Algebra Study Notes for SSC and Railways Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Nov 6, 2020, 14:39

Algebra for SSC CGL has a good weightage so if you are preparing for these exams. Mathematics is a very wide subject that has different parts, including geometry, theory, and analysis concepts. Algebra is one of the most appreciated parts of applied Mathematical subjects. Applications of Algebra are widespread, whether it is solving complicated equations, handling data, or finding out the volume of water in a tank, calculating the velocity of your car; it is used everywhere and in various situations in day to day life. It is a vital subject when it comes to competitive exams so being very sure about your knowledge and concepts are all clear.

Given below are all the details concerning Algebra questions asked in SSC & Railway Exams. Find out the best way to prepare the Algebra questions, recommended books, tips to solve the questions, and more.

Important topics of algebra for SSC Exam



Introduction to Algebra

Algebra is an integral and essential part of mathematics. Here we use different symbols, operations and numbers to deal with problems.


Power of a number is referred to as exponent i. e. if a number say 'm' is multiplied to itself 'n' times (m*m*m....upto n times), it is represented as m^n (m raised to power n) where 'm' is the base and 'n' is the exponent.

For example -For 2^5 (2*2*2*2*2), '2' is the base, and '5' is the exponent.


There are various tricks and ways which we follow to simplify complex expressions. Some of the methods are BODMAS, modulus of a real number (modulus of a real number x is denoted |x| and it is the value of the number taken with a positive sign.


Polynomials form the base of algebra. An expression of the form ax^4 + x^3 - ax^2 + ax; where real numbers and the powers of variables are non-negative integers; i.e. 0,1,2…..

Quadratic Equations

Degree two polynomial equations are called quadratic equations, which means an equation that has the highest power of variable 2. The standard form of Q.E where a,b,c are constant real numbers (where a is not equal to 0) and x is the variable. A Q.E has two roots or two zeros.

Tips to prepare Algebra questions for SSC CGL

  • Be very thorough with your concepts.
  • Learn all the important topics under Algebra.
  • Keep all the Algebra formulas for SSC CGL on your fingertips.

Importance of Algebra in Quantitative Section of Competitive Banking & Government Exams

  • Has a high weightage.
  • Algebra questions for SSC CGLmains are scoring
  • They are easy
  • Concept-based questions.

Most Recommended Books for learning Algebra

The books you should refer to study algebra questions for SSC CGL mains include Algebra for SSC CGL and SSC Algebra (Volume 1 and 2).

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Frequently Asked Questions about Algebra

Q1. What are the important topics of Algebra?

A1. Though there are many important topics that you need to learn in algebra but to get a good grasp in this topic; you should be aware of everything related to polynomials, quadratic equations, basic algebra, exponents, and simplification.

Q2. Is Algebra important WRT competitive studies?

A2. Algebra plays a vital role in the mathematics section of every competitive exam. It is important because it not just helps you in solving questions in the exams, but it also is an answer to many of your days to day life problems.

Q3. Are there any branches of Algebra?

A3. Yes, you have various branches of Algebra including Elementary Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Linear and commutative Algebra.

Q4. Is it important to learn polynomials?

A4. Whenever we talk about Algebra, “polynomials” is a topic that comes up in without a miss. You need to understand this topic for sure if you wish to score well in this topic.

Q5. What if I am unable to complete Algebra? Can I skip it?

A5. Algebra is an important topic that holds a lot of marks. If you leave this topic, you are going to lose a lot of marks. So, it is advised by math-experts that while studying math topics for your competitive exam, make sure to learn Algebra by heart.

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