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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The difference between laptop and tablet is that a laptop has more features than a tablet. Both of these are battery-operated portable computer devices. They are incredibly easy to use and provide their users with a wealth of functions. Although they both provide a similar level of capability, a laptop and a tablet vary fundamentally from one another.

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The major difference between laptop and tablet is based on their uses. Here we have discussed a brief introduction about laptops, tablets, and the difference between laptop and tablet.


Difference Between Laptop and Tablet

The difference between laptop and tablet is that laptops are much easier to use and allow us to work comfortably, whereas some tablets are quite difficult to use and complicated. Let us check the difference between laptop and tablet listed in the table below.

Laptop vs Tablet



A laptop is a portable computing device that has all of the input, output, and other component parts in a single unit. 

A tablet is a thin, mobile, touchscreen computer device that often runs a mobile operating system.

Below the screen, it has a built-in physical keyboard linked to it. Additionally, one can attach their own keyboard to it. 

There is no built-in physical keyboard on it. An on-screen keyboard is more prevalent on tablets.

It has a more weight than a tablet.

It is light as compared to a laptop.

It has a low battery life.

The battery of a tablet lasts longer.

It depends on the laptop whether the battery is detachable or not. 

Tablets have a non-detachable battery.

There is no slot for SIM cards.

A SIM card slot may be present on some tablets.

Laptops are expensive.

Tablets are less expensive.

What is a Laptop?

A laptop is a portable computer that runs for several hours on AC power or batteries. It can be moved about with ease. Basically, it has an LCD or LED screen. It is portable since it may run on a battery or AC power. It is a smaller and portable version of a desktop computer with integrated input, output, and processing components.

What is a Tablet?

A tablet often known as a tablet computer is a gadget typically run by a mobile operating system. It features a touchscreen display and an internal rechargeable battery. It is essentially a flat, thin gadget. A keyboard is not included with a tablet. One of the major difference between laptop and tablet is that the battery life of a tablet lasts longer than that of a laptop. It is easily transportable and light in weight.

Key Differences Between Laptop and Tablet

The key difference between laptop and tablet are given below.

  • Laptops have more features than tablets.
  • A laptop is a portable computer whereas a tablet is a touch-screen computing device.
  • Tablets are thinner, lighter, and smaller than laptops.
  • Laptops have a real keyboard while tablets have on-screen keyboards.
  • Laptops have trackpads for a mouse whereas tablets have touch screens for all tasks
  • Tablets have a longer battery life than laptops, which is primarily due to the fact that laptops need to power more hardware inside the computer.
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