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Question 1

P, Q, R, S and T are five friends. P is shorter than Q but taller than T. R is the tallest. S is shorter than Q and taller than P. Who has two persons taller as well as shorter than him/her?

Question 2

Of the six members of a panel sitting in a row, X is to the left of Q but on the right of P. Y is on the right of Q but is on the left of Z, Z is to the left of R. Find the members who are at the extreme?

Question 3

N is more intelligent than M. M is not as intelligent as Y. X is more intelligent than Y but not as good as N. Who is the most intelligent of all?

Question 4

Five students P, Q, R,S and T are sitting on a bench. Q is to the left of P and right of T. S is at the extreme right and R is to left of S. Who is sitting third from the left ?

Question 5

Among M, N, O, P and Q each having different numbers of the plane, P have more plane than M and Q. N has less plane than Q. M has more plane than Q. P has less plane than O. Who among them is the maximum number of the plane?

Question 6

Five girls are sitting in a row. Sudha is sitting next to Padma but not next to Krishna. Krishna is sitting next to Rama who is sitting on the extreme left. Tapti is sitting on the extreme right. Nobody is sitting between Padma and Krishna. Who is sitting in the middle?

Question 7

There are five friends Suresh, Kaushal, Madhur, Amit and Ramesh. Suresh is shorter than Kaushal but taller than Ramesh. Madhur is the tallest. Amit is a little shorter than Kaushal but a little taller than Suresh. If they stand in the order of their heights who will be the shortest?

Question 8

Lakshmi is elder than Meenu, Leela is elder than Meenu but younger than Lakshmi. Latha is younger than both Meenu and Hari but Hari is younger than Meenu. Who is the younger?

Question 9

P and Q are standing in row. P is 19th from the left end and Q is 29th from the right end. If they interchange their positions, P becomes 38th from left end. Find the position of Q from the right end?

Question 10

B is not taller than A and D is not taller than C and B. C is not taller than B and A is not smaller than B. Who is the smallest?
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