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Distance and Direction Quiz : 30.01.2021

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Question 1

Starting from a point, a person travels 3 km towards east and turns left and travels 4 km. Then again he turns to left by 135 ° and moves straight. Which direction is he facing now?

Question 2

Vineet goes 20km north and then 21km east and then takes a 135degree turn clockwise and walks and reaches the starting point again. Find the thrice of the total distance travelled by him till he reaches the start point again?

Question 3

Kritika walks 40 metres towards south. Then turning to her right she rides 30 metres. Then, turning to her left, she rides 50 metres. Again, she turns to her left and rides 30 metres. How far (in metres) is she from her initial position?

Question 4

A man is facing east. He turns 60 degrees in the anticlockwise direction and then again turns another 120 degrees in the same direction. Which direction is he facing now?

Question 5

A travels 12 km towards north and then takes a left turn and covers another 5 km. From there, he turns 180 ° anticlockwise and travels 10 km further. What is the minimum distance between his initial and final position?

Question 6

Ram cycled 10 km southward from his home, turned right and cycled 6 km, turned right, cycled 10 km, turned left and cycled 15 km. How many km will he have cycled to reach straight home ?

Question 7

If Ram's house is located to the south of Krishna's house and Govinda's house is to the east of Krishna's house, in what direction is Ram's house situated with respect to Govinda’s house?

Question 8

If South – East becomes North, North – East becomes West and so on, what will South – West become?

Question 9

Point A is in the south of Point B at a distance of 27m. Point B is in the east of Point C at a distance of 37m. Point C is in the north of Point D at a distance of 47m. Now Point D is in which direction with respect to point A?

Question 10

Amar goes 16cm towards the east, he turned left and walked 4cm and again turned left and walked 16cm. What is the distance between Amar’s starting point and final point?
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