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Question 1

The diagonal of a square A is (a + b) units. What is the area (in square units) of the square drawn on the diagonal of square B whose area is twice the area of A?

Question 2

The area of a rectangle is thrice that of a square. The length of the rectangle is 20 cm and the breadth of the rectangle is times that of the side of the square. The side of the square, in cm, is

Question 3

Find the area of shaded region.

Question 4

What is the area of the largest square which can be inscribed in a circle of radius 28 cm?

Question 5

What is the altitude of an equilateral triangle whose side is 15 cm?

Question 6

If the length of a rectangle is increased by 20% and its breadth is decreased by 20%, its area:

Question 7

Find the area of the shaded region. 3 circles of radius r are drawn with the dotted line joining their centres

Question 8

If h, c, v are respectively the height, curved surface area and volume of a right circular cone, then the value of 3πvh3 − c2h2 + 9v2 is:

Question 9

A square and an equilateral triangle are drawn on the same base. The ratio of their areas is

Question 10

If the length of a rectangle is decreased by 11% and the breadth is increased by 11%, its area will undergo:
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