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Question 1

Who invented the  periodic table?

Question 2

Which group of modern periodic table contains noble gases?

Question 3

How many metalloids are there in the periodic table?

Question 4

In Moseley’s periodic table elements are arranged according to-

Question 5

The angles of elevation of the top of a building and the chimney on the top of the roof of the building from a point on the ground are x° and 45° respectively. If the height of building is 'h' metre. Then the height of the chimney, in metre, is :

Question 6

The angles of elevation of the top of a tower from two points at a distance and y from the foot of the tower are complementary. The height of the tower is -

Question 7

Consider the following diagram-

Which of the following comprises of college students who are only singers and not dancers?

Question 8

Identify the diagram that best represents the relationship among the given classes.

Dogs, Pet animals, Animals

Question 9

Select the most appropriate synonym of the given word.


Question 10

In the following sentence, identify the type of verb of the emboldened word:

If you don't aim high you will never hit high.

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