Difference Between E-Commerce and E-Business | E-Commerce vs E-Business

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The Difference between E-Commerce and E-Business is that e-commerce refers to online transactions, while e-business refers to all the business activities conducted electronically. Both e-commerce and e-business are used for running businesses over the internet. However, these words are similar to each other but are very different in meaning.

To understand both models clearly, it is essential to distinguish between e-commerce and e-business. In the below-mentioned sections, we will discuss the difference between e-commerce and e-business on various essential factors, along with a brief description of e-commerce and e-business.

Difference Between E-Commerce and E-Business

While many believe e-commerce and e-business are interchangeable, this is not the case. There are various differences between e-commerce and e-business; for example, e-commerce refers to online transactions, and e-business refers to any business activities and services carried out via the internet. 

E-Commerce vs E-Business

Let us now look at the difference between e-commerce and e-business in the table below.

E-Commerce E-Business
E-Commerce is the practice of conducting business operations and transactions through the internet. E-Business is the term for doing all types of commercial transactions through the internet.
It required the use of the internet. It required the use of the internet, intranet, and extranet.
It includes limited transactions. It includes unlimited transactions.
Outward/external business processes are covered by E-Commerce. E-Business encompasses both internal and external business processes and activities.
E-Commerce refers to transactions involving money. E-Business refers to both monetary and non-monetary operations.
It refers to buying, selling, and online transactions. It refers to the online presence of the business.

What is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce is also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce. It is a general platform for buying and selling goods over the internet. e-commerce necessitates the use of websites and applications (apps). It is mostly linked to the final process of flow means that are linked to the end customer. The major e-commerce sites include Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

Difference Between E-Commerce and E-Business PDF

E-Commerce refers to the process of performing business transactions through the internet, as well as the selling and buying of goods. It also includes financial transactions. The activities related to e-commerce are listed below.

  • Purchasing tickets over the internet
  • Various taxes to pay
  • Payments made over the internet
  • Products bought or sold on the internet
  • Online Customer Service
  • Online Accounting Software

What is E-Business?

E-Business is also referred to as an electronic business. It is an activity for buying and selling products electronically. E-Business is the term for doing all types of commercial transactions through the internet. It covers internet-based operations such as acquiring raw materials/goods, customer education, supply activities, product purchasing and selling, monetary transactions, and so on. The activities related to e-business are listed below.

  • Setup of an online store
  • Customer education is essential
  • Purchasing and selling goods
  • Transactions involving money
  • Management of the Supply Chain
  • Marketing via e-mail

Similarity between E-commerce and E-business

As we have understood by now, that e-commerce is different from e-business, but it is a subset of e-business, and there are a few similarities between the two:

  • E-commerce and E-business have almost the same business model.
  • Both the models will have a Service-oriented Website.
  • Both models may focus on customer interaction for their revenue generation.
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