List of Important Days in September Month 2022

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 19, 2022, 6:15

Vulcan, the Roman deity of fire, is connected with September. The ancient Roman calendar's seventh month is now upon us. September gets its name from the Latin word Septem, which means "seven."

Teachers' Day, International Literacy Day, World First Aid Day, Hindi Diwas, Engineer's Day (India), International Day of Democracy, World Ozone Day, and other days are commemorated in September and are considered some of the Important days in September.

List of Important Days in September Month

Check the List of Important Days in September Month below:


Important Days in September

1st September

National Nutrition Week

2nd September

World Coconut Day

3rd September

Skyscraper Day

5th September

International Day of Charity

5th September

Teachers' Day (India)

7th September

Brazilian Independence Day

8th September

International Literacy Day

8th September

World Physical Therapy Day

10th September

World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD)

11th September

National Forest Martyrs Day

14th September

World First Aid Day

14th September

Hindi Diwas

15th September

Engineer's Day (India)

15th September

International Day of Democracy

16th September

Malaysia Day

16th September

World Ozone Day

17th September

World Patient Safety Day

18th September

World Bamboo Day

18th September (Third Saturday)

International Red Panda Day

19th September

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

21st September

International Day of Peace (UN)

21st September

World Alzheimer's Day

22nd September

Rose Day (Welfare of Cancer patients)

22nd September

World Rhino Day

23rd September

International Day of Sign Languages

24th September

World Maritime Day

25th September

World Pharmacists Day

25th September

Antyodaya Diwas

26th September

World Contraception Day

26th September

European Day of Languages

26th September

World Environmental Health Day

26th September (Fourth Sunday)

World Rivers Day

27th September

World Tourism Day

28th September

World Rabies Day

29th September

World Heart Day

30th September

International Translation Day

It starts last week of September and ends on the last Sunday of September

Day of Deaf

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September 2022 Important Days - Overview

1st September: National Nutrition Week

From the 1st to the 7th of September, National Nutrition Week is commemorated to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition and its impact on the human body to promote better health.

2nd September: World Coconut Day

Every year on 2nd September, World Coconut Day is commemorated to raise awareness of the value of this crop in poverty alleviation. This day also marks the anniversary of the Asian Pacific Coconut Community (APCC).

3rd September: Skyscraper Day

3rd September is designated as Skyscraper Day. Skyscrapers are extremely tall structures that define the skyline of a city. The day commemorates a man's ability to create an industrial masterpiece.

5th September: Teachers Day

Every year on 5th September, India commemorates the birth anniversary of India's second President, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. On this day, we honour and thank teachers for their contributions to the development of responsible citizens.

7th September: Brazilian Independence Day

Every year on 7th September, Brazilian Independence Day commemorates the country's founding. Brazil declared independence from the Portuguese on 7th September 1822. Brazil lost the monarchical government in 1889 and became a republic, but 7th September was retained as Independence Day.

8th September: International Literacy Day

Every year on 8th September, International Literacy Day is marked to raise public awareness about the importance of literacy, which is undeniably a matter of dignity and human rights. Let us remind you that it is an integral part of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

10th September: World Suicide Prevention Day

Every year on 10th September, World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is commemorated to promote awareness about suicide prevention. The International Association for Suicide Prevention is hosting this event (IASP). WHO is also a co-sponsor of this event.

11th September: National Forest Martyrs Day

The date of 11th September has historical importance, and it was chosen as National Forest Martyrs Day as a result. On this day in 1730, over 360 Bishnoi tribe members led by Amrita Devi protested the destruction of trees. On the king's instructions, they were slain in Khejarli, Rajasthan, for protesting against the destruction of the trees.

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FAQs on Important Days in September

When is World Tourism Day celebrated in September?

World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27th September.

When is the Hindi Diwas celebrated in September?

The Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14th September.

Whose birthday is celebrated on 5th September?

Dr. S. Radhakrishnans birthday is celebrated on 5th September as Teachers' Day.

What are the important days in September?

In September, the most important days are National Nutrition Week, World Coconut Day, Teachers' Day (India), International Day of Charity, World Physical Therapy Day, Hindi Diwas, World Patient Safety Day, World Ozone Day, World Pharmacists Day, World Rivers Day, and World Tourism Day.