 exam preparation. To guarantee success in the exam, candidates should obtain the best UGC NET books and develop a Study Plan. Check the below list of important books for the UGC NET Paper 1 that you must follow to start the preparation.

UGC NET Paper 1 Books

Trueman’s UGC NET /SET General Paper 1


UGC NET/JRF/SLET General Paper-1 Teaching & Research Aptitude

Arihant Experts

NTA UGC NET/SET/JRF Paper 1- Teaching and Research Aptitude

KVS Madaan (Pearson Education)

UGC NET/JRF/SLET General Paper-1 Teaching & Research Aptitude General Paper-1

Upkar Prakashan

Note: You can refer to any of the UGC NET books mentioned above. If needed, you can refer to two books for more clarity and better preparation.

UGC NET Preparation Tips for Paper 1

Aside from UGC NET books, one should understand how to get the most of it. Here are some tips for preparing for the UGC NET paper 1.

  • Now that the exam is online, one must practice the Mock Test of Paper 1 of UGC NET regularly, to maintain proper speed and accuracy for the exam.
  • Work upon your weak sections of paper 1 and learn to prioritize the units based on your performance in mock tests.
  • Evaluate your preparation for paper 1 with the help of mock tests and sample papers.
  • Frame a study plan for each day and try to execute it accordingly.
  • Maintain a notebook where you keep track of your strengths and areas which need further development.
  • There is no negative marking in paper 1, thus, one must aim to attempt all 50 questions. So, study all the topics that are asked in paper 1 of UGC NET and practice an ample number of questions based on them.
  • Try to devote at least 3-4 hours every day to the preparation of UGC NET Paper 1. This duration will be sufficient to cover all the sub-sections of this paper and practice questions based on them.

UGC NET Paper 2 Books

UGC NET books are an important element of the exam preparation for UGC NET Paper 2. This paper is subject-specific. Following is the list of recommended UGC NET books for paper 2 subject-wise:

UGC NET Paper 2 Books



Trueman's UGC NET Economics by Sriniwas Shirur

UGC NET/JRF/SET Economics (Paper 2)-Upkar Prakashan


Political Science

Trueman's UGC NET Political Science by K.A. Babu, Sajit Kumar

UGC Net Political Science by Rukmini Bhattacharjee (Arihant)



Trueman's UGC NET Psychology by Dr. Swati Maharshi

UGC Net Psychology by Siddharth Mittal and Naroj Kumar Sahu (Arihant Experts)



Trueman's UGC NET Sociology by S.Hussain



Trueman's UGC NET History by Promod Singh



Trueman’s UGC NET Anthropology by A.M. Tripathi



Trueman’s UGC NET Commerce by PraveenKataria, Anshu Kataria, and M. Shivani



Trueman’s UGC NET Education by GaganManocha


Social Work

Trueman’s UGC NET Education by Yogendra Pal


Defense and Strategic Studies

UGC-NET-JRF Defense And Strategic Studies


Home Science

Trueman’s UGC-NET Home Science by Anju Khosla & Ruchi

UGC NET /SET (JRF &LS) Home Science by Suchi Rastogi


Public Administration

UGC Net Public Administration by Deepak Swain (Arihant)

Trueman's UGC NET Public Administration by Sajit Kumar


Population Studies

Principles of Population Studies by Bhende (Himalaya Publishing House)



UGC NET Music Exam Guide (Hindi) by Gunjan Saxena and Nisha Rawa



Trueman’s UGC-NET Management by M. Shivani

UGC NET/SET (JRF & LS) Management by Mohit Aggarwal (Arihant experts)



Bengali NET/SET by Balaram Bapari



Trueman’s UGC NET Hindi Sahitya by Board of Authors



Samagra Kannada Sahitya Kaipidi

K-SET by Lokesha Masavanaghatta



UGC NET /SET/ TET Malayalam Pareeksha Sahayi by Sasidharan A.P. 






U.G.C. NET/SET/JRF PUNJABI by Universal (Contributor)



UGC NET/JRF/SLET Sanskrit Prashan Patra-II Avum III (Hindi) by Priyanka Tiwari 



UGC NET & SET (Telugu Literature) by GanjiShashidar, Pothula Venkateshwar Reddy



UGC-NET JRF & Assistant Professor Khazeen-E-Adab Urdu Paper-II by M.Arshad Ansari and M. S. Ansari



UGC NET/SET English Literature by Arihant Experts



UGC NET/SET Linguistics Guide by Ringu Ann Baby



UGC/CBSE NET Set Guide By Assam Publishing Company



UGC NET/GCET-Commerce Paper (in Gujarati) by Mukesh M Bavaliya


Adult Education/Non-Formal Education

A brief Book on Extension Education by Shruti Madan Singh, New Vishal Publications


Physical Education

Trueman’s UGC NET Physical Education by Akhilesh Tripathi, A.K. Srivastava


Labor Welfare/Personnel Management/Industrial Relations/ Labour and Social Welfare/Human Resource Management

Trueman’s UGC NET HRM/ Human Resource Management & Labour Welfare by Reetu Dogra 

UGC-NET: Labour Welfare & Industrial Relations / Labour & Social Welfare / Human Resource Management (Paper-II) Exam Guide



Trueman’s UGC NET Law by Suman Chauhan

UGC-NET: Law (Paper-II) Exam Guide by Aproov Bhardwaj


Library and Information Science

Trueman’s UGC NET Library and Information Science by S. Thakur


Buddhist, Jaina, Gandhian, and Peace Studies

UGC NET Buddhist, Jaina, Gandhian, and Peace Studies by Deepak Kumar


Comparative Study of Religions

Comparative Study of Religions by C.R. Jain

Comparative Study of Religions by Y. Masih


Mass Communication and Journalism

Trueman’s UGC NET Mass Communication & Journalism by Sameer K. Mishra 

UGC NET Mass Communication and Journalism by Atul Udaipuria and Nitesh Kumar Singh


Museology & Conservation

Archaeology, Museology, and Conservation: A review Edited by Vibha Upadhaya



UGC NET/JRF Archaeology and Philosophy Paper (Hindi) by Mohan Lal



Criminology Solved Question Paper by Mr. Nitish Kumar Soni, Dr. Mridul Srivastava, Dr. Anup Yadava


Tribal and Regional Language/Literature

Folklore and Its Motifs in Tribal Literature by Dr. Kishore Jadav


Folk Literature

A Concise Guide for Folk Literature of NET/JRF by Marya Naim 


Sanskrit Prashan

UGC NET/JRF/SLET - Sanskrit Prashan-Patra II Avum III by Priyanka Tiwari


Women Studies

Advanced Manual For Women Studies UGC/NET/JRF by Anmol Murlidhar Nimsadkar


Visual Art

Upkar’s UGC-NET/JRF/SET Visual Art (Paper-II) by M. Vasim



Trueman’s UGC NET Geography by A. Magon, B.P. Panigrahi


Forensic Science

UGC NET/JRF-MCQ of Forensic Science by Dr. Anu Singla


Computer Science and Applications

Trueman’s UGC NET/SET Computer Science and Applications by Sanjay Singhal, Sameer Mishra


Electronic Science

UGC NET/SET Electronics Science by Sunil Kushwaha


Environmental Sciences

Trueman's UGC NET Environmental Science by Anil Tyagi and Virendra Singh


Human Rights And Duties

UGC NET/SET Human Rights & Duties Paper-II by Fazil Atul Udaipuria

UGC NET Human Rights and Duties by Arihant Experts


Tourism Administration & Management.

Trueman's UGC NET Tourism by Akhilesh



R.Gupta’s UGC-NET Yoga (Paper-II)

Exam Guide by RPH Editorial Board

The list shared above has been created based on the review of students as well as top ratings. We hope these UGC NET books will help you in your preparation for the UGC NET exam 2022.

UGC NET Preparation Tips for Paper 2

Aside from UGC NET books, one must know how to make the most of these books. Here are a few pointers on how to prepare for the UGC NET paper 2.

  • Paper 2 is also an MCQ-based exam. This paper is based on the subject selected by the candidate while applying for UGC NET.
  • The course of paper 2 usually includes the subjects of Graduation and Post-Graduation level.
  • You must try to devote at least 5-6 hours to prepare this paper since its course is huge and carries more weight in the final score.
  • You should focus more on the core topics of your subject because once they are strengthened, understanding and attempting questions based on other chapters and topics become comparatively easy.
  • Make chapter-wise notes highlighting important points, basics, or important formulas, which carry comparatively more weightage in the exam.
  • One can also take help in learning the chapters with the help of different online tutorials.
  • Keep track of good reference UGC NET books, as suggested by exam experts, to ensure that you find all the study material in a single place rather than looking it up from multiple sources.
  • Revision is crucial for the preparation of paper 2 of UGC NET. Remember, you must complete a huge syllabus for paper 2, and timely revision would ensure that you retain what you study. So, take 30-40 minutes at night or start of the day to revise what you studied during the day or the previous day, respectively.
  • Keep the exams, subjects, chapters, and notes in perspective.
  • For an effective preparation of paper 2, proper practice of the previous year's papers is important. It will help you narrow down the commonly asked topics for the exam and, at the same time, will help you practice more.
  • Solve previous 8-10 years of UGC NET question papers.

Preparation Tips for UGC NET Exam 2022

The first step towards UGC NET preparation should be familiarizing yourself with complete exam details.

  • University Grants Commission (UGC) National Eligibility Test (NET) is a gateway test in India to start a career as a Lecturer/Professor/associate in varsities and other educational institutions.
  • NET is conducted twice a year i.e., in June and December.
  • UGC also grants JUNIOR RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP under the same umbrella to the NET candidates.
  • The NET exam is conducted to examine an individual's knowledge for any distinctive positions based on the rank one acquires at Indian Universities.
  • This is the benchmark examination that will evaluate your knowledge not only in a particular subject but also in your language, writing skills, speed, and others.
  • The UGC NET 2022 exam will be online. Primarily, one must start preparing by understanding the subject-wise topics to be covered for the examination based on the latest pattern and syllabus.

We have already shared the latest UGC NET exam pattern and detailed UGC NET syllabus. Candidates are advised to go through these posts for a better understanding. Everything you need to know about the UGC NET books in 2022 was covered in this post. We hope you find the information to be beneficial.

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  • Candidates can refer to some of the UGC NET books 2022 given below to start their exam preparation:

    • UGC NET General Paper 1 by Trueman Publication.
    • UGC NET Teaching and Research Aptitude by Arihant Experts.
    • Training and Research Aptitude by Pearson Publication.
  • Candidates can begin their test preparation by reading some of the UGC NET books 2022 for paper 2 listed below. Because there are so many subjects in paper 2, we've compiled a list of the best books for paper 2 on the ugc net.

    • Trueman's UGC NET Economics by Sriniwas Shirur
    • Trueman's UGC NET Political Science by K.A. Babu, Sajit Kumar
    • Trueman's UGC NET Psychology by Dr. Swati Maharshi
    • Trueman's UGC NET Sociology by S.Hussain
    • Trueman's UGC NET History by Promod Singh, etc
  • The time required to prepare for the UGC NET exam will depend on the candidates in much time they complete the whole UGC NET syllabus and start solving mocks and revision. 3 months can be considered as enough time to complete the UGC NET books depending on your preparation strategy and selection of the UGC NET books.

  • The UGC NET books are an essential part of the UGC NET 2022 exam preparation. To guarantee success in the exam, candidates should obtain the best UGC NET books and develop a study plan.

  • The exam is online, it is necessary to regularly practice the Mock Test of UGC NET Paper 1 in order to maintain proper speed and accuracy on the exam. Work on your weak portions of paper 1 and learn to prioritize units based on your mock exam results. Mock examinations and sample papers might help you assess your preparation for paper 1.


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