What is the Difference Between Internet and Intranet?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Difference Between Internet and Intranet: In our modern age, almost everyone uses the internet. However, most people are perplexed when it comes to the difference between internet and intranet because the two concepts are nearly identical in terminology. Despite the fact that their words differ by only one letter, they have a lot of visible distinctions in general.

During these times, the internet and intranet have carved out a place for themselves. They are words that sound the same but have different meanings. The main difference between internet and intranet is that the Internet is a global system of computer networks that is accessible to everyone, whereas an Intranet is a network of computers that is controlled by a company and used by a specific set of people. We will check the difference between internet and intranet in the sections provided below.

What is the Difference Between Internet and Intranet?

Knowing the difference between internet and intranet is an essential part of the GATE CSE syllabus. Further, we will discuss the difference between internet and intranet given in the table below.

Key Difference Between Internet and Intranet 

Internet Intranet
The internet is used to connect several computer networks at the same time. Private companies own the intranet.
The number of visitors on the internet is higher. The intranet receives a smaller number of visits.
It is possible to gain access to or obtain more data or information. Data or information available via intranet shall be restricted to corporate records or details.
It can be accessed by anyone. It is not accessible to everyone.
It is a public network having more traffic. It is private network with less traffic.

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What is Internet?

Internet is a global network that connects millions of computers across the world using TCP/IP protocols. It can encompass private, public, organizational, academic, and government networks, among others. It allows users to connect with one another as well as share large volumes of data in a variety of forms. Internet access is provided in both wired and wireless modes. In wired mode, data is transmitted by fibre optic cables, whereas in wireless mode, data is transmitted using radio waves. The advantages of the internet are mentioned below.

  • The internet connects devices from all around the world to form a global network.
  • It enables individuals to converse effortlessly from anywhere on the planet.
  • People may quickly obtain knowledge on a variety of topics thanks to the internet.
  • It keeps people up to speed on the newest news and technology from across the world.
  • It brings individuals together through communities, forums, and social networking sites, allowing them to collaborate online.
  • It has simplified the process of selling and purchasing goods and services.

What is Intranet?

Intranet is a portion of the Internet that is privately owned and used by a company. It is primarily used to connect all of the computers in an organization’s private network, allowing employees to collaborate on projects, manage or update information, share calendars and to-do lists, and so on. Intranet is preferred by organizations to keep their data safe and inaccessible to others, such as suspicious data and project details. The advantages of the intranet are mentioned below.

  • Obtaining information about staff.
  • Employee onboarding and customer information.
  • Disseminating project information.
  • Projects and reports must be submitted.
  • Providing comments or making a complaint.

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