IB ACIO Study Plan 2021

IB ACIO Study Plan 2021

ByNeha Uppal  |  Updated on: Feb 14, 2021The Intelligence Bureau has released the IB recruitment 2020-21 notification for various posts in the Ministry of Home Affairs. A total of 2000 vacancies has been released.
The Intelligence Bureau has released the IB recruitment 2020-21 notification for various posts in the Ministry of Home Affairs. A total of 2000 vacancies has been released.
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60 Days Study Plan for IB ACIO 2021 Exam

Today is Day 42





General Knowledge and General Awareness

Day 1


CI & SI Short Tricks

Tips and Tricks for solving Coding-Decoding Questions

Dance in India – Classical and Folk

Day 2

Idioms & Phrases

Boat & Stream

Distance & Direction

Quiz I

Famous Temples in India

Day 3

Active and Passive Voice

Mixture and Allegation

Blood Relation

Quiz I

List of Indian Monuments

Day 4

Idioms & Phrases Starting with A


Tricks to Solve Series Question

Parliament of India


Day 5

One-word substitution


Sitting Arrangement

List of Nicknames of the Cities

Day 6

Idioms and Phrases

Pipes and Cistern


Seats of Lok Sabha in India

Day 7

Vocabulary PDF

Time and Work & Wages


Governor, Chief Ministers and State Council of Ministers

Day 8

Revision Quiz on Respective Topics

Problem on Ages


World Geography (Part 1)

Day 9

Para jumble



Cities situated on the riversides

Day 10

Revision Quiz


Statement & Conclusion

World Geography (Part 2)

Day 11

Sentence Improvement Quiz

Profit, Loss and Discount

Syllogism Quizzes

Quiz I

Quiz II

Quiz III

World Geography (Part 3)


Day 12


Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Speed, Time and Distance

Tips & Tricks for Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

International Boundary Lines

Day 13

Vocabulary (Part 2)


Data Sufficiency

Famous Sports Personalities in India

Day 14

Spelling Error



Headquarters of International Organization

Coding-Decoding Important Questions PDF (English/ Hindi)

Day 15

List of Important Confusing Words


Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Mirror & Water Image


Sports Terminologies 

Day 16

Noun (Part 2)

Mensuration 2-D

Logical Arrangement of Words Notes

Medieval History Notes: Bahmani and Vijayanagar Kingdoms

Day 17


Mensuration 3-D

Quiz on Mensuration 3-D

Mirror & Water Image
Quiz 1
Quiz 2

Landforms Created by River and Glacier System

50+ Most Important General Awareness Q/A PDF

Day 18

Important Preposition Rules

Number System

Quiz on Number System


Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Quiz 3

Motion Notes

Day 19


Problem Based on Ages

Quiz 1


Important Fuels and their Composition

50+ Most Important English Q/A PDF Download

Day 20


Notes on Trigonometric Identities

Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Quiz 3

Synthetic Material and Chemical Used in Everyday Life

Day 21

Auxiliary Verb

Notes on Height & Distance (Part 1)

Logical Venn Diagram

Chemistry Notes on Chemical Reactions & Classification of Elements

 50+ Most Important Maths Q/A PDF in English/ Hindi

Day 22


Percentage Quiz

Mirror and Water Image Quiz

Economic Notes: Banking Structure in India

Day 23


Notes on Height & Distance (Part 2)

Verbal Reasoning Quiz

Basic Economy Notes

Day 24

Top 20 Idioms on Animals

Trigonometry Quiz 1

Tricks to solve Word Formation Questions

Notes on Heat and Thermodynamics

(16 - 23 January Complete Week Quizzes)

Quiz 1 | Quiz 2 | Quiz 3 | Quiz 4 | Quiz 5 | Quiz 6 | Quiz 7

Day 25

Important Rules of Parallelism

Mensuration Quiz 1

Mensuration Quiz 2

Cube and Dice Quiz


Verbal Reasoning Quiz

Atomic Model and Quantum Number


Daily Current Affair Quiz

Day 26

Top 20 Idioms on Body Parts

Trigonometry Quiz 2

Tricks to Solve Statement & Conclusion Questions

Polity Notes on Age Limits in Indian Constitution

Day 27

Important Rules to Solve Spelling Mistakes

Mensuration Quiz 3

Quiz on Classification

Human Blood

Day 28

How to Attempt Cloze Test in IB ACIO Exam

Tricks to Solve Unit Digit Questions

Mathematical Operation
Quiz 1


Number and Word Series Quiz

History Notes: Mountbatten Plan & Partition of India

Day 29

Reading Comprehension Strategy

Power, Surds and Indices

Blood Relation
Quiz 1

Indian National Congress (1885 – 1907)


Daily Current Affairs Quiz

Day 30

Important Notes & Rules of Conjunctions

Notes on Series and Progressions

Blood Relation
Quiz 2

Indian National Congress (1907-1930)


Daily Current Affairs Quiz

Day 31

Types of Sentences


Idioms and Phrases Quiz

Divisibility Rule Notes

Ordering and Ranking Quiz

Diseases & Parts affected of Human Body

Daily Current Affairs Quiz

Day 32

Active and Passive Voice Quiz

Algebra Notes

Distance and Direction Quiz

Chemistry Notes on Polymers & Chemical Used in Medicine

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 

(24 - 31 January Complete Week Quizzes)

Quiz 1 | Quiz 2 | Quiz 3 | Quiz 4 | Quiz 5 | Quiz 6 | Quiz 7

Day 33


Polygon Notes

Number and Word Series Quiz

Polymers & Chemicals Used in Medicines

Day 34

Exercise on Tenses

Trigonometry Quiz 

Ordering and Ranking Quiz

Human Circulatory System

Day 35

Cloze Test Quiz

Triangle and Its Properties Notes

Word Formation Quiz

Chemical Bonding

Day 36

Direct and Indirect Speech

Number System

Para Jumble Quiz

Physics Notes on Waves

Day 37

Reading Comprehension Quiz

Lines and Similarity of Triangles Notes

Arrangement of Words Quiz

Chemistry Notes on Acids and Base

(1 Feb - 7 February Complete Week Quizzes)

Quiz 1 | Quiz 2 | Quiz 3 | Quiz 4 | Quiz 5 | Quiz 6 | Quiz 7

Day 38

Active/Passive Voice Quiz

Percentage Quiz

Pattern Completion Quiz

Mughal Empire (Part 1)

Day 39

One Word Substitution Quiz

Short Tricks on Centres of Triangle

Embedded Figures Quiz

Mughal Empire (Part 2)

Day 40

Idiom/ Phrases Quiz

Geometry Notes on Quadrilateral

Clock and Calendar Quiz

Mughal Empire (Part 3)

Day 41

How to Solve Para Jumble Questions

Geometry Notes on Circle

Classification Quiz

Mughal Empire (Part 4)

Day 42

Fill in the Blank Quiz

Mensuration 3D

Arithmetical Reasoning Quiz

World History Notes Part 1

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IB ACIO Study Plan FAQs

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  • To effectively revise the IB ACIO syllabus, we recommend you to take IB ACIO Mock Test series along with IB ACIO Practice papers from time to time to assess your performance.

  • There are a total of three stages in the recruitment process of IB ACIO:

    • IB ACIO Tier-I Exam (Written)
    • IB ACIO Tier-II Exam (Written)
    • IB ACIO Interview (Personality test)
  • The duration of IB ACIO exam is 2 hours.

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