Important FAQs for SSC MTS & SSC Havaldar 2022 Exam: Get Answers to Queries Related to SSC MTS Recruitment 2022

By PARUL RISHI|Updated : August 20th, 2021

SSC has released the SSC MTS & Havaldar 2022 Tier 1 Exam Notification for the Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS) (Non-Technical) 2021-22 Exam. SSC MTS 2022 exam is scheduled to be conducted in June 2022. Along with that, the notification for SSC Havaldar 2022 is also released by SSC for the total vacancies of 3603 for Havaldar and for SSC MTS 2022 vacancies will be intimated later.

In this post, we have covered all the important Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which are at the top of the mind of SSC MTS & SSC Havaldar candidates. All candidates are requested to read this post till the end to get answers to all their queries regarding the SSC MTS & Havaldar 2022 examination.

SSC MTS & Havaldar Important FAQs and Answers

Q. What is the Career Growth Opportunity of SSC Havaldar 2022?

SSC Havaldar is a reputed Government job under the CBN and CBIS, Department of Finance. The aspiring candidates are always eager to know the Career Growth opportunities regarding the SSC Havaldar Profile. The SSC Havaldar is promoted to Head Havaldar after completing the stipulated amount of time.

SSC Head Havaldar have the Grade Pay of the 1900 and additional benefits and perks are also given from time to time.

Q. What is the Job Profile of SSC Havaldar 2022?

The Job Profile of SSC Havaldar in CBN & CBIS, Department of Finance includes-

  • Watch & ward duties.
  • Any other work assigned by the superior authority.
  • Assisting seniors in Raid and other fieldwork etc.
  • Watchman or Guard Duties.
  • Building security.

Q. Is SSC MTS a Group C post?

Yes, candidates on clearing SSC MTS Exam get a Group C (which was formerly categorized under Group D) non-gazetted post under general Central Government. It is a non-ministerial post with grade pay of 1800 and Pay band of range 5200 to 20200.

Q. How much is the in-hand salary of a candidate selected through the SSC MTS Exam?

The in-hand salary of a candidate selected through the SSC MTS Exam depends upon the city where he/ she is posted. Candidates who are posted in X City get an in-hand salary of Rs 25,704, whereas candidates who are posted in Y and Z City get an in-hand salary of Rs 23,377 and Rs 21,577, respectively.

Q. Which is the best post offered through SSC MTS Exam?

The posts offered through SSC MTS Exam are Jamadar, Chowkidar, Safaiwala, Peon, Mali, Daftary, Junior Gestetner Operator, etc. These posts fall in the Group C non-gazetted and non-ministerial category. The major role of a candidate selected through the SSC MTS Exam include:

  • Maintaining cleanliness and upkeep of the unit and maintenance of records
  • Dusting of furniture and cleaning of buildings
  • Driving vehicles (if the candidate has a driving license)
  • Work-related office routine such as diary, dispatch, etc.
  • Any other job as given by superiors
  • Sending FAX and photocopy
  • Going by the above posts and job profiles, you can select your desired post according to your skillset and preference. However, all posts offered through SSC MTS have a multiple job nature viz. you can be assigned any of the above work.

Q. How many vacancies of SSC Havaldar are released in 2022 and what are the Salary and other benefits provided to SSC Havaldar in 2022?

The total vacancies that are released by SSC for the recruitment of candidates through SSC Havaldar 2022 are 3603.

The SSC Havaldar provides a handsome salary and other allowances as per the Classification of X, Y and Z cities. 

SSC MTS Havaldar Salary Structure

 Grade Pay – 1800

City (Category)

X City (In Rs)

Y City (In Rs)

Z City (In Rs)

Basic Pay (BP)




Dearness Allowance (DA) (28% of BP) 






 3,600 (16%)

 1,800 (8%)





Gross Salary




NPS = 10% of (BP + DA)




Profession Tax








Total Deduction




In-Hand Salary




The other allowances that are provided to the SSC Havaldar are:

As an SSC Havaldar employee is CBN & CBIS, Ministry of Finance the other benefits that are going to be provided to you are Pension Scheme, Medical Benefits to the Employees and their families, and Post Retirement Benefits.

Q. Is SSC MTS a peon job?

Yes, Peon is one of the jobs offered through the SSC MTS Exam. Candidates will be assigned a peon job depending upon the candidate’s skill set and the department’s requirements. If a candidate is selected for peon then he/ she will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Peon will be liable to deliver the local official letter to other offices and handle files between different branches of the office
  • Peon will be responsible to carry files, official papers, daks, books, etc.
  • Peon shall be doing other duties as assigned by the officer in charge
  • Peon shall have to return drafts, spare copies, etc. to concerned staff after the issue and help the despatcher with office work
  • Peon is also responsible to distribute official letter posts both inside and outside the office

Q. What are the promotion criteria of a candidate selected through the SSC MTS Exam?

Candidates selected through SSC MTS are offered two types of increments which are annual increments and promotional increments. Annual increment is paid at 3 per cent of the total pay and promotional increment are paid through departmental exams conducted for the promotion of the employees. Here is the promotion cycle of candidates who have been selected through the SSC MTS Exam:

  1. After 3 years of regular service, the candidate gets promoted from 1800 Grade Pay (GP) to 1900 GP
  2. After the next 3 years of regular service, the candidate gets promoted from 1900 GP to 2000 GP
  3. After 5 years of regular service, the candidate gets promoted from 2000 GP to 2400 GP
  4. And so forth candidate gets promoted to 5400 GP

Q. Is SSC MTS a clerical or chaprasi job?

As per most of the selected candidates (presently MTS) it depends upon the nature of the work and department in which the candidate is posted. If a candidate is posted in the Custom or Income Tax or Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) department, then he/ she will be given clerical jobs but if a candidate is posted in other departments/ ministries then he/ she could be given chaprasi job. The allotment of departments & states depends upon the marks the candidate has scored in the SSC MTS Exam.
Also, highly qualified candidates are given work like noting, drafting similar to UDCs. For candidates who are moderately qualified, they do the typing work or Data Entry Operator (DEO) and other work in Excel and candidates who are less qualified amongst other candidates are given other odd jobs.
However, it is to note that the SSC MTS selected candidate might be given the responsibility to do both clerical and chaprasi job.

Q. Does an SSC MTS selected candidate has to do menial jobs or clean toilets?

No, as per most of the selected SSC MTS candidates, an MTS does not have to do a menial job or clean toilets. They are responsible to do work such as carrying files, computer work, bringing lunch/ tea, do photocopies, and other works.
There are reputed departments like CBDT, Income Tax, and Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) where MTS mostly perform clerical work. Also, these prominent departments give you plenty of opportunities to take departmental exams and get a promotion.
Most of the selected candidates suggest joining an MTS service then do further studies to either get a departmental promotion or join as an officer through CGL or UPSC Exam.

Q. What are the working hours for an SSC MTS selected candidate and what type of work do they do?

SSC MTS is considered under Group C post-non-ministerial which comes under Central Government. The working hours in Central Government are typically 8 hrs with five days a week (Saturday and Sunday being week offs).
As per SSC MTS selected candidates, MTS has to do multidimensional work ranging from computer operation, scanning letters, posting letters, bringing the documents from files, changing computer cartridges, maintenance of telephone lines, and getting the office clean from cleaners, or any other work assigned by superiors.

Q. What is the level of competition in the SSC MTS Exam?

The data for recent SSC MTS Exam has not been released but you can determine the level of competition from the following statistics of the SSC MTS 2019 Exam:

  • Total number of vacancies available: 7099 (Tentative)
  • Total number of registered candidates: 38.58 Lakh
  • Total number of appeared candidates: 1,11,162 Lakh (Original List) + 9551 (Additional candidates in corrected list) = Total 1,20,713
  • The number of candidates qualified for Tier 296478
  • Total number of candidates shortlisted for Document Verification: 20902
  • Final selection: 8385 candidates while 607 candidates are withheld due to Malpractice and other reasons. 
Age GroupTentative VacancyFinal Selection
Total70998385 (Excluding the Withheld cases)

Hence, going by the above data you can check the level of competition is quite high even though the exam difficulty level is quite easy. 

Q. Is there any medical examination for SSC MTS Exam?

Yes, all exams conducted by the SSC board have a medical test. However, as per the selected SSC MTS candidates, the medical test is quite simple, and candidates can easily clear the test.
Candidates who have qualified for the medical test will get a certificate of medical fitness which they have to get done through a government hospital. Once all the tests are done (as mentioned in the certificate), candidates have to get it signed by Chief Medical Officer (CMO). The CMO will issue a fitness certificate which you have to submit along with the other documents at the time of joining the department.

Q. Will I have to regret joining as an MTS after clearing SSC MTS Exam?

It depends upon the candidate, many a candidate will give a second thought in joining the MTS posts. You can consider two factors at the time of joining which is your age and financial condition.
If your financial condition is good and you want to strive for higher posts offered through SSC Exam then you can delay your joining or let it go. But, if you think that your financial condition is not stable and you need a secured job then you must join.
Also, age plays a key factor, if you are near the cut off of the maximum age limit then you should go for joining as MTS. MTS is not a bad job looking at the salary, benefits and career growth offered. 

 Q. What is your experience for SSC MTS in terms of work provided to Girl Staff?

SSC MTS provides recruitment of candidates for various Group C positions in various Government Departments & Ministries. Lakhs of candidates apply for the post of SSC MTS every year which includes both Male and Female. The work allotted to both male and female is similar in nature which includes Cleanliness maintenance, Office Routine work, Sending FAX and Photocopies etc. and this work is given according to the qualification of the employee irrespective of the gender. 

But, The priority is given to females in other terms like, late sitting jobs are generally not offered to the females, Posting is also given according to the preference of the female candidate etc.

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  • The SSC Havaldar 2022 is promoted to Head Havaldar after a stipulated amount of time.

  • The Grade Pay of SSC Havaldar 2022 is 1800.

  • SSC MTS & Havaldar provides recruitment in Group C at various Government Departments and Ministries.

  • The In-hand salary of SSC MTS 2022 Employees ranges from nearly 25,000 to 21,000.

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