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Question 1

Diagonal of a cube is 6√3 cm. Ratio of its total surface area and volume is

Question 2

If the height and radius of a right circular cylinder and that of the hemisphere are all equal, the ratio of the volume of the hemisphere and the cylinder is:

Question 3

In a cylindrical vessel of diameter 24 cm, filled up with sufficient quantity of water, a solid spherical ball of radius 6 cm is completely immersed. Then the Increase in height of water level is :

Question 4

Which of these pipes will empty a pool the fastest?
i. One pipe of diameter 60 cm
ii. Two pipes of diameter 30 cm each
iii. Three pipes of diameter 20 cm each

Question 5

Each edge of a regular tetrahedron is 3 cm, then its volume is

Question 6

The dimensions of a room are 24 feet x 18 feet x 12 feet. What is the cost of white washing the four walls of the room at Rs. 6 per square feet if there is one door of dimensions 6 feet x 4 feet and three windows of dimensions 6 feet x 3 feet each?

Question 7

The percentage increase in the surface area of a cube when each side is doubled is:

Question 8

If a right circular cone is separated into solids of volumes V1, V 2, V3 by two planes parallel to the base, which also trisect the altitude, then V1: V2 : V3 is

Question 9

A solid sphere of radius 12 cm is melted and recast into spherical balls of 1 cm radius. The total number of such spherical balls formed is

Question 10

A sector is formed by opening out a cone of base radius 8 cm and height 6 cm. Then the radius of the sector is (in cm)
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