SBI PO Syllabus 2021 PDF Download for Prelims and Mains Exam

SBI PO Syllabus 2021 PDF Download for Prelims and Mains Exam

ByAkash Mishra  |  Updated on: Nov 27, 2021SBI PO 2021 Exam: Check latest updates on SBI PO Mains exam date, admit card, and preparation material such as papers, syllabus, pattern, books, etc.
SBI PO 2021 Exam: Check latest updates on SBI PO Mains exam date, admit card, and preparation material such as papers, syllabus, pattern, books, etc.
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SBI PO Prelims Syllabus 2021

SBI PO Syllabus 2021 is an important tool to prepare and score positive in the exam. The syllabus for SBI Probationary officer post is slightly different for the Prelims and Mains stage of examination. However, the SBI PO syllabus is similar to that of other bank exams.

Knowing the SBI PO syllabus prior will help you to understand the topics being asked in the exam and prepare accordingly. SBI PO Prelims syllabus consists of three different sections which are English Language, Reasoning Ability, and Quantitative Aptitude.

Other than the SBI PO syllabus, candidates are also advised to have a look at the SBI PO previous year papers to know the weightage of each topic for the SBI PO 2021 exam. Scroll down to get the detailed SBI PO syllabus for the prelims and mains exam along with the weightage of each topic based on the previous year's analysis.


SBI PO Prelims Exam Analysis 2021 Shift 1 (27th November)
SBI PO Prelims Exam Analysis 2021 Shift 2 (27th November)
SBI PO Prelims Exam Analysis 2021 Shift 3 (27th November)
SBI PO Prelims Exam Analysis 2021 Shift 4 (27th November)

SBI PO Prelims English Language Syllabus 2021

Based on the analysis of last year, the overall level of the English section is expected to be Moderate. Below you can check out the SBI PO Prelims syllabus for the English Language along with the weightage based on the previous year's analysis.

Please note that all the below-mentioned topics might not necessarily be asked in the exam.

S. No.

Name of the Topics

Expected number of Questions


Reading Comprehension

7-10 Questions


Cloze Test

5-10 Questions


Spotting Errors

5-10 Questions


Para Jumble

4-5 Questions


Sentence Improvement

5-8 Questions


Fill in the Blanks

5-7 Questions


Vocabulary-based Questions

4-5 Questions


Sentence Connectors

3-4 Questions


Sentence Completion3-3 Questions

1. Reading Comprehension for SBI PO

  • The passages for Reading Comprehension will most likely be based on economics or social issues economy
  • Try to go through the articles of ‘The Economist’ since most of the passages last year were picked from this newspaper

2. Cloze Test for SBI PO

  • Have a thorough practice of the new pattern based Cloze Test questions
  • The passages will most likely be based on the socio-economic theme. 

3. Spotting Errors for SBI PO

  • A lot of changes were introduced in the spotting error-based questions last year
  • Familiarize yourself with all such new changes introduced and make sure that you practice questions based on them thoroughly

4. Para-Jumble for SBI PO

  • Under these questions, usually, a set of 4-5 sentences is provided (where the first sentence may or may not be fixed) and the candidate are required to ascertain the correct sequence of those sentences so that they form a coherent passage
  • With clear basics and ample practice, arranging such jumbled sentences to form a meaningful passage becomes easy

5. Sentence Improvement for SBI PO

  • Under sentence improvement, usually, a word(s)/ part(s) of the sentence is given in bold and one needs to identify the correct option, which can be used to replace them in the sentence. 
  • Again, with proper knowledge of grammar rules and sufficient practice, one can easily manage to attempt these questions. 

6. Fill in the Blanks for SBI PO

  • Fill in the blank based questions may be asked in multiple ways:
    (a) Single/ Double/ Triple filler
    (b) Fill same word(s) in multiple sentences
  • With a decent vocabulary and good enough practice, one can score good marks in this topic. 

7. Vocabulary-based Questions for SBI PO

  • Vocabulary segment may include Idiom-Phrase based questions or Synonyms-Antonyms
  • Either way, one must have a good hold over vocabulary to attempt them

8. Sentence Connector for SBI PO

  • 3 connectors were given. You had to identify which connector is most appropriate

9. Sentence Completion for SBI PO

  • You have to choose the sentence from the given options which will complete the given sentence

10. Sentence Formation for SBI PO

  • In this, you are required to form a sentence based on the data and instructions given

11. Match the column for SBI PO

  • This was introduced as a new question type in the 2019 paper. In this, there are two columns. Candidates are required to match the columns as per the instructions given.

SBI PO Prelims Reasoning Ability Syllabus 2021

You can go through the important topics, which may be/expected to be asked in the reasoning section under the SBI PO Prelims syllabus along with their respective number of questions in the table below:

S. No.

Name of the Topic

Expected number of Questions


Puzzles and Seating Arrangement

15-20 Questions (3-4 sets)



4-5 Questions



4-5 Questions



3-4 Questions



3-4 Questions


Series-based Questions
(Alphanumeric and Numeric)

4-5 Questions


Miscellaneous Questions
(Blood Relations, Direction Senese, Order and Ranking, etc)

5-7 Question


Data Sufficiency

4-5 Questions

1. Puzzles & Seating Arrangement for SBI PO

  • A major chunk of the Reasoning Ability questions are asked from these topics and thus, their thorough practice is crucial. 
  • Questions from these topics may be asked from:
    (a) Linear Arrangement (Single or Double Row)
    (b) Circular/ Square Arrangement (all facing inside or some facing inside & some facing outside)
    (c) Floor-based Puzzles
    (d) Tabulation/ Scheduling based puzzles
    (e) Box-based puzzles
  • The questions may be 1-2 parameter based, so, prepare accordingly

2. Syllogism for SBI PO

  • Questions of Syllogism are expected to be direct with 2-3 statements
  • Prepare for the possibility of case-based questions thoroughly
  • Make use of the Venn diagram approach to solve the syllogism questions in less time

3. Inequality for SBI PO

  • Questions of inequality are the easiest to attempt and less time consuming
  • Inequality based questions will most likely be direct(uncoded) and indirect(coded), so have a very thorough practice of this topic

4. Coding-Decoding for SBI PO

  • Questions from Coding-Decoding are expected to be sentence-based, where a set of sentences/ words are given along with their codes and one needs to identify the correct code for each word and answer the question accordingly
  •  Practice these questions thoroughly to score better on this topic

5. Input-Output for SBI PO

  • Questions on Input-Output were usually asked in the main examination of bank exams. However, this topic was also asked in certain shifts of the IBPS PO exam last year. 
  • So, it would be advisable to practice questions on this topic as well to identify the shifting pattern in the questions with ease

6. Series-based Questions (Alphanumeric and Numeric) for SBI PO

  • Apart from Inequality, series based questions are also easy to attempt 
  • Questions may be based on a combination of alphabets, symbols, and numbers or just alphabets/ numbers 

7. Miscellaneous Questions for SBI PO

  • Questions under this segment may be asked from Blood Relations, Direction Senese, Order and Ranking, etc
  • Usually, 2-3 questions are asked from these topics

SBI PO Prelims Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus 2021

In the table below, we have provided the list of important topics, which may be asked in the SBI PO Prelims exam from the quantitative aptitude section as well as their expected weightage.

S. No.

Name of the Topic

Expected number of Questions


Number Series

5 Questions


Simplification/ Approximation

5-7 Questions


Quadratic Equations

4-5 Questions


Data Interpretation

10-15 Questions (2-3 sets)


Miscellaneous Questions

10-12 Questions


Data Sufficiency

4-5 Questions


Quantity Based Questions

4-5 Questions

1. Number Series for SBI PO

  • Understand the common patterns from which questions of number series are usually asked. 
  • These may be:
    (a) Basic arithmetic calculation based (Addition/ Subtraction/ Multiplication/ Division)
    (b) Combination of arithmetic operations
    (c) Squares/ Cubes/ Square roots/ Cube Root based
    (d) Double step calculation based
  • Strengthen your calculation skills and practice these questions thoroughly to solve them in less time. 

2. Simplification/ Approximation for SBI PO

  • Questions of this topic usually require the application of the basic BODMAS rules, which most of us have studied in the school numerous times
  • Simplification/ Approximation is one of the easiest topics of the quantitative aptitude section. So, practice questions based on them properly

3. Quadratic Equations for SBI PO

  • Questions of this topic may either be factorization or formula-based
  • So, practice questions based on both properly

4. Data Interpretation for SBI PO

  • Maximum questions of the quantitative aptitude section are asked from this topic
  • Questions of Data Interpretation are usually based on basic calculations like Ratios, Proportions, Averages, Profit/ Loss, Percentages, etc. So, understand the basics of these topics properly
  • The questions may be asked from Bar/ Line/ Pie/ Tabular chart. However, with sufficient practice, interpreting the data from any of these forms becomes easy 

5. Miscellaneous Arithmetic Questions for SBI PO

  • Questions from the arithmetic section may be asked from topics like: 
    Averages, Percentages, Problem on Ages, Profit & Loss, Partnership, Simple & Compound Interest, Mixture & Alligation, Time & Work, Boats & Streams, Pipes & Cisterns, Time Speed & Distance, Probability, Mensuration, etc
  • Understand the concepts and basic formulas which are commonly used in the solution of these questions.

SBI PO Mains Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude Syllabus 2021

Questions in this section would be asked from the following topics -

1) Puzzles - the level for this is expected to be difficult. Try to practice questions involving at least 2-3 parameters.  The type of puzzles that are asked in the exam is as follows:

  • Box Based
  • Floor Based
  • Tabulation
  • Wing Based
  • Scheduling
  • Mix type

2) Seating Arrangement - This topic will be difficult and may be asked in combination with other reasoning topics like Blood relations, ranking or other parameters. Following are the types of seating arrangement questions asked in the exam:

  • Circular
  • Linear
  • Dual Row
  • Square-based etc.

3) Inequality - Try to practice Coded as well as direct questions from this topic.

4) Syllogism - You can expect a moderate level of questions on syllogism. Make sure that you cover normal as well as Reverse Syllogism

5) Input-Output - You can expect 1 set of this topic as well. Try to practice single as well as double-shifting arrangements.

6) Coding-Decoding - This topic again may be asked based on a new pattern, so practice accordingly. Try to practice number coding-based questions as well.

7) Verbal Reasoning - You can expect around 10-15 questions from the verbal section. This may involve topics like -

  • Statement and Assumption
  • Statement and Course of Action
  • Statement and Argument
  • Cause and Effect
  • The deriving conclusion from a passage

8) Data Sufficiency - Try to cover questions based on 2-3 statements. Questions would be based on other topics of the reasoning section, so a thorough practice will help you in this section.

9) Miscellaneous topics - This involves questions from Blood Relations, Direction Sense and Ranking.

10) Computer Aptitude - You can also come across 5-6 questions on this topic, which may be passage/ flowchart-based. 

SBI PO Mains Data Analysis and Interpretation Syllabus 2021

This section would mostly comprise of Data interpretation questions. You can expect questions from the following topics -

  • Bar graph
  • Line graph
  • Pie chart (single or double)
  • Tabular graph
  • Radar chart
  • Mixed graphs (a combination of any 2 of the above)
  • Caselet/ Paragraph DI
  • Missing graphs

Apart from this, questions can also be asked from the following topics -

  • Data Sufficiency
  • Few Arithmetic problems (especially probability)
  • Quantity based inequality problems.

SBI PO Mains English Language Syllabus 2021

This section had major variations last year. Cover the following topics for the English language -

  • Reading Comprehension - You can expect 2 sets of RC, mostly from the banking/ economy based topic
  • Cloze test & Double fillers - Try to practice questions from this topic based on new as well as the old pattern
  • Para jumbles & Sentence Rearrangement- This topic again may be asked based on the old or new pattern
  • Odd one out/ Theme based questions - This involves questions where you need to identify the statement that does not follow the theme of the passage.
  • Statement and Paragraph completion - You may come across these questions as well where you need to identify the statement which would most suitably fill up the blank in the passage.
  • Sentence Connectors - These are the new type of questions that were introduced last year, so thoroughly practice this topic.
  • New Types of Sentence Correction, Sentence Improvement, and Error Spotting Questions.

SBI PO Mains General Awareness Syllabus 2021

This section would comprise of questions from the following topics -

  • Current Affairs
  • Banking / Financial Awareness
  • Static Affairs

a) Current Affairs -

Try to cover the current affairs of the last 4-5 months to prepare for this section. Focus more on current news based on banking and finances. We will update the GK tornado for the SBI PO Main exam soon. Do not forget to attempt Daily GK and current affairs quiz for this.

Daily GK Quiz

Topic Wise Current Affairs Quiz

b) Banking Awareness -

A major chunk of questions under general awareness would be asked from banking awareness. So, prepare different topics of this section thoroughly. Make sure that you attempt the Financial Awareness quiz regularly.

Banking Awareness Quiz

c) Static Affairs -

Topics under this section involve - Major organizations/ banks - their taglines and headquarters, Important dates, books and authors, Countries - their capital and currency (especially the ones that have been in news recently), Important wildlife sanctuaries, and national parks along with their locations. You can follow our series, World around us to prepare for this section better. Make sure that you attempt Static gk quiz on a regular basis.

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SBI PO Syllabus FAQs

  • Gradeup is now BYJU'S Exam Prep that offers the most comprehensive preparation for all exams. Get Monthly/Weekly Current Affairs, Daily GK Update, Online Courses, Latest Pattern Test Series and detailed Study Material from the top faculty at your fingertips. Want to learn more? Do not hesitate to contact our customer care here.

  • SBI PO Prelims 2021 exam consists of three subjects which are English Language, Reasoning Ability, and Quantitative Aptitude.

  • SBI PO Prelims exam will be conducted for 100 marks while Mains for 250 marks including the Descriptive Test. The GD & PI will be of 20 and 30 marks respectively.
  • Yes, there is a negative marking of 0.25 mark for every wrong answer.

  • The SBI PO Prelims exam will consist of total 100 questions while there will be 155 questions in the SBI PO Mains exam excluding Descriptive Paper.

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