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IB ACIO Exam Quiz (Based on Study Plan) : 06 January

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Question 1

The famous cultural site Rani-ki-Vav (the Queen's Stepwell) is situated on the banks of which river?

Question 2

Lingaraja temple is located in _______.

Question 3

The Vijay Satambha at Chittor was built by

Question 4

The fort of Lohagarh at Amritsar was built by

Question 5

If three days before yesterday was Wednesday, what will be two days after tomorrow?

Question 6

Aayush's birthday is on Monday 22nd May. On what day of the week will be Neerav's Birthday in the same year if Neerav was born on 30th October?

Question 7

A can complete the work in 12 days, B in 15 days. They both start to work together, in how many days will they complete the work?

Question 8

16 men can complete the 1/3 of work in 6 days. The additional men required to complete the work in next 6 days.

Question 9

Direction: In the following questions, some of the sentences have error and some have none. Find out which part of the sentence has an error. If the sentence is correct as it is, your answer is 'No error'.

One of my friends (1)/ are (2)/ an I.A. S. officer (3)/ No error (4) 

Question 10

Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blank.

He sold his property because he was under a lot of ____.
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