Difference Between Save and Save As

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Difference Between Save and Save As: Both Save and Save As appear similar but can be distinguished based on various parameters. The primary difference between Save and Save As is that Save aims to update the current content of the last saved file, whereas Save As aims to create a new folder or save an existing file to a new location with the same name or a different title.

Difference Between Save and Save As PDF

In this article, we will discuss Save, Save As, and the difference between Save and Save As. Both these options, ensure all the hard work put into the document is not lost or wasted. It is important to do numerous operations such as opening files, editing, and saving when dealing with computers and software such as Microsoft Word. The user can save the essential papers for later use or modification after they have been created in one of two ways: Save or Save As. Let us discuss the difference between Save and Save As in the sections below.

Difference Between Save and Save As

The key difference between Save and Save As is that Save allows you to update a previously saved file with new content, whereas Save As allows you to save a new file or an existing file to a new place with the same or different name. Further, let us check the difference between these two listed in the table below.

Key Difference Between Save and Save As

Save Save As
Most apps provide a Save command in the File menu that saves the data back to the file and folder it came from. Save As, on the other hand, is a command in most apps’ File menu that allows you to create a new file or save it in a different place.
The shortcut key for Save is Ctrl+S or Shift+F12 or Alt+Shift+F2. The shortcut key Save As is F12 or Alt+F+A.
It is used to make changes to the current file. It is used to apply changes to a new file.
A file can be saved with a single name using the Save option. A file can be saved with multiple names using Save As option.
Even if the document is saved many times, it is stored in the same spot. It allows us to save the document many times in different locations using Save As.
A user can use the save command to avoid data loss and to update previously stored work. The save as command allows a user to rename and save an existing file in a new place.

What is Save Option?

The Save option allows us to update the previously saved version to match the current working version, and the previous stored work to be updated with the new work. Because it saves your updated work, it is widely used to avoid losing modifications. As a result, we may conclude that Save is used to save changes to your current document.

Assume the user wrote some material into a Word document on the desktop. If he travels to the top of the screen, he will see a disk-shaped symbol. The content is saved to that document after pressing that icon. The user can read the written content by closing the file and reopening it.

What is Save As?

The Save As option allows us to save our work for the first time, as well as ask for the name and location where it will be stored. It’s used to make a new file and/or keep the old one (Backup file). As a result, we may say that Save As is utilized to make modifications to a new file.

Assume the user opens Microsoft Word and adds material to the document. When he presses the save icon, the Save As Dialog box appears. The user may then choose where to save the file, as well as the file name and type. After that, he may press the save button.

Main Differences Between Sava and Save As

The main difference between Save and Save as option are given below.

  • The save as command enables users to save new documents in other locations while the save command allows users to save existing documents back to the original location.
  • Save as is useful for altering the location and name of a stored document, whereas Save is useful for updating prior work and preventing data loss.
  • Only previously saved files can be affected by the save command, however new files can also be affected by the save as feature.
  • The shortcut keys for the save and save as commands are Ctrl+S, Shift+F12, and Alt+Shift+F2, respectively.
  • The save as command allows users to change a document’s format while saving it, whereas the save command does not.
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