IB ACIO Salary & Job Profile 2023: In hand Salary, Pay Scale, Allowances & Promotions

IB ACIO Salary & Job Profile 2023: In hand Salary, Pay Scale, Allowances & Promotions

ByNeha Uppal  |  Updated on: Jan 2, 2023
IB ACIO Salary 2023: Get all the details about Intelligence Bureau Assistant Central Intelligence Officer in-hand salary, grade pay and career growth as per the 7th pay commission here.

IB ACIO Salary 2023: One of the main reasons for the candidates to join any department in the Government sector is the salary structure along with various perks and benefits provided to them. IB ACIO Salary 2023 details are mentioned in the notification along with other details like job profile, job timings, benefits, and allowances provided to Intelligence Bureau Officer. As per the notification released by the MHA for 150 vacancies in the IB ACIO recruitment 2023, candidates will be getting the salary as per the level 7 pay scale (44900/- to 142400/-) plus other allowances. Candidates preparing for the IB ACIO exam can read the post to know about IB ACIO Salary, job profile, allowances, promotion and various other perks & benefits.

IB ACIO Job Profile

The below table highlights the Job profile of an ACIO employee recruited under the IB department:



Job responsibilities

The collection mechanisms of the IB vary depending on the region, but the IB operates both at the state level and the national level. You may be working at one of the following

At National Level

The bulk of the intelligence collection is carried out by `Grade II' employees of the IB and if you are an ACIO, you will be in that grade. 

The `Class I' officers mostly carry out coordination and higher-level management of the IB.

At State Level:

At the state level, you will be a part of the State Special Bureau and will be reporting to a Central Intelligence Officer (the intelligence advisor to the Governor).

 The IB maintains a large number of field units and headquarters (which are under the control of Joint or Deputy Directors).

It is through these offices and the intricate process of the deputation that a very `organic' linkage between the state police agencies and the IB is maintained.

 In addition to these at the national level, the IB has several units (in some cases Subsidiary Intelligence Bureaus) to keep track of issues like terrorism, counter-intelligence, VIP security and threat assessment, and sensitive areas (i.e. J&K, North-East Region (NER), etc.).

You have to work under every department in IB once you get in. This provides you to enhance your skills. Even the people from the technical background are been given field assignments.

Work timing

As an Assistant in Intelligence Bureau, you will have a proper work schedule. Daily you will be going in the morning and coming back to your home in the evening, with no extra work hours and working in shifts.

Career Path

As an Assistant in Intelligence Bureau, you will have the following career path

 Section Officers( in 7-8 years)

Under Secretary

 Deputy Secretary


Apart from the above-listed job responsibilities, there are certain points worth noting:

Training: The candidate has to undergo physical training with a routine that comprises a lot of running and exercising. This is mainly done to make the candidates fit and healthy. The time period for training is two months. The second phase of training is mostly theoretical where seniors deliver lectures in classes to prepare the recruits mentally also. This period also continues for the next two months.

Job Posting: After the initial training, the recruit is assigned responsibilities where they get to know themselves better, as they get to work in an environment, where they are going to face very tough circumstances. This prepares the recruits for the worst-case scenario. Every officer is allotted a particular district/state and is sent to that particular place. The allotment is random. Some recruits may get border areas, mainland while others might be posted to cities, towns, or villages.

On-the-job training: Each place has its own issues like terrorism, security, Naxalism, narcotics, goons, etc. Every recruit is expected to create his/her work profile of the place he/she is posted to and to analyze the ongoing or any other possible threats that can prove to be harmful to that particular place and to work on them. Each recruit will be working under the guidance of a mentor who will lead them thoroughly on how to work under such conditions.

Spontaneity and Risk Handling:  Being an ACIO, the risk is always going to follow the recruit wherever he/she may go. They need to act spontaneously to the situation and handle it wisely or the situation may pose a threat to their well-being. The recruits need to have social skills, must be alert at all times of the operation. They must know how to manage or overcome any possible danger that can be hazardous to society or themselves. As per safety issues, your physical safety is their prime concern and even if you are posted in a tense area in North-East or Kashmir a team is always there for your physical safety. IB officer is not on any front; their job is to collect input from their sources, which can be done even sitting in the office. While being in such a job you need to forget about privacy. Whatever the rules and protocols are there, one should follow properly and the way it is instructed. Needless to say, you will also be in their eyes and monitor. This is done to avoid defections and breaches.

IB ACIO Salary

IB ACIO salary is one of the important & attractive components of the Grade-II post. Below we have described the detailed IB ACIO Grade II salary structure along with the gross salary and net salary. Therefore, go through the detailed IB ACIO pay scale along with the details of the allowance for the Grade II officer post.



 Pay Scale


Grade Pay


Basic Pay 


CPC Fitment Factor




Transport Allowances


Gross Pay







Total Deductions


Net Salary (approx.)


The terms used in the above table are given below:


Explanation/ Meaning

Pay Scale

The pay scale is a system that determines the salary or wages of an employee. There are certain factors on which the pay scale depends. The level of employment in terms of responsibilities, seniority, rank or status, the difficulty of the specific work performed. Depending upon these factors the pay scale of an employee is decided by an employer.

Basic Pay 

The basic pay is the sum of the initial pay of the employee and Grade pay. This factor of income varies from one job profile to another job profile. This is an important factor as all further calculations are done based on this factor.

CPC Fitment Factor

The central pay commission fitment factor is the modification in salary made after amendment in the salary and wages as per the seventh pay commission. This factor is fixed at 2.62 for up to Grade pay 4800. The sum of initial pay and grade pay is taken into consideration for the calculation of the CPC fitment factor.


House Rent Allowance is the reimbursement for employees which is given to ease the stay at the place of posting. If an employee avails the facility of the house on lease or leased flats from the employer then that employee cannot avail himself/ herself of this allowance (HRA).


EPF is a Government-backed voluntary saving scheme that aims at inculcating saving habits for retirement amongst the citizens. It is designed to encourage systematic saving during the subscriber’s working life to offer old-age income or fixed retirement income to all the citizens of India.


The Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) was started under the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in 1954 to provide comprehensive medical care facilities to Central Government employees, pensioners and their dependents residing in CGHS covered cities.

For a better understanding and preparation of the exam, it is beneficial to understand the exam pattern and be aware of the detailed syllabus for the exam. Candidates can plan their study plan according to the syllabus and put their best foot forward to get their desired job. Click here for the detailed IB Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Exam Syllabus and Exam Pattern.


  • Candidates who will be recruited after clearing the IC ACIO 2023 exam will get the Level 7 pay scale.

  • An IB ACIO monthly salary is Rs 44,900 - Rs 1,42,400 as per the 7th pay commission. Besides the salary, IB ACIO will also get various other Central Govt. allowances.

  • IB ACIO job profile includes the following tasks:

    • To carry out the bulk of the intelligence collection
    •  You will be a part of the State Special Bureau and will be reporting to a Central Intelligence Officer (the intelligence advisor to the Governor).
    • To maintain liason with sister agencies, performing secret operations if the need arises, regular office work at times etc. 

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