Percentage Study Notes for SSC and Railways Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Oct 19, 2020, 17:42

Quantitative analysis is a significant segment of competitive government examinations, and percentage forms an integral topic that is widely covered in this section of such exams. It’s easy scoring and straightforward to comprehend. Therefore, it is of indispensable importance for SSC and other government exams aspirants that they prepare the topic thoroughly. 

BYJU'S Exam Prep aims to provide aspirants with vital first-hand information on percentage for SSC exams that includes percentage for SSC CGL, the percentage for SSC CHSL, and percentage for SSC CPO. Moreover, our course on percentage on BYJU'S Exam Prep comprises comprehensive SSC percentage questions and SSC percentage formula, and percentage questions and percentage questions in Hindi.

Important Percentage Topics for SSC Exam

Mathematical Term/Symbol



Mathematically, a percent is a ratio or a number that is expressed as a fraction of a hundred. It is a pure or dimensionless number, and therefore, has no unit of measurement.


The percent symbol originally derived from the Italian term for percentage, per cento.

Tips to Prepare Percentage Questions

Below are some of the most useful formulae and rules of percentage that every SSC aspirant must have up their sleeves while solving questions on the topic:

  • The term percentage denotes “for every hundred”.
  • The sign % is read as a percentage while the sign preceded by a number, for example, x % is read as x percent.
  • A change in percentage is calculated with the formula, {change/(initial value)} x 100
  • Remember that x % of y = y % of x
  • To calculate what percentage of x is y, use the formula y/x × 100

Importance of Percentage Section of Competitive Government Exams 

There are many reasons why percentage forms such an important part of the SSC exam. But these four are the most important ones that every aspirant should keep in mind:

  • Percentage questions form a considerable ratio of not only the Quantitative Aptitude section of competitive government but also of Data Interpretation (DI) and Data Sufficiency (DS) topics that are particularly covered in the SSC CGL Exam.
  • Given the fact that the topics of percentage and ratio are directly related and are both asked in competitive government exams, preparing for one helps in the preparation of the other.
  • With thorough practise and knowledge of the topic of percentage, aspirants of SSC and other competitive exams will easily be able to solve as much as up to 60 percentage aptitude questions asked in the exam.
  • Being competent in questions and formulae of percentage also helps aspirants with time management during the course of taking the exam.

Most Recommended Books for Percentage

While there is an absolute abundance of study material available for practising percentage questions for SSC, here are the ones we recommend the most:



Percentage Type 1

Kiran Publications

SSC MATHS FOR SSC CGL: Percentage, Algebra, Trigonometry

Pradeep Sonker

Quantitative Aptitude

RS Aggarwal

Advanced Math

Rakesh Yadav

Why prepare Percentage from BYJU'S Exam Prep? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the formula for successive percentage change?

A successive percentage increase of x% and y% is calculated using the formula:

{(x + y + (xy/100)}%

  • If the value of X goes up/down by a%, then what is the formula to calculate the percentage of reduction/increment to be made to bring it back to the original value?

 The formula for the equation is: 100x/ (100 + x) %.

  • If the price of A goes up/down by x %, then what is the equation to calculate how much the quantity should be consumed or reduced?

The equation for the above situation is 100x/ (100 + x)% so as to ensure that the total expenditure remains the same.

  • What is Product Stability Ratio?

The formula for Product Stability Ratio is:

A × B = P

This means that if A is increased by x percent, then B is required to be decreased by a y percent to keep the product P stable.

  • What is the equation for percentage point change?

Percentage point change = Difference between two percentage figures.