Mensuration Study Notes for SSC and Railways Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Nov 6, 2020, 14:52

Mensuration is regarded as a scoring Maths topic for competitive government exams like the SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, and Railways exams. It is, therefore, important for every student to understand and learn to apply the various mensuration formulas with regard to all geometrical figures. Mensuration is the branch of mathematics that studies the measurement of geometric figures. This may include geometrical figures and shapes such as a cube, sphere, cylinder, cuboid, cone, etc.

The details shared below will help you to understand how and what topics to prepare for various SSC CGL Mensuration questions and SSC CHSL Mensuration questions. 

Important Mensuration Topics 

Students preparing for the SSC CGL Mensuration questions must practice making Mensuration notes for SSC CGL and should definitely include concepts and examples of the following topics in their preparation.



2D Shape

These shapes have only two dimensions,i.e., length and breadth. One can measure their area and perimeter.

3D Shape

These shapes are called three dimensional as they have depth (or height), length, and breadth. One can measure their volume, CSA, LSA, or TSA.


The area refers to the surface, which is covered by a closed shape (m2 or cm2).


The measure of the continuous line along the boundary of a given figure is called Perimeter (m or cm).


The space occupied by a 3D shape is called Volume (cm3 or m3).

Curved Surface Area (CSA)

If the surface is curved, then the total area is called a Curved Surface Area, e.g.a, Sphere (m2 or cm2).

Lateral Surface Area (LSA)


The total area of all the lateral surfaces that surrounds the given figure is called the Lateral Surface Area (m2 or cm2).

Total Surface Area (TSA)

The sum of all the curved and lateral surface areas is called the Total Surface Area, e.g., TSA of a Cone (m2 or cm2).

Square Unit

The area covered by a square of side one unit is called a Square Unit (m2 or cm2).

Cube Unit

The volume occupied by a cube of side one unit is called a Cube Unit (cm3 or m3).

 Mensuration Formulas for 2D Shapes








2(l + b)

l x b


2π r

π r2


b + hypotenuse + h

½ × b × h


4 × side

½ × d1 × d2


2(l + b)

b x h



½ h(a+b)

 Mensuration Formulas for 3D Shapes


Volume (Cubic units)

Curved Surface Area (CSA) or Lateral Surface Area (LSA) (Square units)

Total Surface Area (TSA) (Square units)



LSA = 4 a2

6 a2


l × b × h

LSA = 2h (l + b)

2 (lb +bh +hl)


(4/3) π r3

4 π r2

4 π r2


(⅔) π r3        

2 π r2

3 π r2


π r2 h

2π r h  

2πrh + 2πr2


(⅓) π r2 h                 

π r l

πr (r + l)

Tips to Solve/ Prepare Mensuration Questions 

 In order to solve the Mensuration questions, you should know some basic tricks and tips.

  • First of all, learn all the Mensuration formulas by heart.
  • Thoroughly go through Mensuration notes for SSC CGL.
  • Solve SSC previous year's Mensuration questions.
  • Practice with mock test papers on SSC Mensuration questions, SSC CHSL Mensuration questions, SSC CGL Mensuration questions PDF.
  • In multiple-choice questions, use elimination technique and divide the given answers by 11 if the formula contains 'π,' i.e., the circumference of a circle, area of a sphere, the volume of a cone, cylinder, etc. to arrive at the answer or narrow down choices.
  •  Solve SSC Mensuration questions in Hindi if you are planning to take the exam in Hindi.

Importance of Mensuration in the Quantitative Section of SSC & Railways Exams 

  1. Mensuration is a very important part of the Quantitative Aptitude section of Tier I and Tier II of SSC CGL exam, CHSL and Railways exams.
  2.  Mensuration has a number of real-life applications. For example, correct measurement of agricultural fields, plots, floor areas or industrial sites is required for sale/purchase transactions in order to determine government revenue.
  3. Similarly, packaging of milk, liquids, and food items, in poly packs, cardboard or plastic, etc. is governed by weights and measures related rules and regulations that have to be enforced by government departments. Measurement of surface areas/perimeter is required for estimation of the cost of painting buildings, putting fences around premises, etc. That’s why Mensuration forms an important part of SSC and Railways exams.

Most Recommended Books for Mensuration

Continuous practice is very important to master Mensuration concepts and solve SSC Mensuration questions. The following books are immensely helpful in preparation.



NCERT Class 10 Maths Book


SSC Mathematics

Rakesh Yadav

SSC Elementary and Advanced Maths

Kiran Prakashan

Magical Book on Quicker Maths

M Tyra

Quantitative Aptitude

Dr RS Aggarwal

Advance Maths

Sarvesh Sharma

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mensuration 

Q1. How should one prepare Maths for SSC-CGL?

 Cracking the QA paper of SSC-CGL requires a good understanding of basic concepts in Maths, followed by practice from mock papers and previous year questions.

Q2. What are the most important topics in Maths for SSC-CGL?

Arithmetic, Algebra, Percentage/ Profit & Loss, Mensuration, Trigonometry, Geometry, Ratio/Proportion, Time and Work, Simple/Compound Interest, Speed, and Distance, Number System, and Data Interpretation are the most important topics of SSC-CGL.

Q3. Does it help to take mock tests for SSC-CGL?

You should take mock tests every week in exam-like conditions and time yourself while you do so. This will equip you with solving probable questions that will come in the exam.

Q4.  Do we get time to do a full calculation of solutions for Maths problems in SSC-CGL?

In objective type QA papers, you don't have the time to do a full calculation and have to use tips and tricks to choose the right answer from options. Follow the steps given by BYJU'S Exam Prep's experts to improve your concepts and speed.