SSC GD Constable Salary 2023: Per Month Salary, Job Profile, Allowances

SSC GD Constable Salary 2023: Per Month Salary, Job Profile, Allowances

ByNeha Uppal  |  Updated on: Jul 19, 2023
SSC GD salary 2023 is one of the major attractions of this job. Know the detailed SSC GD Constable salary after 7th pay commission. Also, learn about SSC GD job profile, career growth, salary slip, etc.

SSC GD Salary is set by the Staff Selection Commission. It is one of the finest posts and is tasked with strengthening of internal security. It is essential that candidates preparing for the exam learn about SSC GD Constable salary as it will help them plan their future realistically. This post gets various benefits and allowances as well. 

SSC GD salary is considered to be quite lucrative. Selected candidates are entitled to in hand salary of up to Rs. 33,965 per month. Apart from compensation, aspirants should also know SSC GD job profile, responsibilities, and career growth. In this post, we have highlighted all the essential pointers associated with the SSC GD salary 2023, like basic pay, per month salary, job profile, salary slip, etc. at the time and after the completion of training.

SSC GD Salary 2023

SSC GD salary is considered to be remunerative as it is one of the most prestigious jobs in the public sector in India. After qualifying the exam and sailing through the SSC GD Selection Process, GD Constables are entitled to several benefits and allowances such as House Rental Allowance (HRA), Dearness Allowance (DA), Transportation Allowance (TA), Medical Facilities, General Provident Fund (GPF), Defined Contribution Pension Scheme (DCPS), Annual Paid Leaves, etc. in addition to the basic pay.

The SSC GD salary is based on the pay scale of Rs 5200-20200 with a 2000 grade pay. Those candidates who are planning to apply online for SSC GD must have an in-depth knowledge of GD constable salary. Also, candidates should know about SSC GD salary after 5 years, allowances, perks, and benefits they get in addition to the deductions. In this article, we have elaborated on SSC GD salary structure in detail for your ease.

SSC GD Salary Per Month

If you are wondering what is the total SSC GD Salary per month, it is Rs 33,965 after the training period. The SSC GD salary per month is paid without making any deductions. The salary can be divided into 3 different aspects that include - basic pay, allowances, perks, and additional pay. We have provided information on all these aspects in this post for your reference.

The salary for SSC GD job is a big attraction for aspirants who wish to serve as Constables. This post provides a plethora of benefits apart from the monthly salary. Candidates who want to take their career in this direction should acquaint themselves with the details regarding the SSC GD salary. This will help candidates plan their future well and will also provide them insight into what their standard of living will be like. 

SSC GD Salary In Hand

Since a GD constable gets multiple benefits, allowances, and deductions that are included with the official salary. Due to this candidates often get confused about the SSC GD in-hand salary as there are various factors included while calculating it. Therefore, we have mentioned the in-hand SSC GD Salary for your reference which is Rs 30,307. Earlier, it was Rs 23,527, but recently, the government revised the Dearness Allowance (DA) i.e 24%. It is a decent monthly salary that comes with various other perks that make it worthwhile as well as the security that most aspirants seek in a job.

SSC GD Salary After Training

SSC GD salary after training period is Rs 33,965, without any deductions. Candidates who successfully complete their training will be entitled to this amount in addition to the various other perks and benefits that are generally included in this job. Candidates must note that SSC GD training period salary is Rs. 21,700 which they will receive during the period of training. SSC GD training period lasts for 1 year after which the salary will be increased drastically, as well as the scope for growth and promotion.

SSC GD Salary After 5 Years

The Staff Selection Commission offers lucrative salaries and constant growth to their General Duty Constable which is the main reason that every year matric passed students rush to grab this opportunity. Candidates holding the GD Constable post will be entitled to various perks along with getting Rs 33,965 per month salary which will be increased every year. Hence, the SSC GD Salary after 5 years will be Rs. 40,000 approx. 

SSC GD Salary Structure

The SSC GD salary structure is typically different for the various posts in the Staff Selection Commission General Duty Constable exam. The salary depends on the responsibilities associated with the different posts. The initial basic pay of SSC GD is Rs 33,965/- per month as per the 7th pay commission. However, certain deductions are also made from the SSC GD constable salary. To know about the salary of SSC GD Constable in detail, refer to the salary structure tabulated below:


SSC GD Salary Structure

SSC GD Basic Pay (Pay in Pay Band + Grade Pay)



2,439 (Depends on the city)

Dearness Allowance (34%)


TPT Allowance2358 (Depends on Batallion)
Dress Allowance90

Gross Pay


GPF/ NPS Subscription

2908 (10% of Basic Pay+ DA)








EDN Fund


Sports Fund


Total Deductions


SSC GD Salary (In-hand Salary)

30,307 (Varies from City to City)

Note: As per the latest central government circular, presently, Dearness Allowance (DA) is 34%. The salary structure mentioned in the table above is given as per the updated DA.

SSC GD Salary Slip

The SSC GD salary slip displays all the important details about the salary structure, including the net salary and deductions. Candidates must take a look at the salary slip and read it carefully to understand the salary structure. As mentioned above, the SSC GD Salary includes more than just a take-home salary for the employees appointed as Constables in the force. Hence, they can learn about all the elements by going through the SSC GD Constable salary slip.

SSC GD Salary Slip

SSC GD Salary 2023 Allowances

Candidates aspiring to become GD Constable should have precise information regarding the post's job profile, salary & promotion aspects. To help candidates to get a fair idea about the nature of this job, we are highlighting all the essential pointers associated with the SSC GD Constable post, like allowances included in the salary. Below are a few SSC GD perks and benefits candidates will enjoy after landing a job as a General Duty Constable.

  • Apart from receiving the prescribed SSC GD salary, you will get Field allowances and Security allowances which by and large enhance your salary up to 25,000.
  • You will also get Rs 4,000 as part of the food allowance.
  • The SSC GD Constable Salary depends upon your place of posting. It can slightly differ in various regions.
  • Every year, CAPF sends its young and deft boys to UN MISSION. You will be given a chance to go abroad to render your elite service in a foreign country which is a golden chance to show off your proficiency and capability.
  • During your service in other countries, you will be given an immense emolument and other allowances along with your SSC GD Salary.
  • CISF also provides security to Airports, Mines, Factories, Government Mills, and the Taj Mahal. So, those who want to stay near towns or suburban cities can choose CISF wisely.

SSC GD Job Profile

While most candidates research the SSC GD Constable Salary and the parameters under the SSC GD Eligibility, most candidates forget to read the job profile, which is an essential step. SSC GD job profile is quite tough as GD stands for Soldier “General Duty”. The soldier’s training is quite tough in comparison with the other trade soldiers, and mostly the other warfare activities are done by these GD soldiers only.

Once you get selected for this post, you will be called by the concerned regional offices for document verification. After which, the appointing authority i.e. CISF, CRPF, BSF, NIA, etc., sends you an appointment letter commanding you to join the Training School within 15 days (time varies for different departments).

As soon as you join the training school, you will be given a temporary Chest no. (e/12, CR-134) which is the sole identity of your candidature. After filling out all legal documents like Service Book, PRAN Form, and Swearing Book, you will become regular Spartan-like others. Now your daily routine includes getting up early by Reveille (03:00 AM in Summer & 04:00 in winter) and carrying out various physical work like:

  • Flag Hoisting
  • Drilling
  • Marching
  • Indoor classes
  • Other Activities.

Besides this, you will be instructed to tackle radical violence, checking panels, etiquette, and all other things a soldier may have to abide by during his duty period to get the job and SSC GD salary.

Commander is in charge till the completion of your training. Initially, in training, you will be provided INSAS Rifles along with Glock Pistol. After having adequate knowledge of operating such weapons, the department will provide you with Heckler and Koch MP5 which is a substitution for AK47. You will also be taught how to coordinate with your fellows. There are also some technicalities that a soldier needs to learn. Learn more about the SSC GD Constable salary for BSF below.

After the completion of the training period, the duties of the GD Constable will be as follows:

  • In the absence of Sub-Inspector and Asst. Sub-Inspector, SSC GD Constable acts as SHO or in charge of the police station.
  • He/ She is authorized to investigate when he is asked to do so by the Sub Inspector.
  • He/ She will be in charge of guard or escort when deputed.
  • He/ She would be responsible for carrying out the general duty in police stations, as a station writer, as an officer in charge of outpost and guards, armed reserves, and in charge of beat areas in rural and town police stations.

Also check: SSC GD Book

SSC GD Job Profile Department-wise

Article 355 of the Constitution enjoins the Union to protect every State against external aggression and internal disturbance and to ensure that the Government of every State is carried on by the provisions of the Constitution. In pursuance of these obligations, the Ministry of Home Affairs continuously monitors the internal security situation, issues appropriate advisories and shares intelligence inputs with the help of the Armed Forces to restore peace and harmony without encroaching upon the constitutional rights of the States.

Below we have provided all the details regarding the job profile for various departments, including BSF, ITBP, CISF, SSB, and CRPF. You must have a good idea about the job profile and not just the SSC GD Salary before applying.

SSC GD Job Profile of BSF

The primary SSC GD Constable job in the Border Security Force (BSF) is to provide internal security at Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh Border. BSF being a part of CAPF, is also entrusted to maintain law and order on the requisition of state government. Here are some of the key roles of a GD Constable in BSF:

  • They are responsible for anti-infiltration and preventing unauthorized entry and exit into the Indian territory
  • They also gather trans-border intelligence
  • They prevent smuggling and other illegal activities across the border areas

SSC GD Job Profile in ITBP

The GD Constable of ITBP is to retain peace in the designated areas and promote a sense of security among the locals. Here are the key roles of GD Constable in ITBP:

  • A GD Constable in ITBP will be responsible for protecting the borders between China and India from Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh
  • They keep vigilance on the northern borders
  • They are liable for preserving and restoring law and order in any area in case of disturbance
  • They prevent illegal immigration and trans-border smuggling and counteract border violations
  • ITBP GD Constable also provides security to threatened VIPs and sensitive installations

SSC GD Job Profile in CISF

The basic role of a GD Constable in CISF is to provide security to PSUs, Airports, Metros, and other essential infrastructures. The other major roles of a GD Constable in CISF are mentioned below:

  • They are responsible for the safety, protection, and security of industrial undertaking/ installations and protect against fire hazards
  • They also look after the government infrastructure projects and industrial units
  • Special Security Group (SSG), which is a special division of CISF, protects persons nominated by the Home Ministry


Shastra Seema Bal candidates are recruited to examine and prevent cross-border illegal activities and crimes within the borders of India. They are liable for the protection of the Indo-Nepal, and Indo-Bhutan borders.

SSC GD Constable in CRPF

CRPF is the largest paramilitary organization under the Home Ministry. The fundamental job of the GD Constable recruited to CRPF is to look after the internal security of every part of India (as assigned to the division). There are other responsibilities of CRPF GD Constable, which are listed below:

  • They provide VIP security at the time of elections.
  • They are also responsible for guarding vital installations and counter-Naxal operations.
  • GD Constable of CRPF gets to participate in the Indian Peace Keeping Force and go for UN Peacekeeping missions.

SSC GD Rifleman in Assam Rifles

Rifleman in Assam Rifles is recruited to provide internal security on the Indo-Myanmar border. Assam Rifles has 46 battalions and works as an associated command and administrative backup. The Rifleman in Assam Rifles performs various duties, which are as follows:

  • They provide support to civil authorities (Police) in case of emergency.
  • They are also aid with medical assistance, provision of communications in a natural calamity, and provide education in remote areas.
  • They act as a combat force in securing the rear areas at the time of war.

SSC GD Constable Job Profile in SSF

Secretariat Security Force (Secretariat Security Force) GD Constables work under a chief security officer comparable to the Deputy Superintendent of Police rank. The Constables are responsible for entry into Secretariat premises, maintenance of internal discipline, protection of secretariat property, and regulation for taking material out of secretariat premises.

SSC GD Salary 2023 Promotions

The SSC GD Constable promotion is majorly dependent on performance, and Constables have to take departmental exams to get a promotion. You are eligible for the Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) after successfully rendering 4 years of continuous service. After 8 years of regular service, you will get your first promotion to the post of Head Constable. However, the SSC GD salary will be increased every year.

Often it is seen that very few get this benefit and become Head Constable. There might be a high chance that the department only enhances your salary, not your post. Considering these facts, you can see that the promotional aspects are very poor, but some extraordinary candidates clear this LDCE exam in their 1st attempt. So, it also depends on how you cope with your study and duty. The below graph highlights the promotion flow and hierarchy of a GD Constable:


This is all you need to know about SSC GD salary as per the 7th pay commission. If you are also tempted by the lucrative salary package and various perks and benefits offered to General Duty Constable, start preparing for the SSC GD exam by joining SSC GD online coaching classes.

FAQs on SSC GD Salary

  • The SSC GD Salary is Rs. 25,896 based on the basic salary of Rs 5200-20200. The salary structure includes an in-hand amount as well as multiple allowances offered by the government. You can understand the proper SSC GD Constable salary structure by going through this post.

  • The SSC GD Salary per month includes various allowances and perks that are offered to the people working in this position. The total take-home earnings of a GD Constable amount to Rs 33,965 as per the revised DA, i.e 24%. This amount includes the additional pay and perks that a GD Constable is entitled to.

  • SSC GD job is considered very reputed and involves soldier’s training which is considered tougher than the one trade soldiers go through. Their daily tasks include training, drilling, hoisting, marching, etc. SSC GD is responsible for warfare activities and gets appointed in organisations such as CISF, CRPF, BSF, NIA, etc.

  • You can refer to the page above to get detailed information about the SSC GD salary structure. The SSC GD Salary In Hand is Rs 30,307, varying from city to city. This excludes all the deductions that are made from the SSC GD Salary by the government.

  • The SSC GD Constable Salary is lucrative and includes several allowances. The basic pay of SSC GD Constable is Rs. 21,700 per month. Along with the basic pay, the candidates will be receiving other benefits such as Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Transportation or Travel Allowance, etc. making the total salary Rs 33,965.

  • The candidates are entitled to numerous allowances along with their SSC GD salary. They are entitled to Medical Facilities, Dearness Allowance (DA), Transportation or Travel Allowance, House Rent Allowance (HRA), Pension Schemes and Gratuity, etc. You can read about the allowances and benefits in detail by referring to the above post.

  • The SSC GD Salary Structure includes a basic GD salary along with multiple allowances provided by the government for this post. Since this is a prestigious government position, candidates are provided with more than just a take-home salary. They are given allowances and benefits to make their day-to-day life easier. 

  • SSC GD salary after training period is Rs 33,965. Candidates receive this amount without making any deductions. Apart from this, candidates are also entitled to certain other perks and benefits. SSC GD training period is 1 year during which the salary is considerably less, however, afterwards, candidates receive a good salary,

  • SSC GD BSF salary is similar to others which is Rs. 33,695. However, candidates selected for SSC GD BSF job profile have slightly different work. They are mainly responsible for providing internal security at Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh Border. They are also liable to provide anti-infiltration and prevent unauthorized entry and exit into the Indian territory. However, you must read about all aspects of the job profile by going through the above post before applying for the SSC GD Exam.

  • The SSC GD basic salary is Rs. 21,700 and it is this amount on which the other allowances such as HRA, DA, and TA are calculated.

  • SSC GD Salary consists of more than just an in-hand amount. As part of the salary, a person is eligible to get the various allowances provided by the government. The amount of travel allowance or transport allowance included in SSC GD salary is Rs 1,224. 

  • The Central government increases Dearness Allowance (DA) by 3 percent every year. Hence, the SSC GD Salary after 5 years will be around Rs 40,000. 

  • As the Dearness Allowance (DA) is increased by 3 percent every year., candidates can expect a significant rise in SSC GD salary after 10 years. After 5 years the salary will be around Rs 40,000 hence, candidates can expect the salary of SSC GD after 10 years to be nearly double this amount.

  • As a GD Constable, a person gets numerous other benefits apart from the allowances that are included in the SSC GD Constable Salary. These benefits are Food allowance, Medical Facilities, Security allowances, Pension schemes, Annual paid leaves, and Field allowances. 

  • The amount that is provided under the House Rent Allowance is equal to Rs 2,538 for a GD Constable. This amount is a part of the SSC GD Salary and can be used for the expense of renting accommodation. The HRA is different for different government positions, and candidates should know about it beforehand.

  • Yes, candidates selected for SSC GD Constable get an INSAS Rifle along with Glock Pistol at the time of training. After the candidate gains proper experience of operating these weapons, they are provided with Heckler and Koch MP5 which is a substitution for AK47.

  • SSC GD post list and salary are crucial information for all aspirants. SSC released GD vacancy for various posts, the salaries for which are similar. We have provided details about SSC GD salary in detail in this post for the benefit of candidates.

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