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Question 1

In a class, there were 9 boys and some girls. In a test the mean score obtained by the boys was 12 while that obtained by the girls was 14. If the overall average was 13.1, what was the total number of students in the class?

Question 2

In a class number of girls is 40% of that of boys. If average age of boys is 15 years and average age of girls is 20% less than that of boys then what is average age of class?

Question 3

The average of all the prime and composite numbers upto 100 is:

Question 4

The average marks of sam decreased by 1, when he replaced the subject in which he has scored 40 by the other two subjects in which he scored 23 and 25 marks respectively. Later he has also included 57 marks of computer science, then the average marks increased by 2. How many subjects were there initially?

Question 5

Average age of a group of 16 boys is 21 years. Two boys with ages 15 years and 18 years left the group and one boy with age 24 years joined the group. What is the new average age (in years) of the group?

Question 6

The average age of 6 members of a family is 25 years. If the youngest member of the family is 15 years old, then what was the average age (in years) of the family at the time of the birth of the youngest member?

Question 7

The first and last terms of an arithmetic progression are 33 and -57. What is the sum of the series if it has 16 terms?

Question 8

What is the average of 59, 63, 68. 77, 74 and 73, when each number is divided by 23?

Question 9

In a firm, the average salary of all the employees is Rs. 7800. The average salary of security guards and managers are Rs. 6500 and Rs. 12000 respectively. The average salary of 4 service engineers is Rs. 8600 and the average salary of 3 delivery boys is Rs. 4800. If the no. of security guard is equal to the no. of managers, find the no. of managers in the firm.

Question 10

What is the averages of squares of first 10 natural numbers?
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