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Question 1

Slope of the side DA of the rectangle ABCD is 5/3. What is the slope of the side AB?

Question 2

The area of a triangle ABC is 10.8 cm2. If CP = PB and 2AQ = QB then the area of the triangle APQ is:

Question 3

Area of a circle is 1386 sq.cm. Along the diameter of the circle, small equilateral triangles of side 3 cm are inscribed on both the sides with one side on the diameter. How many such triangles can be inscribed?

Question 4

A stair case is designed such that it is composed of 30 steps with each step having a length and breadth are 1 m and 0.25 m respectively and height of each step is 0.15 m. If a carpet is laid on the stairs what would be the area of the carpet?

Question 5

The area of a rectangular field is 32736m2. This rectangular area has been drawn on a map to scale 1cm to 100m. The length is shown as 2.64cm on the map. Find the perimeter of the field.

Question 6

A cylindrical bottle with 3 cm diameter contains 100g of Glue in it. On each use 1/9th of the quantity of the bottle gets used. Then, find the height of the remaining glue in the bottle after 3rd use.

Question 7

The radius of a cylinder is 10 cm and height is 4cm. The number of centimeters that may be added either to the radius or to the height to get the same increse in the volume of cylinder is-

Question 8

A sphere of radius 21 cm is cut into 8 identical parts by 3 cuts (1 cut along each axis). What will be the total surface area (in cm2) of each part?

Question 9

The curved surface area of a cylinder is 396 and its volume is 594 . Taking . Find the ratio of its diameter to its height.

Question 10

If the height of a cylinder is increased by 20% and the radius is decreased by 20%, what is the change in volume? (approx)
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