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Distance and Direction Quiz : 08.01.2021

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Question 1

P walks 5 meters towards the north, then turns to his right and walks 5 meters and then turns to his right and walks 10 meters. Again turning to his right he walks 5 meters. In which direction is end point from his starting point and the shortest distance between them.

Question 2

A is West of B. B is north of C. C is West of D. D is in which direction of A?

Question 3

You go in the south direction, then turn left, then again take a left and then go to the right. Which direction are you facing now?

Question 4

In a food festival, Idli stall is 10 m north from the entry gate. Paav bhaji stall is 5 m west of Idli stall and 6 m south of Chowmein stall. Burger stall is 8 m east of Chowmein stall. Yash is standing at Paav bhaji stall.
How far and in which direction Yash has to move to reach Burger stall?

Question 5

A woman in a shopping complex walks 250 m East, then she turns North and walks 100 m, then she turns West and walks 120 m, then she turns to her left and walks 100 m. Where is she now with reference to her starting position?

Question 6

A person starts walking, walks x meter, turns left and walk x meter, then turn right – walk x meter, next turn right -walk x meter, these last 3 steps repeated 2 times, then turn left, walk x meters, next again turn right , walk x meter. Area within that person’s covered path is 45 square meters. Then how much path person covered?

Question 7

From point A, Ram moves 100 m in north ­east direction, he again turns and moves 100m in south ­east direction. He again turns and covers 100m south ­ west and finally covers 100m in north ­west direction. Where is he now with respect to A?

Question 8

A man is facing west and he turns anti-clockwise by 90 degrees and moves 10m straight, then he again turns 90 degrees anti-clockwise. Which direction is the man facing now?

Question 9

A girl leaves from her home. She first walks for 30m in North-West direction and then 30m in South-West direction. Next, she walks 30m in South-East direction. Finally, she turns towards her house. In which direction is she moving finally?

Question 10

Lata walks 7 km towards North, turns to her left and walks 9 km, again she turns to her left and walks 7 km. How far is she from the starting point?
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