Legal Reasoning for CLAT 2024 – Question, Books, Expert’s Tips for CLAT Legal Reasoning

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

Legal Reasoning for Clat is the most prevalent and crucial portion of CLAT. This section is designed to test candidates’ skills in problem-solving and research aptitude. The authority makes Legal Reasoning Questions for CLAT 2024 to evaluate candidates’ interest in studying law by asking questions on different topics like Torts, Criminal Law, Family Law, Intellectual Property Law, and many more.

So, the candidates who are thinking of appearing in the upcoming exam must prepare for CLAT Legal Reasoning well to get a score in the exam. In this article, our experts have mentioned all the details for this section, along with the list of the best Legal Reasoning Books for CLAT.

What is Legal Reasoning for Clat?

The Legal Reasoning for CLAT is an important section of the CLAT Syllabus. This section includes passage-based questions, so the candidates must study the given passage well to answer the questions accurately. Apart from this CLAT Legal Reasoning section is quite important for an additional reason as it’s a tiebreaker section. We mean to say that this part helps the candidates to score better in the tie-breaking round. If the candidates get the highest score in Legal Reasoning for CLAT 2024 than the other students, you will have a better overall ranking because this section is used to break ties between students with similar total scores.

There are various essential topics of Legal Reasoning, that you need to keep track of to build a strong base at the time of CLAT Preparation. Before jumping to these topics, you must first understand the complete CLAT Exam Pattern, topics covered, and weightage of this section. Note the section below to get a list of topics that you need to study to give correct answers CLAT Legal Reasoning 2024.

Important Highlights for Legal Reasoning for CLAT

Below are some important overviews of the questions asked in CLAT Legal Reasoning.

  • A total of 35-39 questions will be asked.
  • CLAT Legal Reasoning 2024 section includes questions mainly based on legal comprehension
  • The candidates will get straightforward questions that evaluate the candidates’ ability to put forth the best judgment of supporting arguments connected to the legal matter discussed in the passage.

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Topic Covered in CLAT Legal Reasoning 2024

The Legal Reasoning section of CLAT contains passages of approximately 450 words. All these passages will relate to factual events or scenarios involving legal solutions. The passages given in this Section require you to

  • Identify and infer the rules and principles mentioned in the CLAT Legal Reasoning passage.
  • Apply such rules and principles to various fact situations
  • Understand how changes to the rules or principles may alter their application to various fact situations.

Below is the list of topics that you must cover for Legal Reasoning for CLAT 2024.

  • Torts
  • Contracts
  • Criminal Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • International Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Family Law
  • General Legal Principles

[Important Note: The above topics are written in order of their importance, For example, we can say that Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law are the most important topics under CLAT Legal Reasoning.]

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Types of Legal Reasoning for CLAT

The candidates may get 3 types of questions in the CLAT Legal Reasoning section. BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have mentioned the types of Legal Reasoning questions in the table below.

  • Single Principle: It means that the candidates will get a single principle along with 1 or more questions based on that specific principle.
  • Multiple Principles: In this CLAT Legal Reasoning question, two principles will be asked. That means you have to answer 1 or more questions based on those principles.
  • Cluster Questions: These types of Legal Reasoning Questions for CLAT  2024 will be based on 4-5 principles.

☛ The candidates must note one thing, the entire process for CLAT Registration is online. They have to fill out the application form on the official website of the CLAT Consortium.

Best Legal Reasoning Books for CLAT

Below is the list of experts-recommended books that you can follow to prepare Legal Reasoning for CLAT 2024.

Legal Reasoning Books for CLAT

Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning


Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning

A P Bhardwaj

Objective Legal Aptitude

R.S Aggarwal

How to Approach Legal Reasoning for Questions CLAT 2024?

Here are the things to remember that will help you to improve CLAT Legal Reasoning knowledge.

  • Read the principle very carefully: Be attentive; every word has its relevance in law. Read every principle very carefully.
  • All conditions in the principle-based Legal Reasoning Questions in CLAT must be proved to establish the crime or offense.
  • Keep your scope of understanding and application of law limited to the principle provided: applying moral principles may result in the wrong answer for CLAT Legal Reasoning.
  • Keep your emotions aside while solving the legal section on CLAT Question Paper. Think logically while attempting questions in this section.
  • Look out for the best suitable answer, not the ideal one.
  • Do not assume or extend facts on your own: this is not a principle, but you must keep in mind that you must not assume or extend the facts of the case on your own; you cannot imagine any facts beyond the facts given to solve the question.

Expert’s Tips to Prepare for CLAT Legal Reasoning

Here are some tips and tricks for preparing Legal Reasoning Questions for CLAT 2024.

  • First, read the passage carefully, then try the given CLAT Legal Reasoning question. If you don’t read the hypothetical situation first, you won’t be able to form any opinions and will be able to respond objectively.
  • The author’s point of view is crucial. While answering the questions, avoid superimposing your point of view.
  • Always choose an answer that has an obvious connection to the CLAT Legal Reasoning passage.
  • Don’t skip any of the CLAT Mock Tests or CLAT Sample Paper that have been offered to you. So take the mock examinations seriously and use them to help you improve your comprehension skills for the CLAT Legal Reasoning section
  • Work on your reading abilities regularly.
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