Important Rules to Solve Spelling Mistakes Questions

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

English Comprehension is the most crucial section in many Government Exams; thorough preparation is always required to pass the exam with flying colors and achieve your dream job. Taking this into account, today we are providing you with some Important Rules for Improving Spelling Mistakes for the upcoming SSC CHSL 2022 Tier 2, SSC MTS 2023, SSC GD Constable, SSC CHSL 2023 Tier 1, and other forthcoming Government Exams 2023. It is essential to have an understanding of the usage of spellings in English Grammar.

Important Rules for Improving Spelling Mistakes

Rule 1: Silent “e” at the end of a word is usually dropped before a suffix beginning with a vowel.


dine + ing = dining

Locate + ion =  location

Use + able = usable

Exceptions: peace + able = peaceable , courage + ous = courageous

Rule 2: Silent “e” is usually kept before a suffix beginning with a constant.


care + less =  careless

Late + ly = lately

One + ness = oneness

Game + ster = gamester

Rule: 3: Some exceptions must simply be memorized. Some exceptions to the last two rules are –

Truly, Duly, Awful, Argument, Wholly, Ninth, Mileage, Dyeing, canoeing

Rule: 4: A word ending in “er” or “ur” doubles the “r” in the past tense if the word is accented on the last syllable.


  • Occur – Occurred
  • Prefer- preferred
  • Transfer – transferred

Rule: 5:  When – full is added to the end of a noun, the final “l” is dropped.


  • Cheerful, cupful, hopeful

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Rule: 6:  All the word with prefix self are hyphenated.





Rule 7: The letter “q” is always followed by u.

Example: quiz, bouquet , acquire

Rule 8: All words with “over” are one word.

Example: overcast, overchange, overhear

Rule 9: Words ending in “y” preceded by a consonant, change the “y” to “I” and add “es” or ed.

  • puppy – puppies
  • army – armies
  • supply – supplies
  • sky – skies
  • party – parties
  • library – libraries
  • rely – relies
  • marry – marries
  • theory – theories
  • study – studies
  • apply – applies

Rule 10: Words ending in “y” preceded by a vowel, just add “s”


  • boy – boys
  • toy – toys
  • employ – employs
  • valley – valleys
  • delay – delays
  • convey – conveys
  • pray – prays
  • stay – stays

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Important Rules to Solve Spelling Mistakes Questions

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