UPSC CSE Answer Key 2023 – Download Set A, B, C, D UPSC Answer Key PDF

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

UPSC answer key 2023 is released on 28th May 2023 for Sets A, B, C, and D of the CSE Prelims exam. It contains the correct answers to the General Studies Paper 1 and 2 questions. Candidates who will be appearing for the exam must check and download the UPSC 2023 answer key along with question papers from the direct links below.

UPSC CSE Answer Key 2023 PDF Download
Set A UPSC Answer Key PDF Set A
Set B UPSC Answer Key 2023 Set B PDF
Set C UPSC 2023 Answer Key PDF Set C
Set D UPSC CSE Answer Key 2023 Set D PDF

The UPSC CSE answer key 2023 allows candidates to evaluate their performance in the examination. By comparing their answers with the correct answers mentioned in the key, candidates can assess the number of questions they have answered correctly and determine their expected score.

UPSC Answer Key 2023

The UPSC answer key 2023 are shared here for both GS Paper 1 and 2. After taking the exam the candidates can analyze the expected scores and their performance in the exam. The GS paper 1 and 2 answer key PDFs for all sets are available here. The candidates preparing for the upcoming exam, must solve the paper and then analyze their performance through the answer keys.

You can download the UPSC answer key 2023 from here or can follow the requisite steps to download from the official website. While calculating the marks, take into account the negative marking of the exam as well to get an accurate estimated score.
BYJU'S UPSC Toppers 2023

UPSC Answer Key – Overview

The summary of the UPSC answer key details has been provided here. This will assist the candidates in gaining knowledge of all the details at a glimpse.

UPSC 2023 Answer Key – Overview
Name of the Exam Civil Services Exam
Conducted By Union Public Service Commission
Event UPSC Prelims Exam
Exam GS Paper 1 and CSAT [GS Paper 2]
Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions
Marking Scheme For GS 1 Paper – Marks Assigned to Each Question- 2 Marks, Negative Marking- 0.66 For GS 2 Paper- Marks Assigned to Each Question- 2.5 Marks, Negative Marking- 0.83
UPSC Answer Key Set-Wise A,B,C,D

UPSC CSE Answer Key 2023 for Prelims

The UPSC 2023 answer key allows candidates to identify their mistakes and learn from them. By comparing their incorrect answers with the correct ones, candidates can understand where they went wrong and improve their knowledge and exam-taking strategies for future attempts. The links to download the UPSC CSE Answer Key for Prelims 2023 are updated as on 28th May 2023 right after the exam for a particular shift is over.

UPSC Answer Key Set A

Candidates who attempted the General Studies Paper 1 from 9:30 to 11:30 AM can check the correct answers of questions asked in SET A paper here.

UPSC Answer Key 2023 Set A
1. (B) 26. (C) 51. (B) 76. (C)
2. (A) 27. (C) 52. (C) 77. (B)
3. (B) 28. (B) 53. (A) 78. (D)
4. (A) 29. (B) 54. (C) 79. (C)
5. (D) 30. (C) 55. (B) 80. (B)
6. (D) 31. (C) 56. (A) 81. (A)
7. (C) 32. (C) 57. (D) 82. (B)
8. (A) 33. (C) 58. (D) 83. (A)
9. (D) 34. (B) 59. (C) 84. (D)
10. (D) 35. (A) 60. (C) 85. (C)
11. (C) 36. (D) 61. (A) 86. (C)
12. (C) 37. (C) 62. (D) 87. (C)
13. (A) 38. (C) 63. (D) 88. (D)
14. (B) 39. (A) 64. (A) 89. (A)
15. (C) 40. (C) 65. (C) 90. (A)
16. (D) 41. (A) 66. (D) 91. (C)
17. (A) 42. (B) 67. (A) 92. (C)
18. (C) 43. (B) 68. (C) 93. (D)
19. (B) 44. (D) 69. (A) 94. (C)
20. (D) 45. (D) 70. (A) 95. (B)
21. (D) 46. (B) 71. (B) 96. (B)
22. (A) 47. (B) 72. (A) 97. (D)
23. (C) 48. (A) 73. (D) 98. (D)
24. (A) 49. (C) 74. (B) 99. (B)
25. (B) 50. (D) 75. (B) 100. (C)

UPSC Answer Key 2023 PDF – CSAT

CSAT exam is conducted in the second shift from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM. It contains questions on Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. The UPSC Answer Key 2023 for Set A, B, C, and D of Civil Services Aptitude Test will be shared soon after the exam along with the question papers.

Set UPSC Answer Key PDF Question Papers
Set A UPSC Answer Key 2023 – CSAT Download PDF
Set B UPSC Set B Answer Key PDF – CSAT Download PDF
Set C UPSC Answer Key 2023 Set C Download PDF
Set D UPSC CSE Answer Key PDF for CSAT Download PDF

How to Download UPSC Answer Key 2023?

After the complete selection process, the Commission will release the UPSC Answer Key 2023 on the website. Answer keys will be available in PDF format, which can be downloaded by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: To obtain the UPSC 2023 Answer Key, go to the above-mentioned direct link or the official UPSC website.
  • Step 2: Select the ‘examination’ tab from the drop-down menu. Select it by clicking on it.
  • Step 3: You’ll see a drop-down menu appear. The option ‘Answer key’ will appear.
  • Step 4: Go to the ‘answer key’ link and click it.
  • Step 5: A new page with the solution key for each year and examination will open. Look for the UPSC CSE preliminary exam in 2023.
  • Step 6: Download your answer key for Sets A, B, C, and D.
  • Step 7: Evaluate your marks using the UPSC Answer key Set-wise.

How to Calculate Marks with UPSC Answer Key?

The negative marking in UPSC and the number of questions in both CSAT and GS1 are different, therefore, different formulas have to be used to calculate the marks using UPSC answer key 2023. Follow the steps mentioned below to calculate your marks using the UPSC answer key:

Steps to Compute Marks for GS Paper 1

  • There are 100 questions in the GS-Paper which carry 200 marks.
  • Each question carries two marks.
  • For each incorrect answer, 0.66 marks will be deducted.
  • Total marks obtained by the Aspirant = Number of correct answers X 2 – Number of incorrect answers X 0.66.

Steps to Calculate CSAT Marks using UPSC Answer Key

  • There are 80 Questions in the UPSC CSAT which carry 200 marks.
  • Each question carries 2.5 marks.
  • For each incorrect answer, 0.825 marks will be deducted.
  • Total marks obtained by the Aspirant = Number of correct answers X 2.5 – Number of incorrect answers X 0.825.
  • Only 33% of marks are required to qualify for Paper-2.

Note: There will be no marks deducted for un-attempted questions.

UPSC CSE Questions 2023 with Answers

Question 1: Consider the following countries : Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania

How many of the above-mentioned countries share a land borde with Ukraine? – (a) Only two, (b) Only three, (c) Only four, (d) Only five

Answer: (a) Only two

Question 2: Ilmenite and rutile, abundantly available in certain coastal tracts of India, are rich sources of which one of the following? – (a) Aluminium, (b) Copper, (c) Iron, (d) Titanium

Answer: (d) Titanium

Question 3: Which one of the following is a part of the Congo Basin? – (a) Cameroon, (b) Nigeria, (c) South Sudan, (d) Uganda

Answer: (a) Cameroon

Question 4: Consider the following fauna: Lion-tailed Macaque, Malabar Civet, Sambar Deer.

How many of the above are generally nocturnal or most active after sunset? – (a) Only one, (b) Only two, (c) All three, (d) None

Answer: (b) Only two

Question 5: Who among the following rulers of medieval Gujarat surrendered Diu to Portuguese? – (a) Ahmad Shah, (b) Mahmud Begarha, (c) Bahadur Shah, (d) Muhammad Shah

Answer: (c) Bahadur Shah

Question 6: Consider the following markets: Government Bond Market, Call Money Market, Treasury Bill Market, Stock Market

How many of the above are included in capital markets? – (a) Only one, (b) Only two, (c) Only three, (d) All four

Answer: (b) Only two

UPSC Answer Key in Hindi

Many candidates attempt the Civil Services exam in Hindi. Those who are preparing to attempt the UPSC 2023 Prelims exam in Hindi can download the previous year UPSC answer key PDF in Hindi for both GS paper 1 and CSAT from the link given hereunder:

Download: UPSC Answer Key 2023 in Hindi

UPSC Answer Key 2022

Last year, the officials administered the UPSC Prelims Exam on 05 June 2022 in two shifts. Shift 1 includes Paper 1 for General Studies and Paper 2 for CSAT. Candidates can download the UPSC Answer Key 2022 for SET A, B, C, and D along with the question papers from the links provided in this article.

  • In GS Paper 1, Candidates must secure the minimum cutoff marks to be eligible for the Mains Exam.
  • In the CSAT Exam, candidates must score 33% marks to be qualified. It is a qualifying paper and the marks are not counted in the final merit.

Meanwhile, candidates can download the UPSC answer key 2022 which would help them while practicing the previous year’s question papers.

Paper Question Paper PDFs UPSC Answer Key 2022 PDF
General Studies Paper 1 Download UPSC Question Paper PDF Download UPSC 2022 Answer Key PDF
CSAT or GS Paper 2 UPSC 2022 Question Paper PDF Download CSAT Answer Key 2022 PDF

Previous Year UPSC Answer Key PDF

The previous year’s UPSC answer keys provide an impeccable portrait of the level of difficulty of the exam. By knowing the correct answers to the questions, one can easily acknowledge the level of their preparation. The UPSC CSE answer keys from the year 2021-2015 have been facilitated here. Download the links and keep the PDFs saved on your devices for future reference.

Year GS Answer Key PDF UPSC Answer Key PDF – CSAT
2021 UPSC Answer Key 2021 Download PDF
2020 UPSC CSE Answer Key 2020 Download PDF
2019 UPSC Answer Key 2019 Download PDF
2018 UPSC Answer Key 2018 Download PDF
2017 UPSC CSE Answer Key 2017 Download PDF
2016 UPSC Answer Key 2016 Download PDF
2015 UPSC Answer Key 2015 Download PDF

Benefits of UPSC Answer Key

The UPSC 2023 answer key provides several benefits to candidates who have appeared for the exam. Here are some of the advantages of it:

  • Verification of Correct Answers: By comparing their responses with the official answers mentioned in the key, candidates can assess the accuracy of their answers and gain confidence in their performance.
  • Evaluation of Performance: The UPSC answer key enables candidates to evaluate their performance in the examination. They can calculate their expected score by tallying the number of correctly answered questions.
  • Feedback and Learning: By reviewing the key and analyzing their incorrect answers, candidates can identify their mistakes, learn from them, and improve their knowledge and exam-taking strategies for future attempts.
  • Predicting Cut-off Scores: The UPSC CSE answer key assists candidates in predicting the cut-off scores for the examination. By analyzing the difficulty level of the questions and comparing it with their own performance, candidates can estimate the minimum qualifying marks required to clear the exam.
  • Reduced Anxiety and Uncertainty
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