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By Renuka Miglani|Updated : February 16th, 2022

CSIR NET Memory Based Questions Chemical Science 2022 (16 February, Shift 1): The third day of the CSIR NET June 2021 exam ended with the successful completion of shifts 1 and 2 on 16 February 2022 and we have compiled a list of all the questions of Part A, B and C of CSIR NET Chemical Science questions asked in the 16th February Shift 2 today. The National Testing Agency (NTA) has already conducted exams for Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematical Science and Chemical Sciences, now the final round of Life Sciences group I & II is left that will be conducted on February 17, 2022, in two shifts.

We have previously provided a comprehensive CSIR NET Chemical Science exam analysis of the February 16 Shift 2 in which we have shared section-wise analysis and an overall good number of attempts and section-wise difficulty level of CSIR NET Part A, B and C of chemical science paper.

Check out this article below to get more information on the types of questions asked in today's exam and download the PDF.


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CSIR NET Chemical Science Exam Analysis 16 February 2022, Shift 2: Key Highlights 

  • There are two shifts scheduled for 16th February 2022, Morning Shift for Mathematical Science, while Evening Shift for Chemical Science. The shift timings were 12 PM to 3 PM for the morning shift while 3 PM to 6 PM for the evening shift.
  • Shift 2 CSIR UGC NET Chemical Science Exam is successfully completed and the Shift timing was 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
  • There were a total of 120 questions in today's paper, the difficulty level was TOUGH.
  • However, the Part A section was Moderate and Part B & C was Difficult, conceptual and time-consuming.
  • Most of the questions of Part A came from the Quantitative Aptitude section. 

CSIR NET Chemical Science Memory Based Questions: Part A Quantitative Aptitude 

Candidates can check below the questions of Part A Quantitative Aptitude asked in today's CSIR NET Chemical Science 16 February 2022, Shift 2 and hence can analyse their score accordingly.

S.No. QuestionsTopic


M + N + M × N

m + n + (m×n) = 118

Then what will be M + N

Number System
2.Train run 36km/hr. It crosses a mark on a platform in 4 sec and crosses the platform in 20 seconds. What is the length of the platform?Speed & Distance
3.Father's age is 5 years more than mother's age. The mother's present age is three times her daughter's age. The present age of the daughter is 12 years. What was the age of the father when the daughter was born?Problems on Age

M coins need to put in matrix in m×n. What will be the probability to put then so that no coins will be repeated.


811/3 × 811/9 × 811/27 × 811/81 ……… till infinity the value would be

A. 3

B. 9

C. 27

D. 81

Number System

CSIR NET Chemical Science Memory Based Questions: Part A Reasoning 

S.No.Questions Topic

A tells only lies on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and speaks only the truth for the rest of the week. B tells only lies on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and speaks only the truth for the rest of the week. If today both of them state that they have lied yesterday, what day is it today?

A. Monday B. Thursday

C. Sunday D. Tuesday

Logical Puzzle

CSIR NET Chemical Science Memory Based Questions: Part A Data Interpretation

To Be Updated


CSIR NET Chemical Science Memory Based Questions: Part B & C Chemical Science

Candidates can check below the questions of Part B & C questions asked in today's CSIR NET Chemical Science 16 February 2022 and hence can evaluate their score accordingly.

S.No.Questions Topic
1.No. of microstates corresponding to 4F term?Inorganic Chemistry
2.Hemerythrin hemocyanin electron transport risky protein azurin electron transport  tyrosinase cytochrome oxygenaseInorganic Chemistry
3.byjusexamprepInorganic Chemistry
4.Maximum no. of phases present in a 1 component system that can coexist togetherPhysical Chemistry

Which molecule is IR active but not microwave active?




Physical Chemistry

6.ML5 arrangement predict point group and the symmetry of orbitalsPhysical Chemistry
7.byjusexamprepOrganic Chemistry
8.In 3 Fe ferredoxin, no. of sulfide bridge and cys ligand.Inorganic Chemistry
9.Ma2b2cd no of enantiomeric pairsInorganic Chemistry
10.Effective magnetic moment (Meff) for F10 configurationInorganic Chemistry
11.Find commutator value for [x, px2]Physical Chemistry
12.byjusexamprepOrganic Chemistry
13.byjusexamprepPhysical Chemistry
14.12×12 square sheet Cut 4 square and make a tray. What should be the minimum edge of square in order to keep the volume tray mad?Physical Chemistry

The molecule which will not absorb in microwave region but will absorb in Infrared region

A. N2

B. C2H2

C. HCl

D. H2O

Physical Chemistry


The surface tension of dilute soap solutions is lower than pure water becomes

Physical Chemistry



Inorganic Chemistry

The structure showing hapticity of Azulene on the basis of 18e- rule.

Inorganic Chemistry


Rotational barrier < 10 Kcal/mol.

Organic Chemistry



Physical Chemistry

Please Note: Above are only the memory-based questions received from a few students. We will update all the questions shortly.

CSIR NET Chemical Science Memory Based Questions: Download PDF 

Download PDF Chemical Science 16 Feb Shift 2 (in English)

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